Keep Warm with Geeks

Is it just me, or is it freezing outside? Suddenly, we’ve jumped from Fall – right into Winter. It’s not officially Winter yet! Why the heck is it so cold?! Is this another one of those “getting old” symptoms? Well, whatever. At least crappy weather gives me a great reason to stay inside and see what’s going on inside of both Lockergnome and Geeks.

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3 thoughts on “Keep Warm with Geeks”

  1. It just got 10, maybe even 20 degrees colder (F). Everyone, time to get out the jackets and gloves. Chris is right, stay around at and
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  2. Yep, it’s the cold time of the year. I know I would stay indoors and enjoy it here with Chris and friends (kinda like Mickey and friends, only geekier).

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