How to Transition to an iPhone With Ease

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Congratulations on buying or considering to buy a new iPhone! You’re probably wondering, what should I do to make my iPhone experience smooth and easy? This article will provide you with easy steps to help you transition to the iPhone.

While you are buying the iPhone, be sure to check out the huge variety of cases offered. If you’re not sure which case to buy, there are many reviews on blogs, Mac magazines, and YouTube. I recommend a Griffin, Incase, or Vaja Case, but it is personal preference. Do you want style or protection? If you ask yourself these questions, your quest to finding the perfect case will be a lot easier. Cases can be expensive, so make sure that you have confidence in the case that you purchase. Screen protectors are also helpful because they protect the phone from scratches and fingerprints.

If you have a YouTube account, you should film yourself opening your new iPhone for everyone to see! Unboxing videos have become a huge hit on YouTube, and people love to offer advice for you new tech gadget in the comments section of the video.

Now that you have opened the box, you need to sync your iPhone with your music library. Simply connect your iPhone to your Mac or PC with the USB cable provided. iPhones are made ready to use right out of the box, so don’t worry about taking hours to read the manuals or set it up. You can also choose to sync your phone with your photos.

One of my favorite features of the iPhone is the App Store. There are thousands of applications to choose from, many of which are free. The App Store is separated into the following categories – Games, Entertainment, Utilities, Social networking, Music, Productivity, Lifestyle, Reference, Travel, Sports, Navigation, Healthcare & Fitness, News, Photography, Finance, Business, Education, Weather, Books and Medical.

There is also a section for the top 25 applications (you can also select the show 50 option). This is separated into free and paid sections to make it easier to choose from.

Some of my favorite iPhone applications are:

  • Twitterrific (free version): A twitter client for the iPhone.
  • Cubes: A fun puzzle game.
  • Trace: A simple game comprised of doodles. The goal is to draw lines to get a stick figure to the goal.
  • Google: The search engine comes to your iPhone!
  • Ocarina: A cool app where you can blow into the mic and create music.
  • Scoops: Try to get past Saturn while collecting ice cream and avoid the vegetables.
  • Super Monkey Ball: Get the monkey through the goal on complex tracks.
  • Tap Tap Revenge: A mini guitar hero for the iPhone.

You can download these apps from iTunes or directly onto your iPhone. Keep in mind, though; you can only download to the iPhone if the application is less than 10 Megabytes.

You’re all set! One last thing to be aware of is that your photos, music, movies, and applications take up space. When you plug in your iPhone, check the capacity so you know where you are storage-wise. Have fun playing with what I believe to be the greatest touch screen phone on the market!

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  2. Amanda did a great overview of the features and benefits of the iPhone. I have had it for several months now and wasn’t aware of certain functions. Thanks to Amanda’s recommended applications, I’m looking forward to adding additional bells and whistles. Please excuse me while I begin the download process…

  3. This article has the most info for people who are iphone beginners. My Aunt just got an iphone and this will help me tell her all the great information that the iphone has. Its well written and is very professional. she should be a writer for apple!!! YEAH!!! Great Ideas!!

  4. I thought this was good, very helpful article. People probably didn’t know, for example, about how the applications you want to download should be less than ten megabytes. Advising less tech-savvy people about iPhone syncing and reviews on cases seems pretty useful too. All in all, I think anybody considering buying an iPhone should read this.

  5. Great article. I personally only have a 1g used iphone, so I wasn’t able to experience that new buying protocol. My favorite game for the Iphone is MotionX Poker, it really takes advantage of all the Iphone’s features. It has a lot of potential when it comes to portable gaming against the PSP and Nintendo DS. My favorite case for the Iphone is probably the Incase rubber skin. It’s stylish and simple in design just like Apple. It doesn’t add much bulk either. Great article once again, definitely help for all Iphone users out there.

  6. After reading this article I may think of a plan on getting myself an iPhone. I liked how you discussed some apps that are most appeling to ou. But I wish you said what You didn’t like about some of the apps. Example: Pros & Cons

  7. Great work on outlining the transition to the iPhone…. you picked out some really good apps that I might even have to try… This article will surely help all of those who are leaving those crappy phones behind and getting the jesus phone :D… you didnt mention mobile me however :(.. (my personal favorite thing about contact and mail integration with my mac)

    good job!

  8. Amanda not only explained why owning an i-phone is fun but in an easy way she explained how to apply your i-phone for amny other enjoyable uses. she really explained it in detail but very understandable. thanks amanda

  9. Amanda’s article helped me choose some games and applications for my iphone. It is well written and well researched. She clearly has a grasp on new iphone technologies and knows how to direct the reader to other resources. Thank you Amanda for being so helpful!

  10. This really helped me out with finding some cool features, and apps for my new iPhone. I have had it for about 1 month. I did have an iPod touch before so it wasnt all new but i certainly appreciate you helping me get a start on the app store. Goodbye Cydia and installer!

  11. Amanda’s article was well written and very helpful. She is so right about buying a case. First, you need a case for sure but I have invested and invested again because I didn’t ask myself the very questions she was asking. Sometimes for travel, you might want to take a more durable case… so you may want more than one. Color is also important … so you can find it !
    I have an iphone and I love it but now.. and thanks to Amanda, I have found some more great apps to choose from.
    Thanks Amanda.


  12. Thank you Amanda for your concise and detailed article. I have been contemplating the purchase of an iPhone for almost a year, and your article helped to reassure me that even a technologically inept person such as myself can handle the transition. Your article not only gave me the confidence that I needed to convert to the iPhone, it also got me excited about features such as the applications. I appreciate the wonderfully explicit and well written article that you submitted, and look forward to reading more from you in the future. liza

  13. Thank you so much! Your overview of the iPhone has been so helpful! Personally, I prefer the InCase covers because they come in lots of colors and have good protection. Also, the applications you’ve listed are awesome!!! They are so helpful and fun at the same time. Now, I think I may purchase an iPhone!!! If only they gave away cell phones to turtles…

  14. Okay, so I was really thinking about getting the iphone, and after reading this article, I can’t see why not. I am so excited to get it because now I will know exactly what to do and how to use it. The iphone seems like it has such amazing features and this article really helped me understand some of them. It was helpful, easy to read, and actually interesting for somebody like me who doesn’t usually read this stuff. There should definitely be more articles like these written. Thanks so much!! :]

  15. I was an early iPhone adopter and wish I’d had this info when I first started. Even now, I found the list of favorite apps extremely helpful. And I loved the YouTube info! Who knew that unboxing was a hit!?

  16. Thanks for the case advice! I’ve been wanting a case for my iPod Touch, so I looked up case reviews on youtube and I never thought there would be so many! Although I don’t have an iPhone, this post covered things I wanted to know about like the app store and cases. Thanks again!

  17. Amanda, Your article is great and after reading it, I wish Brad had purchased one instead of his Blackberry! I’ve watched him spend many frustrating hours trying to figure it out and would never consider getting one myself. I’m not very techy and your article gives me hope that I might be able to get one and learn how to use it painlessly. I was very excited to actually learn how to put music on my IPOD this year! I’ve emailed some of my friends that have I-Phones, I think they’ll enjoy your article. Thank you for sharing!

  18. Before reading this, I always thought that getting an iPhone would be overwhelming. It is such a revolutionary device and many people have no idea if they could figure out how to use it or how to start. I like how this article gives me simple steps on how I can begin to use an iPhone and how I can connect with other people that are learning how to use it and people that can help me. I think that this article is a really good guide for every person that has thought about using an iPhone but hasn’t yet made that step due to how intimidating new technology can be.

  19. Very well written article. I just wished I had this when I bought my Iphone. I switched from a Verizon Venus and felt lost on how to use my new gadget. I didn’t try the App store until only recently, and the apps on your list were really helpful. I just downloaded the Google app onto my Iphone. What you said on cases also made me think on what to order for my Iphone. I can’t pick between Incases, Griffins, or Speck though, do I want it to look good or do I really need that protection? Well done.

  20. Very informative article, Amanda! I have the original iPhone and I love it, but have not been taking full advantage of the variety of available applications. I now see that I am missing out! Thanks for the info about the cases; I am on my second ($40.00!!) InCase (they wear out /tear in the upper left corner from having to remove them for charging) and am looking for something more durable. Unlike the 3G, you can’t charge the original iPhone with the case on. People shouldn’t be intimidated by making the switch to the iPhone; it is a very intuitive (and beautifully designed) tool. I hope to read more articles from you in the future!

  21. First off this article was very well written. It wasn’t vague at all, this is an article I would definitely pass on to someone who just got an iPhone or is thinking about getting one, it would help them out a lot.

    I agree with the case part, where as some cases may be a little on the expensive side like the Vaja’s, I think it is well worth it to invest money into because you are buying at least a $200 phone, or iPod. I have 4 cases for my iPod Touch Second Generation, two of which were sent to me by

    I have also found some great apps for my iPod Touch thanks to you Amanda! So, Thank you! Great Article!

    *If only I could get that Ocarina App to work properly on my iPod Touch!*

  22. This is my second entry about the IPhone which I plan on for my next purchase when my present contract runs out! Like all Mac aficionados, and I have been on since 1985, I have been excited about any new knowledge I can gather on the latest Apple gadget. Amanda’s videos and informative talks are helping me to remain young at 80! I have looked at the crowds in the Apple store checking out the cases and envying their new acquisitions in games and other applications. My time will come!

  23. This was a very helpful article for the first time iphone novice with some very good pointers In choosing a case, I would add that it comes down to rubber versus plastic. The rubber cases, although very durable, do not slide in and out of a pants pocket easily which is especially annoying while fumbling for a phone call. As for apps, I was unaware of the twitter app but liked it. Thanks for the tip! Music lovers will like the shazam app. It works well with car radio.

  24. Hey Amanda!!!
    -Seeeeeeee I read it…and now im commenting…lol. This is actually very good and convincing. I really want an iPhone more than I did before…if only my parents would let me lol.

  25. Amanda makes the description of buying and configuring the iPhone sound fun and easy. The manufacturers themselves would do well to take a cue from her writing style.

    Many people are intimidated by the idea of a smart-phone, and perception of how to maximize one as sophisticated as the iPhone, especially if they’ve never used one before. Amanda shows how user-friendly and fun it can be, and gives a step-by-step on how one should approach it, from opening it, protecting it, configuring it, and finally, customizing it with the vast library of apps available from iTunes and the Apple store.

    I enjoyed the article greatly, and thought the flow and content was helpful, and simultaneously brief and to the point. This would encourage me to lean to the iPhone if i found myself on the fence with other makes.

    Nice work Amanda, I hope to see more of your writing on the internet!

  26. wow. i loved your essay. it was so amazing. i loved the second sentence. it was very interesting and i learned a lot from it. Thank you for giving me that information.

  27. This was a very informative article about the iphone. I am looking for a new phone and have been considering this phone. After reading the article, I am convinced this is the one for me. I like how you can download music and photos with ease. I also like all of the other applications and how user friendly it seems to be. Thanks Amanda!

  28. Excellent article, Amanda. Very concise and informative. You have a wealth of knowledge and know how to get your information across. I am looking into purchasing an iphone and this article was immensly helpful.

  29. Your article answered many of the questions and/or concerns I have prior to finalizing my decision on which phone to acquire (Iphone or bold).

    Thanks for your efforts


  30. Spectacular Entry. This was very well written, and I went through the same processes with the transition to my iPhone. I especially loved the part when you mentioned cases. It really was a hard decision for me choosing between safety and looks. I will have to check out those applications for my iPhone. Great Article and Good Luck!

  31. I found Amanda’s article on transitioning to the iphone very informative. I have been pondering weather I should make the “leap” myself. As I am not very technologicaly advanced, I thought the iphone may be too complicated for me. I found the portions realating to applications and cases very helpful. I think I just may buy my first iphone. Amanda, I hope you are available for private tutoring!

  32. Amanda, this is a VERY informative article on what to do when you first get an iPhone! I wish I would have seen this sooner for my friend who was just SOOO clueless about her new iPhone! I specifically LOVE your app suggestions. Somewhere out there, you will help somebody who is TOTALLY clueless about their iPhone, and will hopefully look at this page. AWESOME JOB AMANDA!

    BTW, Have Super Monkey Ball… and LOVIN’ IT! I would suggest iBowl as well… such an awesome game 🙂

  33. Amanda’s article is very informative and should be read by anyone that is considering getting an Iphone. I really liked how she mentioned her favorite applications, but I wish she included a little bit more about the applications (like Pros/Cons). Amanda’s article will definitely be helpful to anyone that is going to buy an iphone.

  34. Excellent suggestions, particularly the idea of using You Tube for more information. Good advice for the the older generation iphone user.

  35. 12-090-8
    Amanda’s well-written and well-researched article has convinced me to upgrade to an iPhone. I had been skittish about taking this step because I don’t always find it easy to adapt to new technologies. However, Amanda’s detailed report has given me the courage to make the change. She explained the various iPhone applications in interesting and lucid terms. She made the whole iPhone experience seem like fun, i.e. filming yourself opening the iPhone box in order to share that moment with friends. I’ll be on my way to buy an iPhone this afternoon.

  36. Thank you Amanda for a very informative article on the iPhone. I didn’t realize how many applications are available or the different options for cases. Most of all, how easy it seems to be to get started. I’ve been contemplating (with a little help from a couple of girls I know) to make the switch to a touchscreen/smartphone, but wasn’t sure which one to choose. Thank you for making the choice clear!

  37. Personally, I think it was great, and seemed very helpful too. I do not have an iPhone though, but it might take some time to get one because where I live they coast a lot. I never knew how responsible it is to pick everything you need for the iPhone, seems like alot of work, but i suppose it’s worth it. Nice work, keep it up!

  38. Useful information, well written. You are obviously a fan of the iPhone! I am curious to know about your thoughts on the new touchscreen Storm, for comparison. You mention a download limit of 10 megabytes. Are there applications larger than 10 megabytes? Do you overcome this limit by using iTunes? I think the greatest benefit of your article is in helping people overcome their fear of transitioning to this new technology, and in this respect you achieved your goal!

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