How to Spread Holiday Cheer

Geek!This is Cessna154’s submission for the HP Magic Giveaway. Feel free to leave comments for this article as you see fit – your feedback is certainly welcomed! If you’d like to submit your own how-to, what-is, or top-five list, you can send it to me. Views and opinions of this writer are not necessarily my own:

As the Holiday season approaches at a rapid pace, I feel a sense of “Santa” in me. The world’s economies are in pain, and the citizens of the world are feeling that pain even more. I feel this giveaway should not be about just one person winning several computers, but several people receiving a gift they least expect. In truth, this giveaway should reach the far edges of the globe, and not just those who are fortunate enough to have the ability to learn of it. If I win, I promise to give every single piece of my winnings to more deserving people. My top five reasons, in countdown order, for this conclusion are as follows:

  1. While having several new pieces of hardware would be exciting, I just do not have the need for any of them. Many of us get lost in emotions of wanting more, but the truth we need to hear and feel could not be more opposite.
  2. The holiday season has lost its meaning in many ways. For some people it seems they just want to have a form of bragging rights after exchanging gifts. I’d rather bring a few surprises to people who I feel should each be able to experience something special this holiday season.
  3. Seriously, I do not want to pay the electricity bill for operating all these new gadgets! Plus, I have very little room for all these new computers.
  4. Even though we each are feeling pain in our wallets this season, we should still make efforts to give back to our neighbors, family, and the rest of the world. While it might seem like we have it rough right now, there are others who have it far worse. We are fortunate to even have a chance to receive a gift for free, and it would be even better to giveaway a gift this holiday season.
  5. Finally, I am ashamed that this giveaway is even being held in the first place. HP should know that it is not about giving to a few lucky winners. Look at it this way; instead of funding these large giveaways, they could have easily given a school several, if not hundreds, of new computers.

While I am quite sure some of you will believe this is a complete gimmick on my part to win, I can ensure you that this adult will not make a childish decision. I do promise to give these gifts to those who need them more than I ever will. If I do not win, I seriously press the winner to question whether they really need everything that they won. Can we all just agree now to giveaway part of the winnings? Have we all forgotten what it is like to give someone who is less fortunate a gift? In the end, it is not the computer hardware and software we would be giving away, but instead a sense of caring and love.

I hope we can all co me together this holiday season and spread the holiday cheer.

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  1. Cessna154, i am very very touched by your word of sincerity and kindness! You look out to people and you have a real heart of gold! i am not saying all these because i want him to win and give me the computer, but really, that were the world’s greatest reasons! i sincerely wish you best of luck and win this competition, so that you will find the joy of giving to less fortunate people! Once again, best of luck

  2. Cessna154, that was a pretty good article there. I would have to agree with you on that we shouldn’t brag about our new gifts because those people need to get a life and give up there toys because there are people out there that don’t get christmas because their parents can’t afford it. Even though I am getting a new computer for Christmas(ironic ain’t it) I am not bragging about it. Maybe I will give away my current computer to someone. Good luck Cessna154 LittleBigRedTruck AKA TheFsxFlyer on youtube!

  3. I think that you are very kind and careing. you don’t put your self in front of others and you are trying to show this by helping your friends and family even people on youtube at the hardest time of the year.

  4. Wow Cessna ,what a great essay you put there. i have been a fan of Cessna154 for about a year now and every video he has done i have rated 5* his work is amazing. I wish you the best of luck winning the computers.

    Flybydanny / OMFGitzDanny

  5. Woah, this is great! Cessna, you’ve done alot of great things, like teaching a lot of peoples how to fly! You have like 670 videos on youtube, and woah, they all are awesome, and inspires me! I try to do the same on my FSX.. but haha, I miss some super power epic nice flight simulator skills 😛 So, it’s good to see that there still is some nice peoples around here wich is willing to give away this Cessna, you really deserve this one, and I must wish you all of my luck. I hope you win 😉

  6. Cessna, that was beautiful. Your kindess, honesty and sincerity are better than any other gift. Gifts are not just about coll new gadgets or computers, but about the love and care that we all share. I’m sure that if you win, it would go to a very worthy cause. Best of luck!

  7. Cessna154’s videos are both really helpful and enjoyable at the same time, i have been a subscriber to you for around a year now and i still thoroughly enjoy every video you make. I look forward to your next video.

  8. I am now very educated in flight simulator thanks to Cessna’s videos, and i hope he gets this exciting oppertunity to spread electronic joy through out the world. And coming from someone who has a turn of the century computer, this is coming from the heart. Thanks, & I hope you win
    Kodilmedia1 (from Youtube)

  9. wow very nice. That is really generous, and I agree completely. You truly have a good sense of compassion and I really hope you win. I think that this really is what the holiday season is really about.

  10. I really think this is very inspiring. Giving away computers in bad times is very rare. You post vids on youtube teaching people how to actually fly correctly and entertain people. I love your vids and I support you 🙂

  11. being a youtube user i find many videos that arent right details in the situation, wrong facts and offensive language and behavior, i have never oncer saw a rude and misleading comment from cessna154 and being as popular as he is he still finds time to answer everyones questions to help them become as successful as he has been when producing videos. he has hundreds of videos which cover just about everything in flight simulator x with right comments and instructions,although i have never met him in person and find he is very kind and formal in what he says and obviously very deserving in the hardware he has on his computer as he not only uses it for personal use, but for the public to see how things should be done. the message he wrote says it all about the sort of person he is and he is willing to give a way those fantastic prizes to the deserving and less fortunate people. good luck cessna154!

  12. Wow!
    Cessna you are very selfless. Winning a computer is one thing, but giving it away! I’m very fortunate and can afford new computer equipment and software but some of your suscribers may not be so lucky. Once again I hope you win so you can be one of the people who make the world a better place!
    Luc Delaplante

  13. Cessna has some of the best tuts and shows the time and effort he spends in this with over 600 videos to help us fly better is great I’ve learned so much that is extremely helpful its just fantastic! I hope u win Cessna for the time u put into helping others out and now trying to win computers to help out even more u are the kind of person america needs

  14. i know how much computers are worth to people, especially gamers like cessna154 and others i would be over the moon to get a free pc but it will never ever happen to stupid old me, however i know it would mean ALOT to cessna154 to get one……..
    …sincerely aliencow101

    p.s: I’m a big fan of cessna154 because MOST people who can afford FSX are ‘snobs’ and aren’t any good ate the game, cessna154 is REALLY good at FSX infact he’s probably the best…!

  15. Wow, what a wonderful how-to. It seems like the world we live in now really needs to just start caring, and sharing the holiday spirit. Instead of living your life with hate towards others, why not give them a gift and be everyone’s friend. If some people like me who doesn’t have everything in the world, receiving a gift from someone puts a smile on my face. Not many people in our age understands how much a little gift can do. This inspires me to give to others and not just care about myself. Wonderful article. Peace and Love.

  16. My Youtube username is bobebobebob and i am a subscriber and fan of Cessna154’s incredible videos. His videos not only show his skill in virtual flying but also help others to become just as good. Being a Flight Simulator fan and user myself I often turn to Cessna154’s videos for help and improvement when flying. Also his idea to give away his potential winnings to people who need it more is the most generous thing he could do. I know that many people who can’t afford decent computers or are still using outdated ones could use a new computer. Good luck to Cessna154 and to everybody, Happy Holidays!

  17. I think Cessna154 on Youtube should win. He has inspired me to fly with his virtual flying videos, and has taught others how to fly virtually. He has helped tons and I think he really deserves to win.

  18. The best way to spread holiday cheers is to make Holiday CDs for people. I believe the “Christmas Spirit” has to be forced into someone once they get to be a certain age. When your a child it’s second nature to feel happy when Christmas approaches but as you grow older the happiness doesn’t come as easy. So people need holiday music to help them get into the mood.

  19. Great job Cessna. I really hope you win this giveaway. If you won, then you could use the new Hp computers to make more FSX videos that I really enjoy. Good luck, and all the best.

  20. Wow.. thats a very touching wording… I mean its very sad to see HP giving away computers to lucky people where as some people may ACTUALLY need these computers. Take for instance, greens burg, after the F5 tornado that struck their town, they’ve changed so much, their building new schools ,new houses, and they have a tornado shelter. But still, it makes people cheerful for the Christmas and giving away Laptops is a very smart way of saying Happy Holidays. Cessna has always inspired me to fly high when i can’t even get FSX and i really have to thank him about this. Its been a very good comment and good luck to Cessna!

  21. Cessna154 I also completely agree with what you have in mind. I would do exactly the same thing as you and give the winnings to other people. I think you are a truly great person and have the best flight sim videos on youtube.

    Huge Fan and Subscriber of Cessna154

  22. wow, what an aspiring and heart warming essay you have written Cessna. It gives me hope and helps me feel better knowing that there are still good, caring, loving, and heart warming people still out their. Most western cultured people like myself are greedy but you my friend show others that we aren’t all the same and sometimes others need help more than we do… If I won and were you.. I wouldn’t give them away to your subscribers like me. Cessna, listen to to me.. sell them somewhere for average price or cheap… then donate them to a good cause ( ) or other foundations… all this stuff is worth over $2000 which can go to a lot of other things

  23. Thats a really good idea and wonder for you to have such generosty. I really hope you win and that people who are unable to afford computer, that you will be give it to them for christmas

  24. Yeah Cessna154 does give away some good prices and he does give good advice for flight simulator and if you don’t know how to do it he will do a video and teach you how to do it right.

  25. Hey Cessna!
    its a great thing your doing here!
    and id love a podcast every week! that wil be awesome!
    thanks for all your videos, i found them really helpfull when i had no-idea about Fsx thanks alot look foward to your next video!

  26. Hey Cessna. I am a huge fan of your videos and I enjoy each and every one them. I have learned how to do things the correct way on FS because of your tutorials. I have been playing FS2004 for a number of years now and plan on continue doing so because of you. ( FSX won’t run on my computer :/ ) I wish you best of luck and happy holidays!

  27. It seems that my old comment got deleted

    Anyways, Cessna154 is an amazing user on youtube and has tought many thousands of people how to fly properly in flight simulator. Many other users watch and wish they can play this game, and try to learn as much as they can from it. This is why I think what he’s doing by giving away the prizes is amazing. It’s extremely nice of him, and trying to help out others who will have a use for these new gadgets!

  28. Cessna 514,
    This is an amazing thing that you’re doing, I love your videos on youtube and I hope you win this prize for the needy people who are not financially just to afford this.

    -good luck

  29. Cessna154, I must support you. I have to agree with you that it’s ridiculously unfair to give the whole thing to a single person. I was very disappointed and frustrated when I heard Chris say that it was for only one member. You have put into words what I thought so you have my vote. Best luck to you and merry christmas!

  30. This is a very generous thing your doing cesna and i think its great for someone to finally care about someone else, thats hard to come by these days you know!

  31. Cessna154, I think that you will bring great joy to some very deserving people if you win this amazing giveaway. I love your videos and think that you are a wonderful pilot. Good Luck!

  32. Cessna154 has realized that giving is far more rewarding than receiving. He will brighten the lives of many who need cheering up due to the poor economy. He’s doing one of the most compassionate things one can do: forwarding a helping hand to people who need it more.

  33. dude, thanks for your tutorials on youtube on FSX. Your tips were useful and i managed to apply ILS on my landing. im’ not sure if it the gate works on FS 2004 coz i faile to open gates. anyway, post more videos!

  34. Cessna your videos are amazing , you have to taut me so much and always reply to my emails.You alway out other before you and never think of yourself.Keep it up I am looking forwad for some more video’s

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