How to Relieve Stress

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The world is a chaotic and fast-paced environment. Finding time to get everything done on time with the least amount of problems can be troublesome and/or traumatic. Oftentimes, stress can continually build on your shoulders without you even knowing it. Once you slow down, you find that you’re overly stressed and struggling with anxiety. Have you taken the time to find ways to alleviate your stress, even if it’s the most minimal amount of stress? I have put together a few suggestions on how to help reduce or eliminate stress completely. Please feel free to try any of these examples out, but also leave me your suggestions and experiences in a comment. Your input may help another person deal with the stress they have been dealt!

Personally, I find music to be one of life’s greatest assets. Music inspires, educates, entertains and provides a medium for advice and relief. Engaging in the activity of listening to or creating music is a prime example of alleviating stress. It may seem simple and non-effective in the confines of your stress-induced bubble, but music has a tendency to sooth the soul; nourish your well-being. Stimulating your pleasures not only helps mitigate or eliminate stress, but also counts as indulging in leisure activity. What an absolutely wonderful way to enjoy your time, as well as entertain and ease your soul.

Another effective and self-indulging activity you can participate in is conversation. Be it with a neighbor, a stranger, a friend or family member, conversation helps console your woes and helps you forget what was stressing you out. Talking about what stresses/aggravates you is a good way to understand yourself better, soften your anxiety and build a healthy relationship with another person. Get to know another person whilst clearing your mind of what was bothering you in the first place. Once the conversation is over and you have let out the stress and aggravation, you have a much clearer conscience and can essentially get back to what you were doing in a much more focused manner.

Exercise is a popular and very effective way to abate stress. Simple exercises, medium-intensity exercises and/or vigorous exercise activities are tremendous ways to mitigate or alleviate stress. A walk in the park, a jog around the block, a hike in the nearest forest, a bicycle ride through town, a game of tennis and more are all ways that help reduce stress and enhance overall health. Whether you’re stretching, practicing strength training or joining others in a group exercise activity, the benefits you will receive from daily exercise are innumerable.

Relaxation techniques are a fantastic way to reduce stress, but also offer other benefits that will help you manage the challenges you face in your day-to-day life. Increased energy, focus development, lowered blood pressure, reduced muscle tension, increase in blood effeciency and more are added benefits of relaxation techniques. One of the main types of relaxation techniques is controlled breathing. Controlled breathing slows down your heart rate and helps steady the flow of blood and oxygen throughout your body. Controlled breathing is very effective at clearing your mind of unwanted thoughts and soothing your conscience of unwelcome stress. With so many things to do every day, controlled breathing can be used while you go about your baily business or practiced as a stand alone exercise. Another main relaxation technique is the use of visualization. Visualization offers you a slight advantage over controlled breathing, as it can be used in conjunction with controlled breathing to add a multiple dimension to your relaxation. Imagine yourself relaxing on the white sands of a beautiful beach, listening to the calm, soothing sounds of the water. Visualize yourself lying down on an extremely comfortable mattress which provides your body a warm, pacifying state of being. Revisit the quiet, serene locations of your desire and focus all aspects of your conscience to that particular thought. These visualizations will greatly help provide a setting for your mind to relax, your stress to dissipate and your personal well-being to flourish. Other types of relaxation techniques include meditation, yoga, progressive muscle relaxation, massage therapy and more. Regular practice of any of these techniques will give you the added benefit of stress management and allow you to face your day-to-day challenges with greater ease.

Finding your own way to alleviate stress is an important step in bettering your state of mind. Whether you are the type of person that finds satisfaction in working hard, exercising lightly, exercising vigorously, entertaining yourself, helping others or finding a medium for peace and serenity, your own process for stress relief is the best procedure. Everyone has different things that stimulate their interest and everyone has different things that agitate them. Understanding what causes stress for you and knowing how to alleviate that stress can help smooth the ride throughout your life journey. Always remember to indulge in the things you enjoy while following basic, responsible foundations that keep you organized and focused. I will leave you with a quote that has helped shape many of the decisions I have made: “The meaning of life is to give life meaning.” I am unsure of the origin of this quote, but I have heard many people speak variations of that statement. Living a life full of stress does not allow much time to satisfy your soul. Alleviate the stress! Live a fuller life!

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  3. One thing that is good about your situation Chris is a chair with a headpiece. For those of us that are online many hours a day it’s great to be able to lean back into your chair (if you have the headrest) and get into a more relaxed posture. It’s even better if you relax your wrists a bit and get them off the keyboard while reading content. Keep that spine happy. 🙂

  4. I think you have provided some great suggestions. I agree with the music and breathing. I’ve often used music as a way to unwind, and will often crank up the radio on the way home from work and sing loudly to get rid of the workday stress.

    Relaxation breathing is something one can do anywhere and anytime….standing in line, sitting at a traffic light or in a traffic jam, on the phone, watching TV…anywhere!

  5. This was a very interesting and informative article. Stress related health conditions are only on the increase in today’s modern society.
    This could be due to the fact that we are are too focused on having things, namely material items that are not truely essential for us to be happy, or live a fulflling life.
    In the pursuit of the material we can become stressed and anxious, trying to live up to what society says we must have in order to be viewed as having made it as a person. As a result our bodies can be overcome with illness and tension, and we have to find ways to relieve these maladies.
    I believe that a combination of strategies can be implemented to overcome stress and anxiety. I would list them but they are much the same as what was mentioned in the article above.
    Spirituality,laughter,exercise, good nutrition,deep breathing techniques, yoga, tai Chi, music, it is all of value.

  6. Good suggestions! I prefer turning my stereo up loud & singing along… of course My relaxation probably increases someone else’s stress!;)

  7. A good kick in the butt! Thank you!

    I’m so overwhelmed with “bad stuff,” and I know it’s affecting my health, so I am glad I stumbled upon this little article that reminds me what is so important, both for my health and my psyche.

    Funny thing is, even the way this was written had me moving into a calmer state.

    And I sure as heck can agree with the music. Music is truly a major part of my life, and it oftentimes acts as a release to stressful times. That letting go that LadySerenity mentioned is FANTASTIC!

    All the other ideas, especially the relaxation breathing, are spot on.

    As for the conversations… most of my friends live far away, but it is so, so, so cool to be able to send off a rant-and-rave email to one of these friends, and allow it to settle me down. I know this friend will take the time to read what I was upset, angry, sad about, and that seems to immediately bring me relief. About once a month, I get together with three other friends of mine, and we TALK. We take turns — we gripe, we moan, we swear, we sometimes cry — and we feel love and support from the other three (3 women, 1 man). And yes, there’s always the chance that what seemed clouded and “unfixable” to us is now clear and potentially solvable.

    I’m glad I read this article, if only because it served as a very good — IMPORTANT — reminder to take better care of myself.

  8. Excellent suggestions here. I particularly like the one about getting out and making a new friend. Old or new, a friend can bring fresh perspective to what’s going on in your world. I think people have to also look at the stressors in their lives and decide is it really worth it, given how stress can affect your health over time. For example, is being able to afford all the latest gadgets worth working all those extra hours, losing sleep, and losing quality time for the things in life which really have meaning like relationships with those they love?

  9. With all that is happening in this country we all need to find a way to relieve the stress that is ever on the increase.
    Chris, excellent advice to us all.
    Breath deep and release slowly…ahhhh now that feels better!

  10. I think this has some fantastic suggestions!! Music has always been my go-to for stress relief, because it’s like you can find a song to fit nearly any mood. Talking is also great, because you can throw whatever is bothering you out into the world and get feedback on it. I work in what can be a high stress job a lot of the time, and I am going to keep breathing techniques in mind, I think they’d help a lot! Great read!

  11. I really appreciate this article most because a lot of times we don’t even realized that we are stressed! We are too stressed to notice it! Also because it involves things right around us or easily available. You don’t have to spend a lot of time reading a book or watching a video to learn what to do. Just start doing some of thes simpe things. I find it helps me to remind myself that, hey, I can to this, or take time off to do this, etc., and (just in case I happen to be stressed, by the way) it will help remove any stress! We can always put on music, do relaxation exercises, you don’t have to go to a gym to exercise, and my two favorites: I happen to like to paint — that relaxes me; you may not like to paint but if you don’t have some hobby, you can develop one. Another favorite of mine is playing with my cat and dog. Science has proven how beneficial petting an animal is. They even use them in hospitals now! If you don’t have a pet, or don’t spend a lot of “quality time” with it, think very seriously about acquiring some animal companion.

    But I think maybe the most self-helpful (is that a word?) of all is HELPING other people or animals. There are numerous places on the internet where you can do this. Just search “Click Free,” or “Free Charities,” something like that and you will find places where for just clicking you can help needy people, animals, or our natural environment. And doing that REALLY helps me feel good.

    And remember, the less we are stressed, the more we feel good, and the more we harmonize with other people in our families, schools, towns, countires, the whole world. Just imagine how if we each start with ourselves the whole world could become stress-free! Perhaps nations and peoples could live more happily together and cooperate in solving the problems we have in the world — like pollution, hunger, etc. — and be at peace!

  12. There are several options offered in this article for stress relief, and a couple of them (music and exercise) have been my main sources of success, so I can’t disagree with this article. Everyone is different, so an attack on stress from multiple fronts is a good idea. I don’t think I could do better, and I would rate this stress relief method very highly.

  13. This was a great article and very informative.I use some of them myself.Gardening is my way to relieve stress.But I have gotten a few extra tips from this article and will try them out.One of my favorite sugggestions he stated was music.The universal language.Thanks for the insight

  14. Thank you for the very useful suggestions, Chris!

    I use meditation – not the hokus-pokus, mumbo-jumbo variety that can be read about in books about Eastern Philosophies Adapted for Western Morons, but a couple of very simple meditations:

    1. Breathe in and as you exhale count 1, repeat until you have counted to 4 and start over, focus on what it feels like to breathe. I use a short “prayer-bead string” of 25 beads and count 4 breaths for each bead.

    2. Inhale and as you exhale say the first line of the Serenity Prayer “G-d grant me the Serenity to accept that which I cannot change.” Inhale and as you exhale say the second line of the Serenity Prayer: “Courage to change that which I can.” Inhale and as you exhale say the third line of the Serenity Prayer: “Wisdom to know the difference.” Inhale and as you exhale say the last line of the Serenity Prayer: “Thy Will, not mine, be done, Amen.”

    I have found that the mornings when I start off doing this, I am less stressful, more productive and positive about life in general.


  15. I think these are some wonderful suggestions that I will definitely be thinking about the next time I find myself a little too stressed for comfort. I especially appreciate that you’ve come up with ideas for stress-relief that anyone can do virtually anywhere they are — work, school, home, etc. This is just invaluable advice. Thank you!

  16. This article was very helpful in giving ideas to relieve stress. Since we all have stress from so many different ways and deal with it differently these suggestions can fit into many life styles.

  17. Great insight on relaxation! It’s something we all need more of, but can’t seem to get enough of. Music and exercise are two ways that I also use to relieve stress.

  18. I can completely relate to what Justin said about music and stress relief. I know being in an office environment myself much of the day, sometimes it’s simply some good old fashion mental stimulation like music or basic exercises that help me.

  19. Your comment: “Personally, I find music to be one of life’s greatest assets. Music inspires, educates, entertains and provides a medium for advice and relief.” is so true. I listen to music all the time – when I’m driving, working, doing housework and I’ve got different styles for each. For some reason, I have to do housework to Latin Dance music. I drive to film music. To relieve stress, you have to find music that draws you inside of yourself, away from the outside world. Relaxation Music can help you calm the mind, slow your body and take you on a soft and gentle journey of peace.

  20. I think we all can use some of those tips — I know I can. As a small business owner there are times when I’m swamped and I can forget to breathe. Seems silly, but as Justin seems to say, just being mindful and remembering to enjoy life can help. It’s too easy to get caught up in it all.

  21. Fantastic article! And so well written! I agree with the person who wrote that it was calming to read the structure and flow of the article!! Thanks Justin, for the wonderful advice! As a mother of two little girls, having an arsenal of relaxation techniques is priceless on those days when silence and peace seem less obtainable than the heavens! And the quote “The meaning of life is to give life meaning” is so very true. We get so wrapped up in the stress of everyday life that we forget that it’s the little, often overlooked things that make life so sweet. Life is what you make of it! Thanks again, Justin! That was wonderful!

  22. That is one awesome article that touches on just about everything you would ever need to know about stress relief. The breathing and exercise advice…all natural, easy and can also add the benefit of overall health improvement. Just as stress relief itself can be beneficial to health and well being.

  23. Man I could have used this advice this week. Really good suggestions. One thing I like to do is stash good books away that I’ve seen or have been recommended to me by friends. I rarely get a chance to read but when things get particularly stressful I tear into one of the books. Often the story engrosses me into another place that is outside of my own circumstances. As long as the horrors in the book don’t resemble my life in any way. Thanks for the tips!

  24. What as great article for those of us that sometimes forget how to slow down and just relax!

    I,too, like to turn the music up and sing loudly….I’ll take some of these other tips to heart and maybe I’ll learn to manage my stressors more properly!

  25. Music was your first choice. Good call. I find that music can usually cure what ails me. Cheer me up, calm me down, help me celebrate or even help me be sad.

  26. Wonderful advice. I use music to destress all the time. Of course, I think I stress my neighbors because I play it so loud.
    Seriously though, a well thought out presentation! Bravo!!

  27. Music is also one of my favorite stress-reducers, along with
    bike-riding or just being outside … away from people and buildings and automobiles.

  28. Justin gives a variety of ways to relieve stress. One of them is sure to work for almost anyone. In fact they are all within the pocketbook of anyone as well. In these stress-filled times having a financially stress-free way to relieve the other stresses in our lives is a GOOD THING!

  29. I have to agree that music does help you alleviate stress. For one it could be Metal to help you release that tension or classical to help you chill with the tunes of the orchestra. Exercise to me helps only when your doing a very casual walk or something of that sort and talking to somebody or listening to music. Running sometimes help but muscle training to me seems to be more strenuous more then anything in the exercise category. Of course relaxation techniques help the most out of all the available options. Yoga (Another form of light exercise) helps, meditation, and sleeping helps. Its all great ways to alleviate stress. I hope people do talk the time and read this because it does help with advice on how to alleviate stress.


  30. I found the article to be interesting in the order that Justin placed the stress reduceing ideas. As a musician I do find music helps controll my stress levels and finding other physical acitvities also helps reduce stress levels. After reading this article I plan to try some of Justins’ other suggestions to help in stress relief. Thanks for the tips.

  31. Great article Justin! A bit of something for everyone, to fit any lifestyle. Music does soothe the savage beast, and I find myself turning to music whenever I feel the stresses and strains of life getting me down. Exercise is also a wonderful way to ease stress. If nothing else, it gets one’s mind off the problems eating away at life.
    Keep on writing, you show great skill! KUDOS!

  32. I definately agree with the exercise bit. I don’t get stressed out very often, but when I do a bit of exercise (usually jogging) never fails to take the edge off the stress.

    Also, going outdoors in good weather really helps. Of course, I can’t really control the weather (yet), so this would only work on nice days (cool fall days are the best).

  33. A good reminder during this busy season of the ways we can help ourselves respond to stress not with more stress, but with healthier practices.

  34. Great saying on how to undo some of the stresses of life. Some others I might want to add is, well when you leave work leave work there don’t take it home with ya doesn’t help ya one bit at all. Also try not to really think about whats going to happen in a day or in a few days, you can’t control whats going on in the future so just live life as of that day and let tomorrow worry about tomorrow. Also the past is in the past people stress about that also. Whats been done has been done move on, stressing out about it won’t help out current situation. If that don’t work just play a online game and forget about everything else for 30 mins. or so. Peace and have a wounderful day.

  35. Hey Justin,
    Good job on this article. As you know, I’m pregnant and going to school, and well – lets just say stress is my middle name. I completely agree 110% with you, on that music is a great stress reliever. It’s the one thing I always turn too, and probably helps me the most. Another thing that always helped me was acupreasure. When I am feeling completely crazy in my day to day life, I just take ten minutes and medatate, along with holding a few acupoints, and it puts me right back on track. Anywho, good luck with the article, I hope all is well.

  36. Great article Justin. Very thoughtful and helpful. Everyone has stress in their life, and while some have more than others, stress is still stress. You gave some great tips that I think anyone could use on a daily basis.

  37. Your article on stress relief has made me realize that stress relief techniques are something I should take into consideration. I’ll keep your suggestions in mind and attempt some techniques or exercises to reduce my stress level and see how well it works for me!

  38. I really like this article. Justin points out some excellent methods to relieve stress. Music has always been my main method of reducing stress. I haven’t tried the breathing techniques before, but after reading this I’m going to have to give it a try.
    Great ideas, by the way.

  39. As a mother of two, I can understand what it is like to be stressed out. Often I find myself longing to find some quiet time, though it rarely comes. It would be wonderful to find ways throughout my day to be able to sit down and enjoy some peace and serenity as you put it, Justin, but I rarely have that opportunity. As my kids get older, I hope to find more opportunities.

    I never did try breathing exercises, but I’ll try to figure out those techniques in my day. Thanks very much!

  40. Very good and sound advice. Sometimes in the rush of day to day life we forget about ourselves.All we need to do is just take a little me time not to complain but to relax and enjoy life and to remember what is good for us not what we are letting bother us causing stress.Rember life is to precious and to short to worry about the aggrivations that get us down.

  41. Good article. I really know that music helps me. Nothing beats driving with the windows down, letting the cold air come in while listening to the music that helped define you as a person. Conversation helps, but I always hate to feel like i’m whining, so I do find that the best thing to do is talk to an old friend and try to catch up a lot, focus on them and not my own personal problems. But also, for me, one of the best stress relievers, going to the batting cages. =D

  42. Dude, Justin, pretty good article.
    You missed quite a few ways to relieve stress, though. Primarily going out drinking (sometimes lots and lots of beer), hanging out with friends (though I suppose that could be classified as conversation), going for a drive, playing sports (bigtime fun activity that really helps me), watching television, watching a movie… stuff like that. You are right, though. Stress is easy to come by and lingers quite a bit.
    You included some good activities in your article. I guess sports would be considered exercise, but that’s my main source of stress relief. Going out, exasperating all that energy but pushing more and more until you just can no longer play. It’s loads of fun and helps a lot. You get so tired it’s hard to remain stressed when you have no energy left.
    Learning to cope with stress is important.

  43. Along with music, I also like sitting outdoors in the yard and just listen to the sounds that make up the environment such as the buzz of insects, the rustling of trees and leaves, distant noises, etc. Great article.

  44. Mosdef needed. What people fail to realize, is that even after trying to shed the stress during the day, they go to bed stressed, to a point where their body is so wound up, that they do not sleep properly. Sleeping to music helps me some, but I have learned to relax my entire body by first realizing that my muscles are all bound up.

    I start by relaxing the muscles in my head, in my face, and work my way down my body. Once I am done, it feels like I have sunk 6 inches deeper into my pillow, into my bed.

  45. What an excellent article! Thanks for all the awesome suggestions. I can really not talk highly enough of meditation… It is really the best stress-reliever there is.

    My two other favorites are a brisk walk / jog in the woods, and watching a really good movie, either at the cinema or at home. It takes your mind off the mundane worries.

  46. Excellent article Justin. Well thought out. You present a lot of different ideas for most anyone. We all have some stress in our lives to deal with, and you have presented different ideas to deal with it. I especially like the idea of music, that’s the one I use most often.

  47. Great ideas, Chris. Stress relief is the key to living a full life. It’s essential. I’ve been practicing some techniques myself.

    All of your suggestions are excellent. There is a wealth of information available for people to get detailed instructions for following these suggestions – much of it is right on the internet.

    Another technique that can be helpful when practiced over time is saying daily affirmations. Affirmations are postivie statements about some aspect of one’s life that generally reflect a healthy way for that part of one’s life to be.

    An example about mindfulness is:

    More and more, I can and do choose to live in the present moment.

    When said a number of times daily, and repeated each day, if reflected upon, these affirmations can begin to change one’s way of thinking toward a more positive mode.

    Try it, it works!!

  48. Justin, you hit on everything that I use to destress……Unfortunately, I have plenty of stress in my life and I had to learn different techniques to keep me above water.
    Exercise, yoga, meditation,tennis are all great aids. I also find bicycling helps alot……breathing in the fresh air and seeing beautiful scenery . Your article was terrific.

  49. What a great reminder, thank you for the words…people truly underestimate the effect of stress on them…from small problems to big problems, relaxation is truly a gift we can give ourselves…thank you!

  50. To learn is the first step, to act is the second.

    This definitely is a topic that needs to be addressed in these increasingly stressful times. Bad economy, holidays, war, poverty, climate change, other changes and more stuff…

    Editorial note: breaking the information into more paragraphs might have helped readability — adding subheads, too — for us fifth-grade readers.

    Keep writing. Thank you.

  51. With all the day to day hustle and bustle of work,family,home and not to metion bills , I totally relate Justin. Thanks for your suggestions, some of which I regularly incorporate. I believe that it is important to know how to relax and regroup inorder just to make it through the weeks.
    It never occured to me that simple conversation is actually a thrapeutic exercise , depending on your participant of course ,
    or the opposite outcome may result.
    I also find music to be the ultimate way to unwind. Sometimes at the end of the day I am so wound up with the struggles of the day and the stresses of the next to follow that I can’t focus for long. When this happens I’ll plug in my I-Pod and try to take in a song with as much attention to detail that I,m able , then listen again for more detail until I feel focused and my mind stops wandering.
    Some television shows or computer sites like E-mail,You Tube help me unwind much like I’m doing right now. Maybe this ties into your conversation recomendation.
    I am a musician who plays the trumpet , so praticing can be very fulfilling,most of the times , and breathing exercises are a big part of my routine. It helps me totally focus to try to stay relaxed , which is one of the most important aspects of playing music period!
    Animals help me to stay stress free most of the time. My dog and cats are a constant force of thrapy and unconditional love. Just so happens that my dog is waiting by the door focused giving my her anxious excited look. Maybe I’ll tie in some exercise and take her out for her nightime walk and make it just a little longer than usual. I’ll get back to ya on that and let you know if it helped. Until then , nice article and stay cool.

  52. This was a inspiring article Justin. In a day in age where stress is only increasing we as the human race need all the suggestions we can get on how to control anxiety and stress. A lot of the time people confuse anxiety and stress and blow one off as the other. In reality anxiety is a far more serious situation that has developed from to much stress. Anxiety effects many people and their day to day lives. All the things in which you have suggested are great ways to help reduce stress and mange anxiety. From a personal stand point at one time my anxiety was so bad I was unable to be in public, but now that is not true and I can say I like being in public. There is only a few times when stress plays a part in my life that the anxiety takes over and I have to really push my self about being in public. In those situations I use controlled breathing and visualization. I have my own personal way of meditation in public.As you suggested exercise is wonderful. I love walking or swimming and just letting everything go. Then of course the ultimate stress reliever for me is to pray about it. When I pray to Jesus, it seems to get me threw whatever is going on and often relives the stress all together, just because I know whatever it is , is in his hands now. Great Article, I really enjoyed it.

  53. Great essay! Yes, stress is one of the worst things in our lives that depleat our health. You list many great ideas as to relieve stress.
    The breathing techique is one that I use often. What I use most of the time for relaxing and relieving any stress that I might have from my day is sewing. I love to sew and can just go down to my sewing area while my husband has his sports programs on and I am as happy as a clam!!
    Good Luck Chris!

  54. you cant avoid stress but you have great suggestions on how to deal with it.
    in this time of hustle and bustle we forget to just slow down and do the simple things-listening to music is one of the best ways i have found also-breathing also helps(the relaxed kind)
    i also like to have my lightly scented candles and dim lights to help relieve my stress.thanks for all the suggestions justin and keep on doing your great thinking.

  55. Justin, That was a great article. I am going to try out some of the things you mention. I will get back to you on if they work or not. Another thing I do to get relief some stress is I play computer games. That helps me.

  56. Justin, I am a mother of 5 and my life does get stressful at times. I was given the link to your article and I enjoyed it. I am going to incorporate some of the techniques into my schedule. I will let you know how it works out.

  57. Wonderfully written Chris..You indeed have covered many great ways to help relieve stress..
    For me music does it the best..and to remind myself to keep breathing..nice an easy..
    Thank you for a great article..

  58. great article the way I relieve stress is playing with my cat he is so funny and when he purrs the sound just puts me at peace

  59. Hey, thanks for the wonderful article! It’s always helpful to have some extra stress management and stress relief help. I bookmarked it for future browsing as well!

  60. I appreciate this article. It reminded me of what I havent been doing for myself lately. I will try out some of these suggestions and let ya know how they work for me. Thank you again. Peace!

  61. Thanks Justin for all the information – a great article about stress relief. I especially like the fact that most of these methods are practically free of charge. We all reach a stage where things just overwhelm us and we don’t always remember to stop and take a moment to look after ourselves – music, meditation, exercise. I volunteer at a dog shelter and find that, when I am there, I don’t have time to think about anything else and they give me so much real, unconditional love. It just takes some of my time and gives me so much back.
    I also manage to lose myself when I am reading. Nothing like a good book to forget about the world around you.

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