How to (not) Sing with Guitar Hero World Tour

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With the recording of this video, I lost my Guitar Hero virginity. The first thing I wanted to attempt was to sing. It’s not that bad… right? I have the new Guitar Hero World Tour for my Xbox, so I had to play it live, of course!

Guitar Hero World Tour builds on the existing gameplay from previous Guitar Hero games, in which players attempt to simulate the playing of rock music using special guitar-shaped controllers. World Tour expands beyond the core guitar-based gameplay by introducing the ability to play drums or sing vocals, and supporting the ability for up to four players to play together in a virtual band through these different instruments. Successfully hitting notes increases the player’s or band’s score, as well as increase the “Rock Meter” that represents the song’s performance. Missed notes are not scored and negatively affect the Rock Meter. If the Rock Meter drops too low, the song ends prematurely, with the virtual audience booing the band off stage. Similar to Rock Band, the band shares a common score and scoring multiplier and band performance meter while each player has their own performance metric; the band also shares the same Star Power meter, and all members of the band must perform the appropriate moves at the same time to activate it. A player that performs poorly and reduces their performance meter to zero can still continue to play, but they drain the overall performance meter for the band, requiring the other players to make up for this. Successfully completing a song garners a three to five-star rating based on the accumulated score, and rewards such as in-game money to be used to buy new guitars and outfits for characters.

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What do you think? Should I be the next Kurt Cobain and head out on my own World Tour?

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