How to (not) Play Guitar with Guitar Hero World Tour

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Now that I’ve become a master at singing and drumming on Guitar Hero World Tour, I decided I was ready to play the guitar. How hard can it be? It’s already obvious that I’m going to be giving up my day job in favor of touring with Nickelback.

I chose to play along with the same Kurt Cobain song. However, I must not have been doing something else right. It was recording strokes, but it wasn’t showing any hits. The guitar has to be defective! That’s the only answer that is possible. The game informed me that I probably needed to blame it on lag, and calibrate my television.

My live chat members informed me I needed to use my thumb and strum along at the same time. Ok! Now we’re cooking with gas! I did such an amazing job that I unlocked two achievements! I bet even Jimi Hendrix would be proud!

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