How to (not) Drum with Guitar Hero World Tour

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Once I made the video of myself singing along with Guitar Hero World Tour, I decided to move up to trying to play the drums. I scored a 94% on the singing part, so maybe this whole drumming thing will be easy! I put the level on “Beginner”, and nearly had heart failure when the game tried to play the song at full speed. No way in heck. They must be on crack!

As the song started, I know people in my chat room were groaning and holding their head. I didn’t have a clue as to what I was doing! For one thing, the song was too slow. So, I sped it up. However, I still wasn’t quite sure. I mean, honestly. I don’t have any musical talent whatsoever. I wasn’t sure when or where to hit the sticks even! I begged for help, to no avail. So… I just kept smacking the drumstick how I thought it should be. It’s easy! Really!

Have you played Guitar Hero World Tour yet? If so, what’s your experience been like? What is your favorite part? Are you the next great drummer of our time? Drop me a line, and tell me all about your time as a Rock Star.

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