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After watching me struggle through Guitar Hero for the first time, my digital friend (Kyle) passed along these Guitar Hero tips:

The jump from medium to hard is the biggest jump you will make in Guitar Hero. When you are making this jump I think that the first two sections are the hardest because you are getting used to the faster pace of the songs and using the orange button.

If you are losing your fingering during this time, try hard to pay attention to the groove on the yellow button because it can be a lifesaver! At first this is going to be really hard and you will probably just not pay attention to it, but after a while when you have gotten used to it a little more, you will find yourself using it.

Another important thing when you get towards the end of hard is your star power. This is a very important weapon and helps a ton! The best time to use it is when you find a spot that you just can’t get past. Usually this will be towards the end of the song, so you should have full star power by then. When you feel the time is right just pull up on that guitar and try your hardest to hit those notes! Most of the time this will get you through that part and you should be able to finish up the rest of the song.

There is no special exercise or some kind of way to get by a song. The only way is to practice! I know you probably practice and are about to throw your guitar against a wall and maybe yourself as well. Trust me, don’t do it! You just have to use practice or play the song a ton of times in a row. Just take it part by part on slow and keep repeating it until you get 65% accuracy. Then if you haven’t guessed already, just do the same on full speed. Once you’re done with that, move on to the next part and repeat the process.

You will know when you are ready to play the song for real because you can just feel that you can do it. I usually go through the tricky parts in groups after I have gone through the whole song in parts just for a little extra practice. Then I usually end up playing through the song in career mode a few times before I finally pass it, and that is a really good feeling!

I really hoped this inspired you to keep practicing until you don’t ever want to hear that song again!

And in case you were wondering what happened when I lost my Guitar Hero virginity:

7 thoughts on “Guitar Hero Tips”

  1. First off Chris, welcome to Guitar Hero! We are not so different. When I first got mine I struggle so much on the Guitar it self. I loved the Drums, and I don’t like singing…well cause it is just not one of my things, but when I went to start playing the Guitar it was a pretty good challenge. I also had to ask my chat room on how to work the Guitar. Also as time went by I started getting better, and I have to say the tips above are really helpful, and I highly suggest this blog post to anybody that needs help with Guitar Hero. My family loves it, and so does every body else I know. Highly recommend it!

  2. KUDOS to Kyle! These are some very helpful tips for G.H. Thank you Chris for sharing them with all of you community.
    Also I am glad to see that you have come into the G.H. world and atleast tried it out.

  3. Kudos to you Chris! Thank you for sharing this information with all of us guitar hero enthusiasts! and im glad to see that you have now tried and gave guitar hero a chance

  4. dude that was hilarious but hey it was fun right? You should really try Rockband. I find it more fun, plus they have Let There Be Rock by AC/DC. Awesome song. Very fun game. Keep up the work bro!

  5. Great game, great tips, I definitely was able to use them. The practice is the main point of Guitar Hero. It’s very much it for guitar hero. It’s not the same as a real guitar, which is disappointing, but it’s just a game! Awesome content, Chris!

  6. This is the easiest game ever. I beat expert in like a day. I don’t ever even play it. Lol. Ive had it for a while but i lost most of my groove in it. But i can still beat Throught The Fire And Flames on expert. I dont find any songs a challenge anymore. Just play for fun and that’s the way you will get better, you dont even have to try. Just mess around and play it a lot.

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