Chris Pirillo’s Top Off-topic Videos

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Chances are if you’re reading this, you know who Chris Pirillo is. Well, if you don’t: you have definitely been missing out on some of the funniest, un-scripted, and LIVE action anywhere. If you don’t know him by his videos, then you most certainly know him from ‘Gnomedex’: a technology conference specifically tailored to tech and blogging enthusiasts. That is why I decided to make a list of my Top 5 favorite videos by Chris Pirillo.

We all know too well the associations beds have with night vision cameras. Whether by choice or not, you’re likely to have seen SOMETHING to do with it. This video uploaded in July of ’07 is a hilarious video with joke after joke – all very witty. It truly shows how original Chris Pirillo’s humor can be. Not only does the video make us laugh, it is still a pretty in-depth review of the iPod:

My #4 choice probably should have ranked higher on my list, but when I was a child I burned my noodles and it was the worst-flavored food I ever ate. In this video, Chris shows us how great of a chef he is when he puts together a meal of ‘Ramen Noodles’ and teaches us all how to do the same. Everyone loves Ramen noodles. Sure, you can say you DON’T, but everyone knows you’re lying when you say that. It’s a proven fact that has been tested multiple times for thousands of years: humans all love Ramen noodles, regardless of what flavor packet they choose. This video takes a step away from tech and moves into the kitchen – a very funny and “well done” video:

Everyone loves Pac-man. Whether you grew up playing it, or started just recently, the game is simple and fun. I am not going to review Pac-man for you though, but that’s exactly what Chris does in this video. I like this particular review, partly because he’s playing an Xbox 360 (not a PS3), but mainly because it shows how well-rounded he is when it comes to reviews. It’s nice to see Chris review the game second-by-second as the game progresses and how excited he is while playing. See for yourself in this video added to Youtube in June ’07:

Chris may not be the bravest blogger you know, but this video surely changed my vision on his bravery when he lays down in the middle of the road to make snow angels. Although not live, it’s nice to see how happy he was to make them snow angels. Chris has had a lot of success, and this just shows how much he stayed true to his geeky roots:

I first saw Chris when he was a host on Call for Help. I kinda forgot about him for a while and found his reviews on YouTube one day. This video easily takes the cake as my #1 favorite video of Chris Pirillo. Maybe not as funny to you? Chris seemed to have experienced the funniest moment of his life; when he attempted to answer the callers question before he even spoke. A simple mistake, but Chris could not contain himself and he seemingly was on the edge of insanity before Morgan Webb helped calm him down:

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  1. Never heard of this guy before this, and he seems really funny for being unscripted and live. The number one video was pretty hilarious. Will definitely have to start checking this guy out some more, he’s hysterical. I also saw Morgan Webb from G4 up in there too, she’s awesome! 🙂

  2. Hilarious review the IPod, I’ve watched it a few times now and it cracks me up everytime. My friend introduced me to this guy about a year ago and I’ve been following his posts/videos ever since.

  3. Chris is one of the funniest bloggers I’ve been following recently, his review of pacman was both insightful and unbiased…with the same dry humour ive come to love

  4. The fifth video was hilarious! I really liked it, he was laughing constantly and his voice got even funnier! 😀

    The fourth video was really interesting, cant wait till winter comes and I can do the same myself 😛

    The third video about Pac-man I did not actually find as interesting as all the other videos. Otherwise its well made. I myself wouldn’t put my face infront the camera 😛

    The second video was pretty entertaining, I myself always thought of noodles as noodles, you know. Put some hot water in and your done 🙂

    The first video was really funny, All your videos were actually funny, they were all very instructive and you gave alot of information.

    These videos are all very interesting 😀

  5. hahaha!! god i’m really laughing on the floor…
    videos are so funny… i liked the first and the second one the most but gotta say this is a kinda innovative way of making people laugh! those videos are not the USUAL things u can find on youtube… rly good job! you should just improve a bit the graphic… i’d give it a A- just for the video quality, but keep it up Chris!

  6. Eh, I didn’t really like this to be honest. He reminds me a lot of hanzi (couldn’t find a video, people who know him will know who im talking about). the pac-man video was drawn out way to much in the beginning for my tastes.

    Overall, 3/10 in my book.

  7. I have to say that while I normally only dislike Chris pirillo, these videos made me hate him. He sounds like any stereotypical techie that just talks about gadgets as is it were some special thing. Any dimwit with half a brain can understand surface level knowledge about electronics and computers. It’s amazing that this guy has received the amount of the publicity of a small-time movie star.

    Go learn something and please stop making these half-baked videos you call entertainment and informative.

  8. Very interesting… never heard of him before but he produces good work for doing everything off the top of his head…. ipod review was hilarious to… “lets interface!!” classic lol As far as the article itself I’d give it about 4/5, good work =]

  9. I really love this guy’s sense of humor. The mixture of crudeness and “nerdyness” is just great. I’ve definitely been sucked into this blog…. I couldn’t stop laughing at the last video! Keep up the awesome vids chris.

  10. Haha, Hey Ron I remember when we used to watch this guy on tech tv I completely forgot about him.. and morgan webb moved to xplay that sucks. It sucks that he doesnt review more games like his pac man one up there. Peace man.

  11. Your articles/videos are absorbing, pretty unique. I (for once) found some interest in this. The pups were adorable. & agreeing with the last comment, I also enjoyed the 5th video Chris!

    P.S.—-Ramen noodles are my fav 🙂

  12. Ron! You’re writing again awesome dude. I just watched every video up there dude he’s not like Dane Cook funny but he’s pretty damn funny, I’ve never watched him before now, what’s his youtube channel?

  13. So.. this is the legendary Christopher Pirillo you speak of. After reading this I went to check out his youtube vids, when does he get on camera? and dude.. you know I totally relate with the ramens..

  14. OMFG! I love how you integrated the commentary with his videos, I nearly died watchiing him laugh that hard on the last vid. Was that live? That’s amazing dude. You should write more man.

  15. Sup, Ron. Yeah you know I watch Chris as much as you do. It sucks you had your comments deleted man, I have no problem reading this and commenting on it again though dude. I will send to my friends also. Ok so If you watch the ipod with, hes like can I squirt on you.. lmao. Good luck man.

  16. YES! Finally someone made an article about chris, where did you find those vids of him? I haven’t even seen most. His dogs dont run away like mine.. I was amazed by that. Good read man.

  17. Can I squirt on you he says.. then he got shut down lol, you know I love Pirillo . Why did he leave Call for help anyways? Please respond and let me know, I am curious!

  18. Yep, same here man. I love his style the same reason you do. He is so witty and funny as hell. I was watching him live for like 14 hours straight, he is so busy..

  19. Hey Ron, I commented before and I will again.
    1 – If I was going to comment on his videos I would have just typed lololol. theyre all so funny.
    2 – Chris pirillo is the god of geeks so you get bonus points right there.
    3 – and three, HIS DOGS ARE SO CUUTE OMG

  20. Chris is so nerdy, it’s so cool how confident he is with his Geekyness, I love that he stayed grounded just like you said. He is pretty damn succesfull now. If I had to choose, I probably would have picked the same vids as you.

  21. AHH! Dude what happened to all of your comments haha. Let’s get you some more, I am calling all of my friends right now. yes ron believe it or not I readd this.. Why are you scarred from burnt noodles lol. That’s just funny to me. Good job with the article man, more than I would have expected from you.

  22. Very very nice writing skills. Why do you think everyone loves Pirillo? It is his nerdy ness, he doesn’t try to hide it like you said, I can’t stop watching the ipod video, that is 100% pure epic man. Good luck to ya in this contest.

  23. Ok, so evidently you are not a horrible writer. I like this guy, thanks for showing me him. When do you plan on writing more like this? Please say soon, I like to read what you write its like an inside man. To stay on topic though, the snow video where is making snow angels.. priceless.

  24. Yeah, I’ve been watching Chris for a while man, did you see the vid he did where he was levitating in that plane thing? You should have put that on here, but out of the vids you chose I’d have to say the Ramen was my fav. made me so hungry..

  25. Just read this and I would give it a 10/10 if he didn’t point out that beef lovers are inferior to the chickens.. That made me die a little inside 🙁 – Other than that though I give it a 9/10

  26. Ah I hate you RON! I want some noodles now, I didn’t know you were talking about this guy, I check on youtube for reviews and he ALWAYS has what I wanted to see. I love your story about how you followed him lol. You little stalker.

  27. Well, I just woke up and the energy he has in his vids is enough for both of us apparently. I am definitely awake now. Do you know what kind of dogs he has? Also why was he in the middle of the road..

  28. Holy Jesus, this was funny as hell. His ipod vs Zune was so creatize, they were so on beat and witty. I love how you accent the videos with your comments dude. When you said how brave he was before the snow angel one I had a heart attack.

  29. Dude, ramen noodles. Right there that won my heart for you.
    I say the same exact thing. If you claim to dislike them you are just lying to everyone. You know deep down that you are obsessed with them.

  30. Well, you know as a cat I do not like dogs. The dogs in this video are actually smaller than I am so I could probably take them on. Nice writing man, keep it up. I am looking forward to more from you.

  31. Dude.. that ipod video was a little on the PG13 side lol. The last video is hilarious. For some reason when I see someone laughing like that it makes me laugh harder than they are. Awesome article man PLEASE make more!

  32. Everything Melton said, I completely agree with.
    Article 4/5, Ipod review is hilarious annd Ive never heard of him. Chris is witty as hell. That is probably why hes in the top 3 reviewers on the net. More articles soon right dude?

  33. I am jealous of your writing skills, why did you hide this from me? Anyways you know I love him, we shar a name and we share the geekyness. The um chick in his videos is hot. I love how she shot him down when he asked if he could squirt on her.

  34. You should have put his ariplane safety video on here, I think that is in my top 5 of his easily. When do you plan on doing more of these? Chris is a cool guy and I like him more after seeing his ramen video. GOOD LUCK!

  35. Wow, look at his room setup. I want mine like that. I like how hes like OH~! and this and that and this! On the pacman review. I wonder if he is genuine about it or not lol. I have to go cook me some BEEF ramen now.

  36. I would have to say that you did an awesome job writing this dude. I am impressed. If you are reading my comment, go back up and look at the dog in that video. He runs into the tree. Good luck with your contest man, this is a nice article I hope you win.

  37. Dude, didnt you have like 40 comments before? Anyways. He is a genius. He made liike so many jokes during that ipod video, they all had something to do with ipods. It was pretty amazing. Have fun writing more of these dude.

  38. Awesome article man, I love the ipod vid. I think you should have made it number one, but it’s your article right ? lloool good luck with the comp man, I love your writing.

  39. Your sense of humour really touches everyones funny side you constantly just make me laugh! Not many people can do that. i dont understand how you kept laughing but it was CONTAGIOUS!! calm down man lol. I will definitly be watching you again and keeping track on how u go in your video posting life . I reccomend all who see him to KEEP WATCHING. Youv got me hooked =)

  40. This guy is hilarious! I loved reading tyour article too man. Good luck with the contest. I love his dogs and dude, what do you think about his game reviews? I wish he would review games more often.

  41. Chris Pirillo owns, I always watched his vids on youtube but never came to his site even though he spams it on all of his vids lol. Did you see when he came inside he was all wet, I wonder if he regretted doing it.

  42. That snow angel video made me wish snow would come sooner. It is kind of winter here and it did snow for a few days but it’s all cleared up now. Just cold with no snow. Has anyone been to seattle?

  43. I just read the ramen noodle thing you wrote and I did the same thing with my noodles, I forgot they were cooking and the water all boiled away and eventually just cooked the noodles. In tried to save them but after adding new water and the flavoring the noodles just tasted like burnt, it was so nasty.

  44. Wow. just commenting on the first video I can say that made me regret getting a zzune, It has the xbox sponsorship and everything though so idk. but I really wish I chose to buy an ipod instead of a zune.. thanks for making me feel bad jerk haha. Good luck and nice article 5/5

  45. Who is the chick in those vids is that his wife? shes so hot, hes lucky in my honest opinion. She is probably the reason he has those little dogs, chicks love those, he honestly looks more like a rottwieler kind of man.

  46. Meh, I liked thaty pac man review, I dont know what you guys are talking about. He is way too excisted for it though, he should try reviewing Cod 5 or Gow 2, I am obsessed with gow right now. I saw him review gh/rockband and I could not stop geeking. Also cup soup is muich better than ramen because it cooks faster haha.

  47. Ok so, I am a little offended Chris, I like beef it seems to have a better broth flavor. I like both though, Ron your story of the burnt noodles showed your soft side lol it was nice to see. Chris should cut his dogs up and try them with his ramen noodles.

  48. Hmm, that first video is a little icky lol especially when he was liike ‘ can i squirt on you?’ shes like no.. hen hes like well thats what I do. I dont see how thats what zunes are supposed to do . This guy is so funny, thanks for showing me him. I made a account

  49. I loved the first video. Especialy the way it was formatted to be just as in real life. The way it used the iPods features as consistant with an HIV.

    It was pretty hilarious with how the female was supposibly turnning off after 20seconds, with the ‘standby’ mode on her phone. I found that funny has hell.

    The the guy iPod talking about how he loved her much more than the Iphone. Then how is background was equlivent to his ‘body’.

    I laughed my ass off when he was like ” Can I squirt you? ” Lmao.. Then basically every question the guy asked to her was like ” What’s wrong with me? ”

    Then for her to be laughing made it all hella much more better. Then him stopping everytime she ‘turned off’. Then with him swearing it was not his fault, as he should have taken it. As I assume VIAGRA!, lol!

    This video was my favorit out of the 5. I especially liked how it was based on how things really go between a female and a guy. Then it was funny when she was like ” I am kinda looking weird now “. We have DRM. OMG WHAT I DONT HAVE DRM! Rofl….

    Then for her to want to play a game, they accomplished alot! Lmao!. This video was hilarious!


    The Roman noodles, rofl! I actually eat these as a snack. I love the shrip and orantiel. It’s funny how’s he’s explaining how to cook them ‘specially’ as if it’s so complicated you MUST be an expert, rofl. Then I loved the part where he hit the ban, and the wife, I assume as when he mentioned it making a joke out of him, when he reffered himself as husband. That was funny how she was like ” OH NO! “, and he was basically like ” OH SHIT WHAT DID I DO?! “.

    The girl was very weird, but funny lol. Especially when she was behind her husband dancing with the green onions, lol. I was litterally sitting here not paying attention to him thinking; ” Wtf is she doing?!?! rofl.. ”

    Then he smacks himself on the head with the pan like; I GIVE UP! “. This was a good video.


    I use to play Pacman. I liked the game to. Never could beat the damn thing, rofl. It’s pretty funny though how interested he was in the game though. It was funnier how he kept looking back real fast at his live chat I assume for people guessing the ghosts name. Then one saying FLUFFY! Lmao. It was great.

    Then he knocks his camera off on to the side where no one can see anything. He seems like a great guy though! I would deffiently want to hangout with him. I would enjoy myself.


    This video was funny, but not funny as in stupid. I loved this video as it showed the chararistics of the husband and wife. It’s always good to see a nice couple, rather than the old new generation couples who bring about fights every damn day!

    I loved to see how they enjoyed theirselfs from the snow as if they never seen or been in it before. It was really great to see this.

    These 2 people are really awesome! Seems they have a wonderful life. I would give anything t osee couples communing together like that all the time.

    It always puts a smile on my face. BIG POINTS FOR ALL VIDEOS.


    This video was hilarious as hell!!!! after he mentioned eating his nuts, he just could not stop laughing.

    His laugh was no funny, as h e got higher pitched and would not stop laughing. I actually started busting up laughing non stop myslelf just to watch him laufgh more.

    Then it made me laugh anymore for him to try and get serious to talk to the guy on the line, and he just could not control himself enough to have the conversation with the guy about internet spam in his mail to answer the guys question.

    It was really funny.. Atleast he carried his nuts with him! LOL

    Thank you.

  50. OH YEAH! I forgot he hosted Call for help, and morgan webb.. wow is she hot or what? I stopped watching tv when I got more into net, I just didn;t need it. It’s nice to see him go from his office to kitchen though, I bet you dont see that often.

  51. Awesome article man, when do you think you are going to write more? This is a step away from your old ones..

  52. I love Chris Piriloos videos, I am glad this was your topic of choice. I would have picked probably the same maybe switched out one or two, but I liked his cooking vid because he was out of his office. Same with the snow angel you never see him out of his office unless its for gnomedex or youtube live.

  53. After reading your ENTIRE article man, I can safely say that I am now about thirty five percent more geeky tan I was previously, Chris just brings the geek out in people i guess.

  54. WOW, so this is what you people do. Haha I am just playin, I am a geek too. I never new about this dude, and I’m on YOUTUBE a lot. Probably too much, so his youtube chnnel is ‘lockergnome’? Cool cool, let me know when you write more dude.

  55. Hey Ron, so I see you wrote another blog, Ill read it and comment lets see.. Ok first the ipod video is overrated, but maybe I am just being an as. The snow angel vid. .me I would never lay in snow unless I was paid 3000 a minute. I hate being cold its the worse feeling in the world.

  56. Lets see here bro, this guy is sexy as hell, if I was gay I would be trying to get him so bad. Ron your article is AMAZING, well for your skill anyways, Its definitely more than I would expect from you. es I will admit to loving ramens.. even if I was rich I would stay loyal to my food.

  57. Ron! What happened to all of your comments man? you had so many and you were winning lol. Oh well, you’re going to lose not but I will still comment on your shiz for you. Actually I don’t want to leave a long comment because I am hungry as hell after seeing those 2 dogs.. I mean after seeing the noodles :). Comment is already kind of long.. oh well, good luck man..

  58. LoL i just watched all the Vids for the 3rd time. i still think the pac man one is the best.. that guys a total nerd he knows all the names of the ghosts ? LOL WHO KNOWS THAT! he gets all Stoked over the Color change’s of the basic pac man build and about shat him self lol. ” Omg they have updated this in a major way” Good stuff ” My fav was miss pac man” Anyone whos a man born in the 70-80 is not a Miss pac man fan lol.

  59. I have never seen this guy in my life, and i have to say he was pretty funny. And i have to agree the Ramen noodle one, definitely the way your suppose to cook them. There is no secret ingredient to it. Anyway, i thought this guy was pretty cool, definitely going to download that pacemen game now.

    Anyway this guy has some funny humor, in #1 just from him laughing got me laughing.

    Nice Article

  60. Never really heard this guy before or even knew he was alive. But that Ipod and Zune bit was funny as hell ……cheating on a Iphone…. His voice sounds like a high picth girl having a orgy when he is laughting. Reminds me of a fish when hes like WAKAK WAKA WAKA . But other then that a funny guy and knows his stuff kind of like a nerds best friend deal

    $ 40,000 + college education …..$40 glasses ….Chris pirillo making a jackass of himself on Internet videos …PRICELESSS

  61. this was freakin hilarious. I have never seen or heard of this guy and i was laughing my ass off the entire time. I give this a 10/10 for the nerdiness aspect of things. Great article and funny shit. I hope to see more of this guy.

  62. Chris Pirillo is True-ly a Genius. WIth the simple videos accomponied by hilarious geeky comments, its something all us “Geeks” can relate too. No doubt CHris Pirillo will only go up in popularity!
    More Snow-Angels!

  63. This was the funniest shit i have ever seen. I have to say the ipod things was pretty funny. The thing that got me the most was the last video, when he was laughing. Just him laughing got me on the floor, one him laughing and answering a question before it was asked, but his voice when he is laughing, OMG LMAO.

    Have to give props to this guy though, funny shit, cant wait to watch the rest of his videos.

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