What is The FCC’s Free Internet Plan?

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The FCC wants to give “free Internet” to everyone, so you can connect from anywhere. It would be transmitted just like cell phone companies transmit their Internet service. The download speeds would go up to 700kbs, which is considered high-speed Internet. There will be no porn or illegal torrents and software like Limewire. Cell phone companies do not want this to happen because they would rather have people pay for their way over priced slow Internet. Places like Starbucks will also suffer from this, you see all the people at Starbucks using their Internet, which is overpriced [opinion].

Internet should be a free service – a lot of good comes from the Internet. People wouldn’t have to go all the way to the local bookstore to get a book. A lot of people don’t have Internet service. If they want Internet, they get dial-up (which no one could do anything with dial-up). You can’t even load a webpage with dial-up without waiting 50 minutes. Don’t even try to watch a video – you will have to pause it and wait ’til it finishes 20 minutes later… then watch it. That’s why I think the majority of people don’t have Internet, and why it should be free. Why should a hand full of companies control the Internet the companies don’t make the Internet the Internet – we do. We deserve to have a option for free Internet. I would really like to see this happen with two conditions:

  1. They need to have good security for it. They need to encrypt the data. If they don’t have really good encryption for it, I would be very scared to use it.
  2. I don’t want the government seeing everything we are looking at on the Internet. Not saying I’m doing anything illegal, I just don’t think it would be right for them to intrude on my privacy.

It might happen, but major companies will hate this. They want to overcharge for their Internet service – and they don’t even give what they promise. They say you have unlimited service, then right when your downloading something: “Oh, Dang – throttled!” Even if the free Internet isn’t as fast, at least you can connect to it from anywhere – we all want that. At least it will be better then dial-up and a lot other paid services that just rip you off.

This plan would get Internet to rural areas, so everybody could be on the Internet. It would benefit schools that can’t get wireless Internet access. People wouldn’t have to pay for the cell phone companies’ Internet service (that gets “okay” service and okay speeds). For the price that we pay for it, we should get great speeds and great service. Free Internet is the way of the future and it is going to happen sooner then later. It’s just the matter of time and money.

3 thoughts on “What is The FCC’s Free Internet Plan?”

  1. You’ve left out one big aspect to this “free” Internet. Who’s going to pay for it? The taxpayers? Where in Sam Hill are we supposed to get the infrastructure for this “free” service?

    This plan is the same as saying that the Government is going to build all of us free vacation houses in Florida (or on the moon, for that matter) It’s the pie-in-the-sky, chicken in every pot, new car in every garage kind of vague promise that politicians like to make, but will never and can never keep.

  2. As said above, there is no free lunch. Someone is going to have to pay for it. Most likely tax payers. However, I think advertisement would be a good way to go. Have some type of system that makes a requested page download a pop up script with an advertisement. Yeah they’re annoying but it’s FREE!!

    It would hurt the rip off 3G companies, as well as local WiFi hot spots like starbucks by not bringing in customers. But on the other hand, they wouldn’t have to pay for internet that they supply their customers, so it would balance out. Plus, are you really that worried about these places hurting because of free internet?

    The problem I see with this is that bums are going to hog all of the bandwidth up by using it at their house. It should be provided as a temporary, mobile service. You know, internet on the go. Implementing a one-hour-use-one-hour-ban policy or similar would help this out. Or something like throttling down by the hour when used, and lowering the restriction by the hour not used, this way people could use it at home without impeding the internet speed of users who pay for internet at home, and use this service only on the go. Maybe a per-user bandwidth cap, like some regular ISP’s. The possibilities are endless. But if a free public internet service can provide enough bandwidth to go around, then by all means, allow it to be used anywhere.

    Security would be a problem. Encryption FTW! If not feasible, just use it responsibly. Don’t check your E-Mail, buy online, and for the love of god DON’T PAY BILLS on a public internet service!

    Bottom line: great idea!

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