Reasons to Have a Second Monitor

Geek!This is Taylor Brazelton’s submission for the HP Magic Giveaway. Feel free to leave comments for this article as you see fit – your feedback is certainly welcomed! If you’d like to submit your own how-to, what-is, or top-five list, you can send it to me. Views and opinions of this writer are not necessarily my own:

  1. A second monitor is a way to expand your desktop interactivity. You can work faster and you’ll be able to see more than one application (in a maximized mode) at the same time. This insures the most enjoyable desktop experience.
  2. Are you a professional video editor? You don’t have to be one to enjoy the use of a second monitor (or more, if you wish). A second monitor is almost essential to a video editor, as it allows you the best work environment for your editing by allowing you to expand your video editor software’s timeline across both screens. This gives you the most workspace – so that you can easily see the spot at which you are editing in a more detailed position.
  3. What about web designers? Well, don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten you – for I am one, too. The second monitor might sound like a stretch, but it is actually a good thing. You know when you’re developing and you have to switch back and forth between your source editor, your web browser and maybe even your database tools? Well, with a second monitor it is simple to switch between your web browser and your source editor. Using the second screen you can put your source editor on one screen and your web browser on the other screen. That way your OS doesn’t have to re-draw the GUI for the applications each time you want to switch windows. This gives you more time to work on your project instead of waiting for the GUI to load. Assuming your computer is as slow as mine. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Now that we’ve talked about the top 4 reasons on why you should have a second monitor, I think it is time we talk about why you shouldn’t or why you can’t.

  1. A second monitor is a great thing to have, but what if you have a slow computer? How will this give you a better experience? Well, the hard reality of it is… it doesn’t truly help THAT much. If you want to use a second monitor to it’s fullest extent, I would suggest you buckle down and buy yourself a new computer. I know times are tight right now, but when I was a 13 year-old, there was always a lawn that needed mowing.
  2. What if you don’t have enough room for a second monitor? There is always the option of getting a new desk or cramming a monitor on the desk you already have. This isn’t really the ideal place to have a second monitor. If your desk is always cluttered and messy then this is probably not a good option for you (if don’t want your monitor to fall off your desk). I have seen this before, and it’s not a good thing. It took my friend and me about two months to clean up all the shattered pieces of broken monitor! Every time you walked in with bare feet, you’d get a small piece of glass or a different part of the monitor stuck in your foot. ๐Ÿ˜›
  3. “Okay, so I have enough room for a second monitor but what about money? I don’t have enough.” This is a common problem for everyone today, although there is always a way. Try doing odd jobs for your friends, family, or around town. Maybe mowing the lawn for a friend or helping the computer illiterate fix a problem with their computers. You can find a job just about anywhere you are, just find one that suits you and what you can do. Also, remember when saving for a big item like a monitor, that you do not spend / waste all the money before you’ve reached your goal. I suggest that you put away 90% of your earnings and then carry around the other 10%.

Don’t forget that no matter what you want, you always have to work for it. Nothing in life is totally free, so be sure to save every penny you can because somewhere down the road you may want to use it. Like… if you were to buy a second monitor for your computer.

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  1. Very detailed. I appreciated your article because I’m considering getting a 2nd monitor for my desk. I already have my 32″ tv hooked up as a 2nd monitor, but it’s away from my desk and unless I’m watching media, it’s very hard to use it for reading text, etc. Thanks!

  2. Great post!
    I too want/need to get a second monitor as I am a web designer also. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have a Acer 20″ so I am waiting to get a good deal on the same exact style. It would bug me too much to have different ones let alone different resolutions.
    Plus I need to get a better graphics card since my good one burn out on me and I temping it with a cheap one.
    Good Luck!

  3. Thank you. I have been deciding if I should get a second monitor and thanks to you I have decided to get one. I am going to buy a HP 24 inch monitor.

    Thank You!!

  4. Great article, Taylor! I would add that even “old dogs” like me, can learn new tricks and come to enjoy a second monitor. I keep all of my development tools on one monitor (Visual Studio, SQL Server tools, etc.) and all of the other “fluff” on my second monitor (Outlook, ICQ, etc.). It’s a great way to keep your workspace organized and manage your work.

  5. Good write-up. FWIW, a THIRD monitor is as big a gain as adding a second one. Dedicate one to Outlook/Photoshop/YourProgOfChoice.

  6. Taylor, Your article made me realize all the good reasons i should go buy a second monitor. i have been suffering with the one i have and put off buying one.i am going out when i get home from work to buy one so i can enjoy all the benefits of having two monitors!!! ; )

  7. Hello Taylor, We hope you win the HP magic giveaway contest and we suport you all the way..

    We know how expensive it is to buy a second monitor. Some times more than the actual computer it’s self depending on what kind of computer you have. We here have been not only using duel monitors like in this article/blog post but are usual on how many screens are on computer such as usually 2 or 3 monitors for a computer that is doing web programming and for video editing we prefer to use around 4 screens.

    usually our monitors are set up as the main monitor is a 30 inch and the rest of the monitors are 24 inches sup up on their sides!!

    -Good Luck!!-

    (your friendly staff at

  8. Taylor, your article is really neat. Nice job. It really inspired me to get a second monitor. Thank you,

  9. just stumbled on this site by mistake and I like your fresh approach. you make this decision easy.

  10. Hey man remember me. I use to work with you on the web site untill I got hired at the new job ha. So hows it going. I have heard a lot about you on the internet know days. We should get together again some day.

    I really liked your article and it really inspired me. I have been thinking about buying a new monitor for my desktop but I have been putting it off everytime I have gone into a eletronic store but today after reading your article I have decided that I am going to buy it but not as a new monitor to replace my old one but for me to hook it up on my desktop as a second monitor. Thank you Taylor


    “Good luck Taylor”

  11. I have been working with a lot lattely on my computer screen and I have been thinking about buying another monitor for my computer but I haven’t really been sure If I should go out a get it. Thanks to your article I went out and bought the most needed second monitor and I love it!! It’s amazing. I get all my work done faster and more effeciently because I don’t have to keep switching between windows.

    Thank You ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Nice post. I have a seccond monitor and I love it to death. It helps me get my work done so much faster. I suggest that you go out and get you a second monitor for you computer just as Taylor has in his article. I love my second monitor so much, I am actually thinking of going out and buying a 3rd monitor for my computer( I just need splitter first)!!

  13. Hey man sup!! Nice article but I would like to add that if you have a good enough graphics card that you can mabe add a splitter or you can actually buy a graphics card with more than 2 monitor ports that way you can actually hook up more than 1 or 2 monitors. I have 3 monitors on my desk right know. Two 24 inches and a smaller 20 inch on the right side. Other than that good article.

  14. Ha nice. Thanks for the neat info. I am tring to convince my parents to buy a second monitor for me(familey computer) and so far so good. I can see how helpfull it could be to have a duel screen and how extremly better orginized!!!!

  15. Nice article I do feel the urge to say how nice a second monitor is. I use mine everyday and some people I know from work have 3 or 4 monitors on their computer and they love it. Good Luck Taylor!!

    This is a very nice article!!

  16. Nice post. I was really thinking about getting a second monitor for my computer and know I am ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. Hey man. Great post!! Rock on!!!! I do have a Question what about if your a gammer?? What happends to the games ? do they expand the size of the screen or what??

  18. Thank you for your post. I have been looking around lately for a post that could help me decide wether I should get a second monitor or not and know I am. My wife is gone to her monthers and is buying one today for me for christman !! Thank you!!

  19. Hey dude it’s matt from church(longgg time ago) Nice post I just bought me a second monitor a few days a go and i just got it hooked up yesterday!! It’s alsome you should come over and see it some time!!: )!!!!!

  20. I have 3 monitors and I love it. I truly suggest if you only have one monitor and your computer can handle 2 , that you should go out and get you a second monitor. It really helps while working on your computer!!

  21. Everyone needs a second monitor in my opinion unless you just happen to have like a 70 inch screen!!!!! ha !!!!! Nice!!

  22. I love my second monitor I suggest to everyone out there that they should get a second monitor It is really helpfull!! :)!! lv It!!:)!!!

  23. Nice post. I would go out and buy a second monitor right know but I have to buy a new computer first!! Ha!! Thank you for this article!!

    The seib familey!! :)!!

  24. Hey !!dude ha even though I am at your house right know and your telling me and the whole party here to comment on your post, I am ha!! and it is true. Having a second or even third monitor is very helpful and it makes your computer seem faster than it really is bye not having to draw a different GUI every time you switch to a different window!! ha nice post man

  25. Ha hey dude this is a nice party and the article you wrote was alsome 2 ah!! nice ha I am tireedddd ha nice lol ha you should totally get a second monitor if you dnt’ already have one it truly helps!!: )!!!

  26. I think that I am going to highly consider a second monitor after reading this blog. It really sounds like a untapped resource that I should have been using along.

  27. Wow! What a very good article, at first the idea of gettin a second montior was totally stupid and then i read this and it just WOWed me! Thank u so much!

  28. “Ha hey dude this is a nice party and the article you wrote was alsome 2 ah!! nice ha I am tireedddd ha nice lol ha you should totally get a second monitor if you dntโ€™ already have one it truly helps!!: )!!!”

    idk y my comment didn’t go through!!

  29. I have to agree with this blog post. A second monitor does help with video and web development a lot. If you are a beginner at video editing or web/desktop development I suggest you start thinking about the future, Know. A second monitor is a very nice addition to your computer collection.


  30. Hey Taylor Nice post I really love the article. I don’t have a second monitor at the moment but I really feel inspired to go out and buy one… mabe for christmas.!! Good job with the article again and I hope you win!!: )!!

  31. Nice post It is really helpful. I was wondering if I should go out and buy a new monoitor for my computer and know I am just going to go out and buy it and instead of using it as a new monitor I am going to set it up as a second monitor!!

    Thank you <3 ๐Ÿ˜‰

  32. Hey TB!! :)!!! Nice article post:) I lv it !! It is true a second monitor or well any amount of monitors on a computer is very helpfull!! Thank you Taylor for setting mine up for me :)!!

  33. Hey Taylor I am Gabby’s friend!! I don’t personal have a second monitor but I really like the idea I am going to ask my parents if they’ll get me one thanks Taylor!! :)!!!! I am most differently going to show them this article also !! good job! !:)!!!!

  34. Hey it’s Biljana from over sea ๐Ÿ™‚ I lved your article!! You should write more!!!! I have 3 monitors on my desk right know but I am thinking about getting rid of one to one of my friends and then going out and buying a new 30 inch to compement both of the 24 inch ones :)!!!

    Thanks you and good job!

  35. Nice post Taylor I have 3 EOY computer running with duel monitors know 2 macs and a PC with vista know. all running Adobe CS3 on them !! It is a very good think if you like editing videos and I am giving you my condolences to the article. It is really nice. Keep up the good work!!

  36. Good post. There hasn’t been very many articles online about having a second or more monitors on your computer. Good job. I needed this. I am going out right know to buy myself a second monitor for my computer!!

    -Thank You-

  37. I have 2 monitors for video editing. I don’t do much anymore but I like it. I use to do it for youtube and stuff a long time ago. I do agree that a second monitor is very nice to have if your a video editor!!

  38. Hey, Taylor
    I think that is really cool about the second monitor. I have been considering one for a while, but finally made the decision to get one after reading your article. I like it alot and it really increases my computor experience. thanks.

  39. Great article, very informative. More and more companies are moving towards the dual monitors. It is very helpful for many applications.

  40. Hey Taylor nice article about a second monitor. I am really thinking about getting one. Thank you for your help. Good luck with the contest. I hope you winn!!!!

  41. This is a very good article. Thank you for your wisdom. It has really made me decide if I am going to get a second monitor for my familey computer. My kids have been annoying me for at least a month know because they have a friend in the neighbor hood who just bought a new second monitor and know they want one. I am going out to get one right know. Thank you very much!!

  42. Me and my wife have been wondering wether we should get a second monitor for out computer. All she does is myspace and facebook with all her highschool friends. So I think I am going to get her one for christmas!!

  43. There is always a lot to do at my office and everyone has a second monitor for more room. Having a second monitor is a very helpful tool to utilize for ones work environment.


    I want a second monitor soo badly [email protected]! !! I am starting a business of mowing lawns and stuff at the begining of next summer!! and I am shoveling snow for people right know Its awesome:!)!!!!!!

  45. Very good article Taylor. I would like to get a second monitor right know for my laptop but right know it is kind of expensive so I am waiting till I save up the money. You have very good points in your post think. Good job keep up the good work!!

  46. I have a duel monitor but it is weird when I play video games on it. It always like inores the second monitor but other than that when I do myspace and stuff It works alsome :)!!!!!!

  47. I have 3 monitors and I love it. It really helps me do a lot with my computer and It keeps me organized!! I don’t know what I’d do with out a second monitor!! or my third one for that fact ha:)!!! Great post Taylor Good job keep up the good work!!

  48. I got another monitor for my B-Day last year from my kids and it really helps me with my work and staying orginixed. I do web design and some small video editing form my familey. Good blog post. Very informative!

  49. I like this post. It tells the efficient of a second monitor and some good uses for it. I suggest a second monitor for all family who can afford it. It really helps the user view and keep their desktops more organized. Good writeup Taylor. Keep up the good work.!!

  50. I like the idea of using two monitors. If you use your computer as a recording studio it also helps in seeing the control panel as well as seeing the music which can be used for cues for the recording engineer.

  51. I like the article and have shown it to my husband. I think he would like a second monitor for his birthday. He enjoys games and I think this would be an unexpected surprise for him for Christmas.

  52. I have a HP second monitor that I use all the time. I use it for myspace, facebook, email, itunes, and video editing!! :)!! I love it!!

    When I edit a video I feel like the time can just go on forever. I love my second monitor to death!!

  53. I already have 2 monitors but a friend ask me to look at your site and give some feedback. It works great in my office. I do a lot of spreadsheets and with the 2 monitors, I can see twice as many cells on Excel. Great way to track my stocks.

  54. I do well to keep up with 1 monitor and I don’t have even enough room on my tiny table to hold more than the 1 I got. But sure love what 2 monitors would do for my work. I guess I need to concentrate on my desk surface first. I do a lot of craft layouts for framing, and see where I might should at least think about it.

  55. You must really be desparate to mow grass for a 2nd computer monitor. Just tell your parents its for your future career developement and it will help advance your tech experience.

  56. I’m an electrical engineer and think its a great idea to have 2 LCD screens to work with. Unfortunately my company will only buy me one. I need to use some of your ideas to show them justification.

  57. Two screens would be great especially if one of them was a touch screen so that I would not have to type or use the mouse so much. I think this type of setup would make my computer use faster.

  58. Dual screens is the way to go when using an XBox. It gives gaming a whole new feel. Man I wish I could use more than 2 screens.

  59. I just bought a computer for Christmas. My next upgrade is going to be a second monitor after reading this blog. I have not thought of using two monitors until now.

  60. Two screens for fiight simulators is great. You can actually see the ground as well as the instruments. Its a must have for sim pliots. Good article.

  61. I was searching on google and I found this great article and I have to say. Well done. I have 2 monitors on my office desktop and it is awesome. It always impresses people when they come in and see it. They are always asking me Why I did it, though. So know I can direct them to your article and hopefully thell find a reason to buy then selves a second monitor too.

  62. Hey man it’s Patrick!! I have a second monitor and I love it!! It’s awesome!!:)!! I don’t think I could live with out it ha :)!! I went out and got it about 2 months ago. It’s a Dell and it’s a 30inch !!:)!! I love it. Especialy for media it has really good graphics !!

  63. Woops ha sry submitted the comment last nighte at the party I guess It didn’t go through ha since everyone else was submitting them to ha:)!! sorry!! anyways I love my second monitor. It helps me keep organized and stay well connected with friends while working. I don’t know what I’d do with out my second monitor. I suggest you get one too.(if you don’t already have one)

  64. Nice post ha sry I posted my comment last nite at the party. I wish it’ had gotten through but I guess I’ll have to say it all again ha !!: )!!

    Anyways You have a very good article, and I love my second monitor. It’s the best. If you don’t have one or well i guess I should say 2 ! ha!! But really you should get a second monitor. It is really and truly helpful!!

  65. Ha I tried posting a comment last nite and it didn’t make it through? Oh well I am home know and just wanted to say good job!! :)!! I liked the article!! I have a duel screen and I love it to death. It’s amazing especially for video editing, I quite agree!!

  66. I love my second monitor!! !! It’s awesome!! You have to get one if you don’t already have one. It helps a lot with video editing. I love the help of being about to extend my time line to the other monitor. It’s great!!

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