How To Set Up Email On iPod Touch or iPhone

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I looked around for a while in lots of different places and couldn’t find any tutorials that told you how to set up a mail account that is privately hosted, with your iPod Touch or iPhone. This gave me a perfect opportunity to be the first one to teach everyone that doesn’t know. So if you have been wondering how to do this, keep reading, because I think I can help.

For this tutorial you don’t need to have it be jailbroken. First get out your iPhone or iPod Touch and make sure you have the mail application already installed. Then go to settings and mail. Choose add account and pick other. Now you need to open up your mail client with your privately hosted mail account in it.

For me this program is Outlook Express so if you’re running anything else you will just have to try and follow along.

If you are using Outlook Express, then go to Tools, then Accounts. Find your account you want for your iPod Touch and select it. Once this is done, just click on the properties button. Click on the servers tab and at teh top it should say, “My incoming mail server is”. Whatever it says after that is the tab you are going to click on your iPhone / iPod Touch.

Now, back on your iPod Touch, fill in the name and address blanks. To find your host name go back to your computer and under the servers tab again take whats in the incoming mail spot and put that in the host name blank on your iPod Touch.

Now for the username and password, to find these look under the servers tab again and in the middle there should be a spot that says account and password. Take those and put those in the user name and password blanks on your iPod Touch.

Now last, but not least the host name that is under outgoing mail server (SMTP). For this just look right under where you got the other host name that was for the incoming mail server. Just take that and fill it in on the iPod Touch. Leave the last username and password blank and click save in the top right corner. This may take a while and might come up with some kind of error. If it does, be sure to check for misspellings. If it says cannot connect using SMTP click try without and when its done just send a test email to that address and check it on your iPod Touch / iPhone. If it shows up then your good to go. If it doesn’t just let me know and I’ll try to walk you through it.

If you can’t figure out how to make a mail account for an email that is hosted by Yahoo or Google or something else, leave a comment and let me know if I should make another post on how to do that. I didn’t originally make one on that because there are already plenty out there, but I would be happy to make one anyway!

59 thoughts on “How To Set Up Email On iPod Touch or iPhone”

  1. In my enthusiasm to start using my IPod touch, I configured it to use my gmail account, which was one of the listed mail services. However, it is not my primary account. How do I undo it and get to access my hotmail account. Thanks in advance!

  2. Thank You!!! I could not send emails on my iPod touch, but could receive them. I had tried following other advice found through search but couldn’t get it fixed until I found this page. I had a username and password on the outgoing server and when I removed it…it works! Thanks again!

  3. this doesnt work for me, i can receive emails, but not send them, i triple checked all info, there is nothing wrong …what have i missed?

    i am able to send and receive with my hotmail account on my ipod touch, but not with outlook express?

    plz help

  4. How do you set up a hotmail account on the iPod touch. It keeps telling me the pop server is not responding

  5. I have tried this about 30 times and it still comes up with cannot connect, check the incoming server field.
    I ahve called o2 and they have talked me through it and my ISP ( Orange) and done everything CORRECT………
    I am losing the will to live!
    I had my iphone since september last year and a couple of week ago it had to go in for repair. They sent me a brand new one and since then I can get my Gmail account no problem but I cannot get my Orange account.. Help.

  6. hey i am in India and i wana know if i need to do some kinda customization for the ipod touch. i am planning to buy from US.

    plz help asap

  7. i have tried to set up my yahoo account on my ipod touch many many many times but it always says ‘username or password incorrect’. i know it isn’t because i have tried many times and entered the right info. can you help me please???


  8. Hi, I get the same errors on my yahoo set up. The time/date is accurate. it just isn’t won’t set up.

  9. Hi dude nice post!! but i’m still having probrems here
    1. I can’t sign in to my email accounts directly from my itouch 2nd generation..the error message is ” the connection to the outgoing server “” failed”
    2. I can’t sign in to aol mail from safari it says if my aol account is invalid,I have tried it 10 -100 times but still can’t..But when I tried in my laptop it’s working
    Pls help me I really need it when I’m not at my desk…

  10. ok, was able to get the email sending & receiving, but when I’m finished using yahoo on my ipod touch, there’s no logout option. Any suggestions.. or am I missing something?

  11. HELP!! I’ve had my iPod for two years now and have no clue how to set up a live account PLEASE HELP!!!

  12. Hi, I am trying to configure my 2G iPod Touch to use Yahoo! Mail. I’ve entered the Host names for Incoming and Outgoing mail as per the settings provided by Yahoo! But what do I enter under “IMAP Path Prefix”? From where and how can i get this IMAP Path Prefix? Thanks.

  13. I am trying to use my hotmail account.. It let’s me recieve emails but not send them I have re done my email at least 20 times it’s not working… What can I so to make it work?

  14. i set up an email on there and it doesnt work so i want to try another one and it doesnt even have the (add another account) button on there…ahhhh

  15. Hi, I have an ipod Touch and a POP3 acct. Acct set up on Touch exactly as it runs on Outlook2007. I can send from Touch but I can’t receive. Msg says Cannot connect to server. Any clues?

  16. This is useless. I’ll walk you throught what happens to me.

    I click Mail on my iPod menu.
    Microseoft Exchange, moblieme, Gmail, YahooMail, AOL, and Other show up.
    I click Other.
    It shows Name, Address, Password, and Description.
    I put in my Name.
    I put in my e-mail address.
    I put in my password.
    The description shows my e-mail.
    I click SAVE.
    IMAP and POP show up. Below that, it shows my name, address, description, then it shows incoming mail server, and i need to put host name and username and password.
    Below that it shows Outgoing Mail Server, then i have to put in host name, username, and password.

    Now what do I do because I read your whole thing and it doesn’t work. My brother had an iPod thouch and he didnt need to put in incoming and outgoing mail server, it just worked automaticly. He tried it on mine and apparently it doesn’t work. I tried to find the servers but you are not clear where to do that. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

  17. Hi i can send emails but can not recieve from my ipod touch. It says The connection to the server failed everytime I check for new emails. What can I do? I am pretty sure I installed my hotmail account and the others steps fine. Please help. Thanks!

  18. Never thought I’d be writing about my experience with technokoz, but I am. I had been dealing with my sync issues for weeks. Could not get my iphone to work with our exchange 2003 server. I tried many suggestions from the internet. Kept on getting that crazy “Cannot Get Mail the Connection to the Server failed” message. I am glad I had contacted and went through with their flat rate setup process. It truly was amazing to see my iphone working within 30 minutes. Do yourself a favor, give them a call.

  19. Still won’t work to send outgoing mail. It worked the first day I got this, and it hasn’t worked in months. Help!

  20. Never mind. It didn’t have the password and username because it said it was optional. Once I entered them, it worked! thanks!

  21. i want to set up my windows live email. but i have no idea where to find the incoming/outcoming information
    please help!!!!

  22. Been trying for a while to set up outgoing mail server SMTP on MY ipod touch and could not get it to work, followed your instructions and it now works! …Thanks alot!

  23. I have followed all this advice and from every other forum i can find and the silly thing still won’t connect to hotmail.
    Why oh why did I fall for the glitz and buy ANYTHING related to APPLE.


  24. hey .i tried acc to what u said.i’m still getting server is not responding…pls reply on my email add

  25. Hi uhh i dont know what to put for incomnig mail server and out going because my emial is not but its like the same thing can you help me please
    add me and tell me on msn
    [email protected]

  26. Hey, thanks for the help, now I can get email on my ipod for all of my Outlook express accounts!

  27. Hi there, I use hotmail account on my ipod touch. I can send mails but cant receive. It keeps saying something like ” …. cannot be connected to Any idea what goes wrong ?


  28. how can you locate the server tab
    i have looked EVERYWHERE for advice on where it is.
    Maybe next time when you write advice can you be a little more exact.

  29. I had the same exact problem with my email. I could recieve emails but was unable to send. Would get “Inavalid Address” or other Unable to Send messages. I have the iPod Touch 3g. I called Apple and AOL and either one helped me, figured it out on my own. All you have to do is go to Settings. Click Mail, Contacts, calenders, Menu. Then Click ADD ACCOUNT. For incoming server put “imap.(provider such as aol, aim, etc)”.com. Then for OUTGOING SMTP… smtp.(provider).com. then your account name and password and your set. Hope I was helpful.

  30. You have to click OTHER…….. instead of AOL, Hotmail, etc. By clicking other it allows more customization on your part which means you will be able to recieve and send without issues.

  31. My G mail worked fine and still does , When I followed Chris Prillo directions it connected to gmail and indicated the address. It had a place to send on the right side but aftrer several more attempts it said no message sent.

    I stopped at the Apple store after I bought it and they had it working in ten minutes. I had a few days to fool with it (with no Wi-Fi) and it stopped sending again) Since everything is new and there is very little written its tough) This is as good as it got for me so far) I’ll keep seeing what I can do. John Miner

  32. i type my aol email adress in and then click done after finishing all of hte options and stuff but it comes up with are you sure you want to save this email accont even though it may not be able to send or recive emails

    please help!

  33. I have been working on this issue for weeks! My sons ipod works perfectly on the same computer. I have changed my account and password several times, reset ipod. Done every single suggestion that I come across on the many blogs I have looked at… nothing is working. I can receive emails through gmail on my ipod, but I cannot send them. Again, I have triple checked my settings, everything is right… exactly as my sons, and his works great. Please someone tell me something that will work, that hasn’t been mentioned in other blogs. Thanks so much!

  34. At first it wouldnt work it was extremely frustrating!! but i deleted the account ,i added to my ipod called my internet provider and they had to reset my password and voila!! i have email using outlook on my ipod!! Wooohooo !! thank u thank u thank uu !!! 😀

  35. i use this generic tablet with android but whenever i try to connect to gmail it either my username and pass are incorrect or Cannot safely connect to server. Can u help me out please?

  36. Ive tried putting on my OSU cowboy mail onto my iPhone like it’s said to, but it’s not working, I’m not getting any incoming mail or getting to see what people have sent to me.?

  37. I have everything set up and have checked/compared settings with a friend. I can now send emails from my iTouch and the message comes up in the Sent box, however I cannot Receive on my iTouch ? I’ve asked for emails to remain on the Server. what else do I have to do ?

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