How to Get a Computer

About a week ago, I announced our part in the HP Magic Giveaway. HP and Microsoft are asking you to consider giving the magic of HP and Windows. All winners are encouraged to “pay it forward” by giving the gift of magic themselves. Why keep all of these great items under one roof? Finally today, our contest begins! Our contest begins today, December 4th, and the winner will be chosen on December 10th. We’ve come up with what we feel will be a fun and interesting way to enter… so here are your rules!

  1. Be registered on Geeks. Be sure to include your profile link in your submission.
  2. Write an original how-to, what-is, or top-five article on ANY subject. You’ll submit your entry through my contact page. Submissions should be made ready to be pasted into a new entry on this very blog. Use HTML sparingly.
  3. The work must be at least 500 words long, with proper punctuation, grammar, usage, spelling. Remember your PUGS.
  4. Articles will not be accepted if they require editing, so have someone you trust proofread for you first!
  5. Whichever post gets the most comments by December 10th at 10pm CST is the winner. Submissions will be taken all the way through that day.
  6. Insipid, short, pointless comments, as always, will be deleted.
  7. Get people to comment on your article, but spamming will not be tolerated.
  8. Plagiarists will be flagged and automatically disqualified from any future contests we run here.
  9. Participants can be of any age, but must be residents of planet Earth.

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So, if you are the winner, what do you receive? All sorts of goodies! Just take a look at this list:

I sincerely hope our winner will abide by the spirit of the HP Dream by paying it forward, in the form of sharing a portion of their prize with others. To keep track of entries, simply watch the information category of posts. I’ll also keep a running list here (updated every day or so):

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  3. I’m going to enter this contest. I will try really hard on this one. 😉 Thank you so much Chris for making this contest available to all of your community and making it simple to enter.

    Cheers to that!


  4. Well, the compition itself represents a great opportunity for everybody involved. You will manage to get content for this site for free, while the participants will get some fun and excitement as part of the package – regardless of them winning or not.

    I suspect however it will be difficult to avoid spam in forums and on mails. Sadly it is not necessarily the best written or most interesting articles that catches the eyes of the opinion.

    Anyway – I, for one, am looking forward to see the result of this competition. This might be a good way of attracting even more good bloggers to this site.

    May the best author win!

  5. This is really great of you to do this Chris, Thank you so much, I will try my very best to win.

    I’m a very good writer and i shouldn’t have to much of a hard time try but best of luck to all and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

    Your Truly,

    Michael N.

  6. I will totally enter this. Its an awesome give way the only doubt I have is can anyone outside the US enter? I’m putting my hopes on yes as you didn’t mention this inside the video but a answer to confirm this would be nice.

  7. Oh great. Another popularity contest where the person with the most friends wins. How about a contest where the content is rated by the peers? Or just give to a random user. There will be spamming. There will be dishonesty for sure on this one. *sigh*

  8. great contest Chris.I always wanted to write this someday,but never saw the opportunity for it.I am writing about something that might be a bit hard to swallow, but I think it’s mostly true.Hope to see some good creative writing.
    Oh and Chris, thank you for opening it to the whole world.
    Best wishes from Slovenia.

  9. I’ve entered but your rules weren’t very clear on how to submit. I have emailed you multiple times haha. Sorry Cris.

  10. I posted my guide to Digsby and emailed it to Chris.

    Check it out in my blog and let me know what you think.

  11. Yes, I agree. (Third post! Yea!)

    It is a way to get all the geeks together to compete for like, 3 computers, plus more!

    I am so excited. Although, if he split up the contest (Gave away each thing separately), I would like that more. Higher probability of winning.

    I just sent my article, I hope I win!

  12. I think the whole “get the most comments” idea is always a fail, and will cause alot of trouble. But as for the Idea itself its Great…unfortunatly any article I submit would not be of any interest to the fanbase that is into blogs nor the age group.

  13. Well, I have entered this giveaway. I’d like to make an advance congratulations to whoever wins this grand prize! I know that every entry counts, I can’t wait to read a lot of them! I wish I could comment on each and every one of the ones I find interesting!

    The chances of winning are by how many people you told to comment (excluding spammed/blackmailed comments) and the overall comments over the total amounts of blog post entries. (I think this is how that equation goes… someone correct me if I’m wrong).

    Lastly, to all who spent lots of time thinking of content, my advice to you all is to find something interesting that nobody might have known about. Maybe you can say something exotic, but cool at the same time! It could be so good, commenters will flow in out of nowhere and it will be a unique post, making it a possible winning post!

    Good luck, everyone!

    To Chris:
    Wow, this is great! Such a giveaway wouldn’t be done honestly by any other person, corporation, organization, or anything or anyone but you! I must say, you pwn a lot! 😀

  14. I would really love to enter this but unfortunately I have 2 Essays due by December 14th and to lazy to write a 500 word article. I really do suck at writing but I am good spelling, some what. This is awesome though Chris!! I love how you give back to the community and thanking them for following you.

  15. i’ve entered but i can’t see my article posted.You didn’t like mine right ? Can we submit more than one ? This is not mentioned in the rules that how many entries will Chris allow per person.Thanks.

  16. I would get any laptop that would suite my specifications for myself and share some to my parents for their productivity needs. Upon taking my laptop with me, the desktop which I presently have now will be of no use to me anymore so I will transfer its ownership to my sister. A portion of the prize will be shared to “He Cares Foundation” so they, too, can further their goals of helping educate and feed street children for a more prosperous Philippines.

  17. Why the heck my article/s aren’t getting published ? How i can participate if my artcle/s do not even show up ? Gimme atleast a chance to participate.Thanks.

  18. I love the idea behind the contest, but not sure about using the “entry with the most comments” as the criteria for selecting the winner. As Alex and Sn0vv mentioned, the number of comments could be inflated based on the number of friends the person has invited to help them win. I did send in my entry which has been posted and hopefully people will read it and comment on it.
    Best of luck to all who enter !!

  19. I entered and chris hassent even put it up.. im soo sad i tryed reallt hard on it and im only 15 so i can affort stuff like that.
    I never win anything

  20. I’ve sent too many emails and my article still isn’t displayed. I’ve proofread it so many times, I fell asleep on the 20th check for mistakes and whatnot. I never plaigarised and k never will. H can verify it, I never copy other’s work.

    … And I’d be a little upset to find my article “insipid”. I don’t think mine is a waste of time to read or post. I find mine pretty cool (and funny in a way.) I just want to be given a chance… And be able to give great gifts this holiday season.

  21. Thanks for making all this available, Chris! Geeks! has really taken off. Love the site.

  22. Give him a break and be patient – if your article meets the guidelines then it’ll be up probably within 24 hours of submission.

  23. @kyle @sage if you look at the original HP contest ( they have 50 sites doing different competitions like this one), what they are really hoping for is that the winner will “share the magic” the reason for more than one computer is that they want the winner to give some of them away to other people.. a local school, a nonprofit, a sibling, the kid down the street, the friend who is trying to start a business. Other sites are requiring a follow up story from the winner. not sure if this is an HP requirement or their own.
    Chris can you clarify??

  24. Chris, the question has come up is “most comments” equal to most unique individuals commenting, or just total comments? If some of the readers want to get discussion going in the comments section ( respond back and forth) are they allowed to have their login show up down in the comments section more than once or will it disqualify all of their comments?

  25. To answer a couple of questions:

    1. Comments by an article author on their own article are deleted and do NOT count towards winning.

    2. Duplicate comments from the same IP multiple times are deleted, and again do not count.

    3. If your entry isn’t up yet, and you haven’t gotten an email from me… be patient! We’re doing them as fast as we can.

    4. We cannot and will not “require” a winner to give us photos/videos/stories of what they do. We would greatly appreciate it, yes. But we cannot require it.

    5. Comments again! All comments that are only one sentence, or say something only like “great post! I hope you win!” (things along those lines) are deleted. Those are considered to be an insipid comment. GOOD comments are those that show that the commenter actually read the blog post, and is somehow contributing to the discussion.

  26. I asked some of my friends in some communities to leave a comment on my article if they like it but some people said that i’m spamming.People don’t want to help others these days. 🙁

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  28. To Sushruta – it IS spamming if you leave comments on peoples walls that you don’t even know. I for one did NOT appreciate it.

  29. It is important to get all information about computer specification. The given steps are important for buying any new hp desktop.

  30. It is important to get all information about computer specification. The given steps are important for buying any new hp desktop.