How to Fix Your iTunes Library

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Most people today have really unorganized music collections. Either the artist names, song titles or albums are misspelled or they’re wrong or missing altogether. Most people would probably say “Oh that’s easy to fix just use this tool and it should go smoothly”, although most of the times, these “tools” cost money and I for one don’t want to spend cash just for my music to look good.

What most people don’t realize is that iTunes itself is quite a powerful tool for editing ID3-tags. Just right-click on the song you want to edit and press “view info”. A window comes up where you can edit song title, artist, album artist, album, album art and so on. This is just for editing ID3-tags though. For looking up missing artists, albums and song titles I use the most powerful thing known to man, the Internet. If there are lyrics in the song, listen to the lyrics and google them. Usually, you will find your missing info but sometimes, there are multiple choices. For this, I use YouTube. Search for one of the songs and see if it is the same as the one you have, if it is then just put in the info in the song info in iTunes and go on to the next song. If not, just keep searching youtube for the other alternatives.

Sometimes you have a purely instrumental song with no lyrics. These are tricky to figure out but there are methods. Try, this is a website that lets you search songs by humming them. Sometimes it doesn’t work out that well but just try again a couple of times and you should get results. If not, your only chance is asking your friends.

If you have multiple songs that need the same info changed you just highlight all the songs and do the same as you did with the individual songs. This method is great for speed but remember: when you change artist name or song title, all the songs’ info change. So don’t mess up.

For album art (iTunes has both cover flow and the grid view to encourage adding artwork to your songs, these alternate viewing methods can be quite nice), just use Google or another search engine with image searching. If you have a famous CD you want to add artwork to, it will be easy to find big enough pictures (try to aim for 300×300 at least), smaller pictures will not look good in iTunes so unless you have the CD and a scanner, just leave the artwork alone; a grey note I nicer than a distorted mash of pixels. When you are done with all these steps you should have a nice look on your library and browsing for music will be much easier.

This process is very time consuming, especially if you have a large collection, so do this at regular intervals and don’t do so much at once. As previously stated, there are tools to fix your music library faster, but these often cost money and are not very accurate. Using iTunes inbuilt ID3-tag editor is a great way to ensure that all the songs have correct information and you will get to know your music more during the process. Try to have as much fun as possible as it can easily become tedious after only a little while. Maybe you can turn it into a game or something like that.

If anybody knows of a good, free tool for fixing your library, please tell me about it. This is just the most effective way to do it I know of so far.

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  1. I use the built in iTunes “Get Album Artwork” feature. It does require an iTunes Account, but it is free after you log in. As long as you have the album and artist right it will usually find your album.

  2. Hi Chris,
    my big problem with itunes was that i have half my library on my hard drive and half my library on an external hard drive. And I want to consolidate them without having to go delete all the duplicate files manually afterwards. Add to that the fact that I already have a lot of dupes and the result is a mess…..ENTER SONGBIRD.
    1. I downloaded songbird,
    2. downloaded the exorcist addon (which allows you to delete ghost tracks in itunes that don’t have files and duplicates all at once),
    3. imported my library into songbird,
    4. switched the songbird settings to direct new files into my external hard drive
    5. copied my hard drive music into song bird which in turn copied files into my external.
    6. ran exorcist to delete the dupes and ghost tracks.

    Now i have a consolidated library with no duplicates! Victory!

  3. I for one am very dedicated to my iTunes library, I decided one night to give it some time and actually managed to organise my whole collection in a few hours along with beautifully assigned album art. I now enjoy browsing through my library a lot more and it just looks that much cleaner when I go into ‘Coverflow’ on my iPhone!

  4. Well, yeah, but I like the feature within musikCube that auto-names all your music. That’s a helpful one I haven’t found in iTunes. Another thing I’ve expected to see from iTunes is duplicate detection. That can become a pesky problem and I haven’t found another way to do it than manually, which is quite tedious.

  5. I would love to find a free tool that fixes my duplicates, cover art etc.. The only tool that I know is TuneUp but it’s not free and not available for Mac yet πŸ™ Free version for up to 500 song clean-ups for PC though.

  6. @ James: Yeah, the get album artwork feature in itunes is pretty awesome, but only works if the album exists in the itunes store. Alas, with the itunes store growing so big, you should be able to find most of your artwork from there.

    Also, iTunes actually has a feature called “show duplicates” although this shows all songs with just the same name. This feature makes it easier to find and remove duplicates. There is also a program for this but I think it can only take 20 songs at a time unless you want to pay for it

  7. Very nice guide. I did not use iTunes because I thought it was complicated and hard to find your songs after looking through my friends iTunes library, but when I read this, I thought that iTunes could be really sweet!
    So I want to say thanks to you, and now I’ll go and look up some songs to listen to !
    btw, midomi is great! I had a lot of songs with no title or artist name, now I have most of them, except for the ones that are a bit unknown..
    I think that I will show my buddy I told you about this guide as well ! It might make him happy ^^

  8. Hey guys, thanks for all the great comments!
    I will post here again if I find a good tool for fixing your library as most people just want their libraries to be neat automatically.

  9. This seems good, i need to try it, since my librarys a reall mess><
    P.S snyggt skrivet πŸ˜€
    om du hittar nΓ₯got nytt sΓ€g till fΓΆr jag mΓ₯ste fixa lite sjΓ€lv

  10. Well-written and interesting text, but it wasn’t really helpful for me since I don’t use iTunes… Foobar2000 is the way to go!

    Could be interesting for iTunes-users though, so I’d recommend it for those guys.

  11. Thank you, I did not use itunes before since everybody I know say that itunes is bad at organizing music but you have proven them wrong! Now I can sync my ipod and listen to music easily with the same player πŸ™‚

  12. I use iTunes but for editing id3 tags I use a program called dbpoweramp. With itunes, I noticed that sometimes your id3 tags didn’t really change, only itunes perception of the files changed. Dbpoweramp edits the file information directly so that it applies to every media player. It’s also a great audio converter.

  13. Huh, never thought of using iTunes like that. Just played around in iTunes recently work quite well. Kudos to you my friend for teaching me the way of the iTunes. :]

  14. Really interesting text, not much of a iTunes user anymore though, since I prefer winamp. Might go back using iTunes to check out the functions. Then again, I have almost 60 GB of music to organize. Probably can’t be bothered too fix everything. Haha. πŸ™‚

    Oh yeah, thanks for the midomi link, helped a lot. Got a few song names from it.

  15. Good guide and good text, not many people think about organising their library, I didn’t, as instead, they use iTunes just for syncing their iPod with all the songs on the computer, and then they just leave it messy as it is. Midomi rocks btw ! I got some titles that I was missing from there !

  16. Indeed it’s quite time consuming, but I tend to listen to music while organizing my music, feels quicker. πŸ˜›
    This way of editing ID3-tags is kinda underrated, I really hope many more will start using iTunes for it through this text. I’ll make sure to pass it on to a few friends.

  17. Been using iTunes for ID3 editing for a while now so it wasn’t much use to me, but I appreciate this. Thankful for, have a lot of song without artist or song name. Really recommend this to iTunes users. Hope this gets more noticed and good luck in the HP giveaway thingie. πŸ™‚

  18. Hmm… maybe I should try this since my music is really out of order :/
    Never thought of it that much though but now that you mention it…

  19. Hi!
    is itunes really that good? I’ve never had an ipod so I’ve never had to try it but I just might now. Sounds as though you can get your music really neat and tidy, wanna check out the coverflow feature as well, sounds cool (not as cool as me though) πŸ˜‰

  20. I tried iTunes after reading this, didn’t like it though..
    I guess I’m just too used to winamp. Thanks for the read and the midomi link though, midomi was pretty cool and I think I might use it in the future.

  21. Sory, I tried your tips but I dont have very famous artists in my iTunes so it didn’t work πŸ™
    Nothing I have tried has worked out for me but I guess that’s just my luck. I will just have to keep on going with my terrible looking itunes.

  22. Sup?
    I’m on holiday in Australia and this has really helped me. First of all during long bus trips I can just sit down and organize my music on my laptop, and this also makes it easier for me to find all of my music in itunes. I usually don’t go down to the unknown album/artist section so by fixing missing information I can now enjoy my whole music collection!

  23. Never really cared about organizing my music, I just listen to it. Might give this a try after reading this. Midomi was quite interesting though.

  24. This is really good info, but im like addicted to iTunes so I almost knew everything. Ive never used midomi though and that might be a really good for me later on!

    Waaay to go !

  25. Hi again, do you know any good website or place where I can get coverart for rather unknown albums/artists ? I have a couple of artists who are not so famous.. :p

  26. I do not even use Itunes, I find it too slow to start, so I use instead Windows Media Player. Works as good as Itunes, if not, even better

  27. Really good stuff. I’ve been using iTunes for a while but never tried organizing my music. It worked a lot better than I thought it would, quite easy too. Midomi was old news for me though. Thank you for this guide. πŸ˜€

  28. Hey, this worked just as planned. Really smooth and easy. Never knew that iTunes could do this. Thank you very much! Does anyone know a program that is able to change the artist or album name easier? I don’t want to change the name of the files one by one. >.<

  29. Hello, this how to is really good for itunes user, I use WMP though, so it didn’t help me as much…
    Personally I like WMP better than iTunes because iTunes tends to take a while to start up. With WMP it goes lightning fast and you’re up listening to music and watching movies in no time.

  30. @Carl & Max:
    Have you even thought about all the features iTunes has? I’m not a regular user of WMP but after what I know, WMP just plays your song and then stops, unless you add more songs to that playlist. Personally, I like the organizing of music available in iTunes, winamp and foobar. WMP just doesn’t do it for me :/

    It’s great for watching movies and anime though after installing the CCCP codec pack

  31. I agree with Carl, it’s really good for iTunes user, though I’m not one of them. I think that iTunes opens to slow while WMP goes a lot quicker. Still, iTunes works really well when it’s opened.

  32. Never used iTunes before. This guide was really interesting. I guess I’ll take a look at iTunes and midomi. Midomi was some nice information, it’ll really help me with my music organizing. I’ll probably just use it for organizing the music, since I prefer using foobar2000. πŸ™‚
    Will make sure to pass this to some friends. (y)

  33. A friend of mine just showed me this. Quite old news for me, been using iTunes and midomi for a while already. Good guide though, my friend started using iTunes through this guide. Guess I’ll pass this on to friends of mine, since I got heaps of them. ;P

  34. Read this 2 days ago, never got a chance to comment but I tried it out. My library’s behaviour is outrageous! Everytime I try to organize it, it goes back to being unorganized in an instance due to some warning. I’ll have to try again later. Midomi was great website, I’ll have much use from it.

  35. I use this way to organize my music to!
    Although I don’t usually use youtube as instead I use myspace and πŸ™‚ works better for me, also I use amazon to find coverart

  36. Just read this guide through a friend. I can’t be bothered to fix my music, I just simply listen to it. Interesting text though. Not interesting enough to get me started organizing the music though. Hehe. Recommend this other people. πŸ˜€

  37. some nice info there, thanks for the link!
    My library is seriously messed up, I’ve got shurely over 100 songs that are missing the artist but I never thought about cleaning it up. Now that Ihave it feels much better πŸ˜€

  38. Hi!
    I want to tell you guys, that when you say that WMP is better than iTunes, you get stuck! You get stuck in your brain!
    Use iTunes, while having your eyes open, and you will see how much better it looks, compared to WMP. After following this guide it looks a lot better ! My cousins took pictures with their new cameras when they saw the coverflow ! :DD
    Good texting, I will use it and show my friends! πŸ™‚ Konbanwa!

  39. Are you sure there are no good free programs for fixing my music library? This really takes a long time and I’m a pretty busy guy (homework, football etc.). πŸ™

    If I just had more time I would totally do this though, my library needs a good cleaning

  40. I agree with Fuji, my friend! WMP is worse than iTunes. You should really open your eyes when you see iTunes. WMP is like screaming “kill me!” to me. iTunes really is something else. Beautiful cover flow when you organize. Really well texting. Konbanwa!
    ( οΎŸβ–½οΎŸ)/コンバンハ

  41. barely organize my music, feel like starting again after reading this. Putting he cover flow on every song is kinda annoying, anyone know a quicker way?

  42. Actually, I’ve tried fixtunes to clean up my library and it works really well! I think I will buy it because it works so well, so if you have the money there are some good programs for fixing you itunes library.
    // Russell Adams

  43. Thnx for the link, appreciated it!
    My library is almost broken :/ almost no songs have album names and none have album art. I can’t be bothered to do this though since it takes too much time and, I have learned to read my library in a special way, which makes it more personal. It’s probably just me but when it comes to my music, I don’t want to change too much since that may even make it harder for me to find my files.

  44. I love you man ! This guide, omg I thought only programs could change those things ! Thank you. and a weird thing, now my iTunes starts up faster than before, after organising it. I searched for How to fix itunes, and this came up ! πŸ™‚ Thanks again,.

  45. Tjeena πŸ˜‰ MΓ₯ste det vara pΓ₯ engelska ? Jag skriver vΓ€l pΓ₯ engelska…
    This was a good text with good tips and things for cleaning your iTunes Library from unknown songs with no cover picture. Is my english good ? πŸ˜›

    midomi was great fun ! I think I will use that instead of Karaoke one night with friends, it would be a great sing-charade game ! You get a song, and you have to sing it and make it understand! πŸ˜€
    Ha det bra mannen ;D

  46. haha chinese ppl commenting and stuff ! Chris you really are FAMOUS πŸ˜›
    anyways, gooooood guide πŸ™‚ I knew some of this, but midomi I didn’t know about, and the coverart, I hated going through the 50% pictures – 50% grey ugly “no picture” πŸ˜›
    Now its fixed πŸ™‚ Do you think that you can have animated gifs there ? I have to try ! πŸ˜€
    Later man, thanks for the guide πŸ˜‰

  47. Hi, I can’t speak for everyone, but this guide… AWESOME !
    As I see, some ppl doesn’t agree with me, but thats life, whats g8 about this life is that; My Library isn’t MESSED UP anymore!
    Great thing is that when I go through my iPod now, I can look up the actual album/genre, instead of having to listen to “unknown” tracks and searching through the “unknown” folder to find one song called “unknown title” πŸ˜›
    Good job m8 :))

  48. Hi Filip !
    Many people seem to like your guide ! I guess it might be good to organise your library, but even my locker at school is messy.. Its cool ..
    No who am I kidding I am a geek ! πŸ˜€ My iTunes library was all done, except for some songs which I got from midomi ! Thank you ; – )

  49. I don’t like iTunes on windows, it just feels like an unstable, cheap port of an awesome program on OS X, which it is. I use itunes on my macbook but on my desktop windows XP machine, I use winamp. It just has everything I need and it’s stable. Starts up pretty fast to.
    Gonna use your tips to fix up my macbook music πŸ™‚

  50. Really nice to read about iTunes. I don’t know many people using iTunes, I don’t know many people at all. hehe.
    Really good information will make good out of it. Though iTunes tends to freeze quite often for me, I’m able to organize my music at a steady pace though. Thank you! Hope to read more from you. πŸ™‚

  51. I don’t know a lot about iTunes, but this is something I’ve been doing for a while. To all readers: I recommend this guide. This way works really well and it’s simple. Good stuff. I love midomi. Helped me a lot. Thank you! =]

  52. Hey dude, good info there, really helped me with the mixing.. Im a DJ you know (;
    Once, you know, I was to play a song, and I had it cued in my head, killer memory you know, and I couldn’t find it, and as the music faded out, and stopped, time stopped. Everything stopped, music, dance, and my sweat was pouring down the side of my head, and since then I didn’t DJ anymore, under that name,… ugly name.. DJ Jiuluui!
    Now Im D-Jay the Deejay with an organised iTunes thanks to you ! Do you want me to play at any party ? You seem like the music type ! e-mail me πŸ˜‰

  53. Hi there Geekfriend πŸ™‚ Really nice article, I wish I came up with something like that, never figured something to write about…
    well, great bringing up changing pics and track info. and I like midomi ! I bumbed into it once, but forgot about it ..
    Good article, Good luck πŸ˜‰

    // Aeromaster

  54. Cool, this is the hardcore way to fix your iTunes library, a must try ! otherwise I keep it simple in some folders I have made myself.. works for me, and Im used to it. Might take a while to be able to run through a newly organised library fluently, but it definitely seems to be worth the effort.
    You just used your time wisely πŸ˜‰

  55. Cool, not much for me though. I use the built in feature “Get Album Artwork”. Midomi provided a lot of help same as this guide hehe. Really interesting would like to see more. You should get a blog of your own and thanks! πŸ™‚

  56. This didn’t take long at all! But that’s probably just because I only have 3 gigs of music on my computer *teehee*

    Thanx for the tips! my library may be small, but it’s more good looking than most of my friends’ now πŸ™‚
    I’m gonna send this article for them to read.

  57. I didn’t know you could change the ID3 tags in itunes O.o
    I also noticed that itunes has an awesome feature that lets you have multiple CDs in the same album, which is great for multi-CD compilations! Thank a lot! I will be checking around itunes for more ways to cutomize my library.

  58. I wouldn’t say that itunes is a very “powerful” tool, it just has a feature which lets you edit the song info. Also, as previously stated, the file’s info doesn’t change, only itunes’ interpretation of the file changes unless you let itunes organize all your music.

  59. To all of you who say that WMP is better than itunes because it loads faster: it takes itunes about 20 seconds on my computer to load and 1 second for WMP. sure, that’s a big difference but if you’re not willing to wait 20 seconds to get up itunes you probably don’t have the patience for organizing you music anyway.

    Have fun with your “You shook me all night long – Tenacious D” and its likes

  60. Don’t have iTunes installed on my computer, but this sound really simple. My music is really unorganized, I think I might try this out. I have been using midomi before but I forgot to bookmark it and since then I’ve never used it agian, until now at least. πŸ˜› Thanks!

  61. This is so awesome. This guide helped me a lot. I used to organize my music in different folders which looked really nice, but the library in itunes was a complete mess! After this it look really nice! Thanks man! Midomi confused me, don’t feel like using it haha.

  62. I use Itunes all the time and I think it rocks!
    You can do so much more with it than just listen to music and I also love the new visualizer they put in it! The whole program just feels smooth and easy to use and I just love the simplicity but also the sort of “hidden” more complicated features.

  63. Best guide for now, I really needed a good way of organising my music! iTunes rocks for that !
    I don’t understand why some ppl write that Windows Media Player is better than iTunes, I didn’t see anything that was better there, except for a faster startup but that is hardly noticable with my computer ^^
    Thanks Filip =)

  64. Heej πŸ™‚
    This guide is naaajs πŸ˜‰ Im glad I found this, iTunes was nothing for me, until now ! It is soo fun shuffling through the covers at my iPhone ! πŸ˜›
    Sweet writing skills and computer skills, you should be a teacher or something πŸ˜›
    You could’ve written a short summary at the end, with some things to think about or sth similar.. And it would be cool with some before and after pictures xD
    Good guide otherwise πŸ™‚

  65. Thanks, you just saved me a lot of time !
    It is a lot easier to find music now, and the spelling is correct all the time too πŸ˜›
    Midomi is so fun haha, once I sung “Put your hands up for Detroit” by Fedde la Grande, but I got some old french song as a result haha :p
    Thumbs up for you man πŸ˜‰

  66. Hi Filip Cederberg. Wonderful article. Very good indeed. You must be proud you have helped a lot of people with their iTunes library; including me.
    I have nothing to say, but keep this up, and you will learn more than enough to become a wise old champ!
    Cheers, Harry B.

  67. Good tips you’ve got there! I like your style of writing, and your guide is perfect for anyone to follow.
    I disagree with the coverart thing though, it is nicer with a picture than the grey square.. at least on an iPod nano.. It doesn’t have such a big screen so it works with almost any pic.
    Thanks for your guide

  68. Hi fellaw, your article rocks !
    I like that you have written about changing names even if it seems like the easiest thing to do. Many people forget about those things.
    My iTunes library is huge, but I will put some time everyday, or try to, and it should get a lot better ! Thanks, you are going to change peoples lives !
    Rock on !

  69. A lot of these comments are similar, and I agree with most of these guys. iTunes works smoothly, but sometimes the id3 tags doesn’t really change. Nice text and all. Good job. Also, it seems like my iTunes starts up quicklier too after organizing it. :p Problem is I have a lot of activities and a lot of music, iTunes works good but slow. :/

  70. Whatsup ?
    I love listening to music, but I hate having to look for my favourite songs πŸ˜›
    Thanks, anyone who wants to fix their iTunes Library, follow this guide ! it was the best.
    Lots of love (;

  71. Hey, I see a few Michaels here. Anyways, I like the text. Very well written. Though I use foobar, and don’t care much about organizing it. For me music is just something I listen to. Friends of mine told me iTunes work slowly too, I probably will start organizing the music if I find a program that does it quick. Midomi was great, I like to play with it. hehe. Thanks for the link

    // Michael

  72. Hi, I soo want to kiss you now ! My iTunes library is fixed !
    haha so funny, I had old songs, which I had lost, and now as I searched through them, I found them, and I cant believe how much I have changed during these years, the music and everything ! It is like looking at pictures !
    You gave me a good laugh while fixing my iTunes library, thanks there πŸ˜‰ be proud of yourself πŸ˜€

  73. I like the content in this text a lot, iTunes is like my love. lol
    I agree with you at the “Most people today have really unorganized music collections.” part, almost all of my friends have unorganized music libraries. I tell them to at least try to organize it but they don’t. I recently showed some of my friends this article. It really inspired them, they actually started organizing their music. As most people have said, this article is very good and excellently written. Good job! (y)

  74. Good guide. I didn’t use iTunes, but my music experience is nicer now. I used your tips to organise my mp4 player, so if anyone doesn’t like iTunes, feel free to say so, but bear in mind that this guide applies to other areas more than iTunes πŸ˜‰
    Nice thing to tell us Filip πŸ™‚ Good Job

  75. I’m currently using Google Chrome, does anybody know how I can drag the album art into iTunes directly without saving the image? It works fine on Firefox. Anywho, I really liked this article and enjoyed reading it. Very thankful for midomi, I’ve been looking for something like that. iTunes is a efficient way of organizing music, I recommend more people should use it.

  76. Hey I got this link through a page who told me to go check it out, so I did and I can just say THANK YOU.
    My music has always been a mess but I didn’t think I could do anything about it so I just kept it as it was. Now Im going to follow your instructions and get a nice music library!

  77. Sorry, this didn’t help me since I don’t download music illegally, I just import my CDs and get the albumart alternatively scan the cover and just paste it in. By doing that I ensure myself of a perfectly looking library.
    Nice article though, would have helped me two years ago.

    1. just because you get music from other venue’s besides ITUNES or CD’s doesnt make them illegal downloads…

  78. @Truong: Yes, he explains it in the article, you just highlight all the songs you want to change art on and do as you normally do with one song. If you already do that and just think the whole process is too slow, I saw some tool somewhere that took albumart from amazon and copied it to your library.
    Nice post btw, didn’t help me that much but good for the newbs ;P

  79. iTunes is indeed very time consuming, but it’s definitely worth it with though of that it is free. It works really easy and smooth. People should definitely start using this method of organizing.
    Glad that you posted this I hope more people will start using this method, also thanks for midomi.
    Cheers, bro! (y)

  80. Hey, I tried doing this same thing in winamp and it actually works! Its not as complete as itunes’s altering compabilities but it works for me. I use itunes and I think I’m gonna stick with it (even more now that Ive cleared up all my missing info) because I think its stable and looks good.
    Winamp is nice to but it feels kind of unstable, one time when I tried to start it, my computer freezed and I had to restart it (wtf?). That’s not a sign of a good program to me. Still, winamp has some feature that itunes still lacks but overall I like itunes quite a bit over winamp.
    C ya!

  81. heh, nice how to but I don’t think I’m gonna be abe to fix my whole library, I have almost 150 gigabytes of music and organizing that is gonna take wuite some time. I’m just gonna fix the most important CDs I have like the ones I have on my iPod and others that I listen to often. I think it’s quite fun to clean up your music collection but that may just be because I have no life and that I’m a total audiofile.
    I just love music and this how to really helped me straighten out my collection to some extent!

  82. Hi, thanks for the tips. I use itunes all the time and i like what apple has done to it.
    I really like the itunes store, i use it all the time for music and apps and i think it works great.
    Itunes has some really good features and it is easily managable. The only thing that bugs me is the filetype support, i would really like to have all my flacs in otunes but i guess every program has its flaws. Thanks for the link and good luck!

  83. my computer is saying that i have to reinstall my quick time or repair my itunes but its already installed and it wont open my i tune because of it. how will i be able to open my itunes again ?

  84. Great, except it never actually works. I imported a CD with iTunes – it correctly identified the album and artist, and found the artwork, yet it insists the CD is six separate albums and nothing I do will fix this. I’ve tried group editing the tags, I’ve tried changing the album and artist names – I’ve tried everything.

    iTunes is the worst piece of shit software ever written. Made of fail.

  85. I haven’t tried midomi yet. I’ve used fixtunes and tidysongs. Try it. Thanks for all the info. Padayon!!

  86. I had higher hopes from Pirillo to offer a viable solution to solving my iTunes library woes. I’m not even about to try to organize a library of 10,000 songs manually, when most of it is right anyway. iTunes is far too bulky to deal with that, and I have other things to do with my time, like post comments on blogs that offer advice on stuff I already knew. I can manually manage my ID3-tags? Oh please, can I please?

    Screensavers was your finest hour, old friend.

    btw, jennyjenny was far more helpful, seems musicbrainz is just what the doctor ordered.

  87. i used both TuneUp and CoverScout for artwork and SongGenie for cleaning up tags, they are okay for collections under 10G – I have had mixed results with over 50G collections. The best option in my opinion is to do it manually, there are scripts that can help you search the artwork – – its time consuming though

  88. I have 11000+ songs. You’d think it’d be awesome right? no not at all. I can NEVER find the music I want, my itunes library is a disaster (I have 25+ different Track 01’s). TV Shows – it’s possibly worse. All of the programs I’ve found you have to pay for – any ideas out there?

    1. Β easy try using windows media player i have never had a problem with organization in that

  89. I always make sure my library is neat and tidy. I have near on 900 song in my itunes and every single one is done to my liking. I would say to any new comer to itunes to sort them out as you download and put CD’s in there, that way it seems like a lot less work.

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