The Story of 10,000 Geeks

It seems that the days are moving faster than I can keep track of lately. Just yesterday, we hit 10,000 members on Geeks. How is that even possible? I can’t get over the way the community has just exploded! Stay tuned for some announcements of big giveaways! In the meantime, let’s take a look at what has been happening on both Geeks, and over on Lockergnome.

Lockergnome Posts

Geeks Blogs

Geeks Posts


  1. As a victim of a fraudulent attempt at stealing some real estate I own, I think that a story like this deserves all the attention it can get. Just publishing an ‘it can be done this way’ story without actually doing it doesn’t carry much weight. Actually accomplishing it does.
    As for the bank robbery angle, banks hire people all the time to test their security. Granted they don’t use guns, but they do use everything from computers to social hacking to ‘accidentally’ being locked in the bank at night.

  2. hi chris, thats so cool i just joined today. i found you on youtube and thought it would be totally cool to see the community.

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