How to Create Text Art

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I’m a sucker for cool media tools, especially those that work within a web browser. UncleJohn sent me an email that had some text, and some neat looking pictures at the bottom. Once I realized the pictures were actually words, I had to pass this along. Textorizer allows you to turn your words into art.

This tool takes as input an image in PNG format, as well as a text file containing some text, and produces an SVG file which reconstructs the original image using parts of the text scattered around. All you do is enter the URL to the image you want your words to end up creating. Enter the words you want to use (one per line), and set your size and output parameters. Textorizer does the rest for you!

I used the classic Lockergnome logo. When I pressed the “textorize” button, you can see actual words… Geek, Pirillo, and Chris. You may try to right-click and save the image, but you won’t be able to. If you view the source within your browser, you’ll see tons of numbers. It’s SVG – Scalable Vector Graphics. You can take that SVG and put it anywhere.

It’s easy, it’s free… and it’s cool. What more could you ask for?


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10 thoughts on “How to Create Text Art”

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  2. This will definitely be helpful! Especially for times where I need to create cool text for projects, like for school and such. Thanks a lot! Great Tool, and awesome website advice as usual.

  3. Great site and has lots of diffrent text to chose from
    I have used some of them in some
    And they offer lots of other things.
    My favorite was the dummies one.

    Thanks for sharing chris.

  4. DUDE I wish i remembered that site, that was better that this one, i came across about 5 days ago if i remember i will email you but i like this one too, it looks a little better but the other one had more settings to play with and make it look cooler

  5. Wow I did not know there was a program out there that did that. I will definitely book mark that site for later.

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