Get Ready for the Holidays

Make sure you set the mood for your get-togethers with holiday music. From now until Dec. 25, celebrate the Holidays with unbeatable deals from Amazon Music! Throughout the season, they’ll be featuring deep discounts on your favorite Music, and launching unique events and promotions – all in the Gift Ideas for Music Lovers store. From Nov. 24 through Dec. 1, they’ll showcase daily deals during Cyber Week; in December Amazon Music will present ’12 Days of Holiday’ – a gauntlet of contests, exclusive videos, and music offers that you’ll only find there. My favorite holiday tunes include:

  • “Someone Ate the Mistletoe”
  • “Santa’s Stuck in the Elevator”
  • “Holly’s Jolly with Molly’s Folly”
  • “It’s Your Turn to Shovel the Drive”
  • “My Husband Sucks at Giving Gifts”

It’s never too late to start saving on trees, lights, ornaments, décor, and more. They have all of your holiday necessities, from Christmas movies and music to winter boots and cozy clothes. My favorite Christmas shows include:

  • “Rudolph vs Predator”
  • “A Few Good Snowmen”
  • “Charlie Brown and the Economic Collapse”
  • “The Mall Santa Who Smelled Like Cheese”
  • “A Christmas with Abe Vigoda”

Sadly, none of my favorites are available on Amazon yet – but there’s plenty more for you to get while you can!