What’s the World’s Best Database Application?

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In an average productivity suite, you’d likely find a word processor, a spreadsheet application, and a tool that can help you take in information and organize it into a database. I would be surprised if you don’t have one already installed. Why don’t you use it? Well… I’m betting it’s because most database applications out there just plain suck. They’re just generally unusable, and a task in and of itself to use. In my opinion, there is only one database application that’s worth using, and it’s only available for Mac OS X. It’s called bento.

From contacts and calendars, to emails and events, to files and photos, you can organize just about every type of information you have – all in one place.

If you’re working with lists in spreadsheets, it’s effortless to bring them into Bento for
iTunes-style searching, quick sorting and instant summary stats.

Even if you’re new to Mac or to databases, it’s never been easier to get organized thanks to ready-to-use templates and elegant themes designed by Mac artists.

Bento is designed for brand-new users, there is no learning curve and no database experience is necessary to see results in minutes. Dress your data in designer style, bring excitement to your day with new colors, or add a refreshing splash to your forms with the new swimming pool and paradise themes. Plus, you can now preview themes before applying them to quickly find just the look you want.

I can’t believe that Bento is only $49.00. It’s a seriously excellent piece of software. You’re esentially creating forms, entering information, and letting Bento sort it for you. Heck, you can even keep track of your holiday cards using a good database! What’s stopping you from grabbing it now?


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3 thoughts on “What’s the World’s Best Database Application?”

  1. I work with a non-profit that’s thinking about using MySQL. I think it comes with their website server. I looked at Sun’s web page for MySQL and it doesn’t look end user friendly.

    I guess nobody liked my two favorite database programs. I fell in love with Reflex, The Analyst. It was last sold by Borland International. It had the best end user tutorial I’ve ever seen for any software. Third parties developed all kinds of applications to go with it. I don’t think I ever used a calendar application, but it was a wiz with dates. I think it went out of production before 1995, and the oldest date it could work with was some time in 1999. So even if I had a copy, there’d be no point in installing. Still, if somebody updated it, I’d buy it in a minute.

    The other favorite was Enable database. Let you use Enable word processing to design report forms. It was available in DOS, OS/2 and Unix. Went bankrupt trying to develop a Win version.

    Bento sounds great, but I’m not switching to Mac to use it.

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