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A geek known as Gilbert shares a familiar tale of frustration: which is the best mobile device to own? I’m sure you’ve already made up your mind by the time you reached the end of that sentence, but let’s hear a little bit more about what’s going on in Gilbert’s world. He scribbles:

Thanks for your great contrast between the iPhone and the Windows Mobile devices, on how it relates to business use. I had been using the HTC Advantage for a year and a half now. Although I loved the big screen and strong processor and memory, I’ve gotten tired of lugging that big “brick” around and was looking for an alternative.

I decided to purchase the HTC Fuze yesterday to lighten the load and replace the Advantage as my portable device. I brought it home and played with it, and I was . . . kinda impressed, but also disappointed. I have never owned an iPhone, but, I bought my wife an iPhone for Xmas last year, and my daughter also owns an ITouch. So, I had a cursory overview of what the Apple OS “PDA” could do.

Like yourself (back in the day), I was perfectly happy with WM, for the most part.

But there was a certain application it couldn’t do. So, frustrated, I came across your youtube opinion on the contrast between Windows Mobile, and specifically, the Sprint equivialant to the HTC Fuze, and, it hit home.

In less than 24 hours, I traded my Fuze in and am now a proud owner of an iPhone 3G. I think it was the right purchase, and, in the long run, it will pay off. But I want to tell you that, initially, I’m some what surprised as to the challenges that I’m now facing, that I didn’t have with my initial WM device.

First off, I have a Motorola S9 bluetooth headphones. It paired beutifally with my HTC. It paired with my iPhone, it just doesn’t work. I hear no music through the headphones, but plenty through iPhone speakers.

Second, the e-mail, which was a big sway for me in your commentary, I couldn’t get it register with the e-mail function on the iPhone. I utilize Hotmail, and the iPhone, didn’t configure it. I believe there was a $20/Year workaround by a gateway service, but hey, I didn’t need that using WM6. I then thought I’d sign up for Yahoo mail, but, that attempt failed since it appears you need a $20/Year upgrade to set up the proxy servings there, as well. And MobileMe, at $99/Year, when (my mail) ts free now, well, as you “tried” to say . . . “forget about it!” I also noticed that I couldn’t install Windows Live Search. This was a great function in WM6, that’s not, understandably so, available for our beloved Apple device.

These are just my first 12 hour initial observations. I am, for the most part excited about overcoming these “iPhone shortcomings”. But, I just thought I’d share with you my initial observations of the contrasts from my perspective. Yeah Windows Mobile is clunky and stale, but damm, it does a lot of things pretty adequately!

As a P.S., the reason I chose the HTC Advantage was because it had a Video Out, and, Windows Mobile had the SlingBox application. This worked well for me. I researched and knew that the iPhone doesn’t have the SlingBox capability yet, but Slingbox is working on it. The Video Out on the iPhone is limited to just the media output itself, but not the full functionality (menu scrolling, etc.) I say this in post script because, all this, I knew going into what the iPhone limitations were.

I am very intersted in your comments and reactions to this. For better or for worse, I took the fork in the road towards the iPhone, in part because of you (no pressure here!

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  1. Yeah, you can use iPhone on the free yahoo! service. I am using it every day. Try it! Kinda odd of yahoo! though.

  2. First, of course the Windows Mobile device works better with Hotmail and at no cost. It’s a Microsoft product integrating with another Microsoft product. Add in the fee to make it work with non-Microsoft devices and you’ve got the typical barrier to entry that Microsoft creates for its competitors.

    Regarding Live search: Again, Microsoft product on a Microsoft product. At least on the iPhone, you have Google.

    If you step outside the Microsoft ecosystem, don’t expect Microsoft to be accommodating.

    What we should all strive to do as a body of consumers is to not be so dependent on any one company that we get all of our solutions from them, and thus locking ourselves into an abusive relationship that we can’t escape. Many enterprise organizations, like mine, have that problem with Microsoft right now.

  3. I don’t want to be that guy, but I almost stopped reading this article. It was too difficult. Your use of commas was absurd. At some points, I had to re-read a sentence three times to understand what you were trying to say. Maybe if you do more posts you can use commas correctly. Please?

  4. Gilbert said he is very interested in comments, so here are a few…
    1st, Hotmail, while suitable for web based access, sucks for desktop or phone access. At least their is an acceptable Hotmail mobile app. Personally, I use Hotmail to collect Junk mail… Get another account, which brings us to:
    Yahoo – while you may need to pay Yahoo for Pop access, a regular web based email = which included Push IMAP support for the iPhone, is free! If you are willing to check email in a web browser on the desktop, and using the built in reader on the iPhone, there is no money you need for Yahoo…
    Lastly, Google. While you sacrifice your privacy in that all google email is mined for information, Google provides the ONLY free IMAP account I know of, that allows access through desktops, the web, and iPhones. WHile it does not have push email, it certainly is one of the best complete solutions, and is free!

    As for Bluetooth, don’t even go there. This is one of my big gripes with Apple – no stereo bluetooth support. I have become used to wearing my Apple Earbuds all the time…

  5. Hello,

    There actually is a YouTube application on the AT&T Fuze. It is located as DeviceWindowsYouTube.exe on the device. Is this what you were looking for?


    Aryeh Goretsky

  6. should have stuck with WM6, now 6.1. The IPhonev is clearly over hyped. Windows is more “open” to what you want to do. Apple; it’s their way or the highway.

    Good luck with that. The IPhone has a great interface but useless for business overall. Most of the apps are lame and for kids; that’s if you get them to work in the first place without having them brick your phone.

    WM FTW for me. It’s only going to get better as the competition continues. Which is good for both Apple and MS.

  7. Do you have a link to said youtube commentary? I am wondering (like possibly many after reading this confusingly structured article :-)) why you ditched the Fuze in the first place.

  8. iPhone doesn’t have streaming mp3 Bluetooth compatability. I bet you can use your moto headset to make calls with though. You should consider researching the products you buy first, prior to trying to do thing with them in which they were not designed to do.

    Written from my iPhone.

  9. I used to love MS WM, but it crashed on me VERY, VERY often. I does Multitasking, but to what price?, SLOW performance. WM6.5 or WM7 maybe kick ass OSs, but to little to late, don’t you think?, I waited for a almost 2 years, since the first iphone come out, but nothing good from MS to keep me happy; yes you guessed it, now I own an Iphone (currently with 3.0beta4), A2DP, promising. And yes it’s the apple way, but I have to say that is much better way than the MS (Ballmer) way. If you iphone it’s sort of limited, you can always jailbreak it and get it over with. Don’t get me wrong, I am a PC too, but on the phone arena, I will not put my hands on fire for WM, yet. Windows7 it’s really nice desktop OS, I will not trade it for OS X, but as I said, on the portable devices, Iphone it’s a great device. With Iphone 3.0 now you can do some of those things that you couldn’t before, yes, it may still have limitations, but I will still be buying an Iphone over a WM phone anytime soon. Take it from me, don’t depend on just one company (thanks Mike P), instead there’s a pool of companies doing different things; just pick whatever satisfies your needs. I was waiting on a device with big screen, I like to watch video on my phone, enter the HTD Touch HD with it’s beautiful 4 inch screen size with the rumored WM7 on it, but what happened? the HTC Touch HD wasn’t available for US and it only came out with WM6.1, G1 was another option, frankly, too bulky. What some companies don’t realize it’s that people choose their devices based on other factors than just the OS but a combination of things. For me, large screen (for video playback and Browser real state), touch screen, unlike other people, I don’t like physical keyboards (landscape on-screen keyboard on Iphone it’s great), my long awaited A2DP, and the most decent MP3 player combo; I was sold, sorry WM.

  10. Windows Mob is the best. iPhone OSX still can’t compare. The little probs of lag have been solved with the most recent mobile versions check them out.

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