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Creating and editing video can be a lot of fun. Pinnacle sent me a handful of their hardware so that I could share it with you, and pass along coupons for you to use. Let’s take a look at some of what’s available.

  • Dazzle – The low-cost, quick and easy way to archive and edit video directly on your computer or to experience TV on your PC.
  • Pinnacle Video Transfer – Copy video directly to a portable media device or external USB 2.0 storage device.
  • Video Creator Plus – Turn your videos into amazing movies that you can share on the web, DVD, or portable devices.
  • Video Capture for Mac – Transfer analog video from a camcorder or any other source to your Mac in an iPod®-native format.

They also sent me a copy of Pinnacle Studio. If you’re looking for video editing software that is much beefier than Windows Movie Maker, this is what you need. Easily create stunning movies that you can share on the web, DVD, or portable devices.

Pinnacle Software & Hardware Coupons:


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5 thoughts on “Pinnacle Software and Hardware Coupons”

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  2. Chris,

    I’m buying a digital camcorder to film my son’s basketball season for use to show colleges his skills. Any suggestions?

    I’m looking to spend between $500 – $2,000.

    I like Sony.

    I don’t want to be obsolete in a year.

  3. All those 3 products are awsome, not actually expensive, but not under my power to afford them xD (I’m just 18 :P)
    Oh, btw, I was actually expecting like a 15% off on hardware or something!

  4. Chris,

    This blog posting came at the perfect time for me. I’m looking to put all of our family movies on DVD for my mom as a Christmas gift.



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