Is it Time for a New Countdown Clock?

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If you blinked, you likely missed me starting my new countdown clock. It is that fast, and simple, to create your own countdown clock. You can define your length of time, of course. With Lightning Timer, you simply add a # symbol and the number to the end of the URL (in seconds) to create your countdown.

Let’s say you want to see how high you can count in 90 seconds. Simply type in the URL, then place a #90 at the end of the URL and hit Enter. You will now see a black screen with big white letters that say Start. Click on that Start button, and your timer begins counting down.

There’s no need to register. There’s nothing to click other than the start button. There’s no text to fill in. You can’t even freeze time! You can use this for so many different things, and it’s simple enough for a monkey to do! I did it, didn’t I?


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