World’s Biggest Hard Drive: Unlimited Storage

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Just how big is your hard drive? How much space do you have? What if I told you that you have access to a hard drive with unlimited space… and it won’t cost you a single thing to store and share your files? With MyBloop, you can upload, store, and share an unlimited number of files for absolutely zero dollars.

MyBloop is a place where you can store all of your files for free. There are no limits on storage, bandwidth or the number of files you can store. Anyone can join MyBloop. The BloopLoader is a great new application that allows you to upload files to MyBloop directly from your desktop. You can drag and drop files and control them from a Windows-like interface, which is familiar to all users and doesn’t require you to learn anything new to use. The BloopLoader works on Windows and Intel Macs.

The current maximum size per file is 1GB. There are no limited to the number of files you can upload. There are also no limits on bandwidth. You can store an unlimited number of files in your account. Just make sure to organize your files into folders because when someone views your profile it could take their computer some time to display everything.

Your files will never be deleted or moved. Once you upload them to MyBloop, they’re there forever… unless YOU remove them. You can organize files within your account into folders and such, to keep them sorted out and make it easier for you (and others!) to find what you need in an instant.

It’s so simple, it’s hard to believe it’s free! What more could you possibly want? You get unlimited storage for free. It really doesn’t get better than that.


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19 thoughts on “World’s Biggest Hard Drive: Unlimited Storage”

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  4. Chris, this really seems too good to be true; don’t want to appear pessimistic but perhaps it really is too good to be true. The key word here being unlimited. Unlimited capacity real neat, unlimited time also? Are you quite certain? Feature this – all of your precious files held hostage after a certain amount of time…arg!!!!

  5. It would be great if there was the possibility to use your files as a networked folder. I know people managed to do that with GMail, since it was capable of storing lots of files. Using ssh tunnels is always an awesome experience. You never know, with the development of “cloud computing,” maybe things will change. I doubt it though. When people go out and buy a computer, they HAVE to have actual space on the computer itself, otherwise, they are less inclined to buy it. Until a connection to the Internet is guaranteed everywhere someone would want their computer, I think people will be hesitant to use JUST networked, remote drives.

  6. I’ve been using bloop for a while. They’ve been around since early 05 and doesn’t seem like they’re going anywhere. They’ve been around for a while and probably will be around for as long as your files are still useful 😛


  7. It’s not really unlimited storage. If you read the rules correctly it says:

    “Will my files ever be deleted or lost? Can I rely on MyBloop to store my vital files?
    Your files will never be deleted or lost. You can definitely store your vital files on MyBloop. We strive for excellence in file storage and we have built very powerful technology to ensure our user’s files are always available. However, if you decide to store important files on MyBloop you should also keep backups elsewhere. If it’s really something important, you don’t want just one copy — make duplicates and keep a personal copy of it! ”

    “Are there any bandwidth limits for a file or for an account?
    There are absolutely no limits on MyBloop! Your files can be viewed an unlimited number of times.

    Please remember that while we do allow unlimited use of bandwidth, our automated system detects potentially copyrighted and illegal content. When an illegal file is detected we can decide to disable access to the file. Please don’t take advantage of unlimited bandwidth by sharing illegal content.”

    “Why can’t I download songs from MyBloop?
    MyBloop is a service that allows you to share files with friends and family. We allow users to download all files types except for music. Downloading music without paying for it is illegal in the United States, where we are based, so we only allow our users to “stream”, or listen, to music on MyBloop. Though we would love to be able to give users this option, we’re still in the process of working with music labels to allow this. Otherwise, MyBloop would not be able to exist if it violated any laws. ”

    “Can I upload music videos, movies, songs or other pictures?
    We take copyright issues very seriously. We allow music, videos and movies to be uploaded as long as it is marked private and is not shared with anyone else. MyBloop is an online backup service, so we allow our users to backup all of your files on our site. However, this does not give you the privilege to distribute the content as if it were your own. Our automated technology immediately detects most inappropriate and/or illegal content and notifies us. We can decide to act terminating access to the file for everyone except the owner of the file, resulting in a warning message sent to the user who uploaded the file. A second offense may lead to termination of your account permanently. ”

    So it’s unlimited to an extent (longevity of service, disobey rules > Copyright > public = deletion/suspension)

  8. “Anyone can join MyBloop.”

    What a load of contradictory crap.

    “MyBloop signups are currently open only to United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan, Canada, Romania, Australia, and New Zealand users.”

    I don’t live on any of those continents, which sucks. Furthermore, it sucks that anyone can see what you have uploaded.

  9. I am Malaysian Guy,i say thank to Mybloop for publish this website and give me chance to register.Many People has been use F**k RapidShare with high payment and get only a few bandwidth and storage space.
    and thanks again to MYBLOOP

  10. I couldn’t help but laugh when I came across this. The article may be only 1 year 2 months old… But I just tried the Mybloop website, and I’m greeted with “Welcome to… nginx!”

    Either the site went belly up already, Or something got hacked.

    Either way, I’m quite liking my DropBox. Works seamlessly between all my computers (Both my Macbook Pro Laptop, Windows 7 Desktop, and Windows 2003 Server) Highly recommended, although not unlimited, they offer various reasonable price plans.

  11. I just clicked the link to and it is closed down and property of what if i actually saved all my stuff there?

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