How Much RAM Does Your Computer Have?

I remember the days of having only 256MB of RAM, do you? Now that I have several GB of RAM, it’s hard to think back and understand how I managed to function in those days. How did I make anything work? How did I get anything accomplished? How much RAM do you have these days?

2Gb on desktop and also on laptop. – Kol Tregaskes

2GB on desktop, 2GB on both laptops, with dedicated memory for the video cards – SoN9ne

2GB on my home PC and my work laptop. – Alex Scoble CISSP

3GB – Chris W

2GB on my laptop, soon to be upgraded to 4. – Stupid Blogger (aka Tina)

Just 1GB at home but 4GB at work! – orionstarr

8GB on desktop. 4GB on laptop. – Jeff Douglass

2GB – Jason Shultz

512MB – directeur

6G on the Mac Pro, 4G on the Dell laptop. – Joey Gibson

Remember the old days when having 500megs was a big deal! – orionstarr

1GB on my laptop, 4GB on my workstation, 2GB on our media center. – Akiva Moskovitz

my laptop has 4GB ram, 320GB HD. My phone has 8GB flash. my first computer had 4MB ram, 35MB HD. – Chris Hollander

ugh as i have groused before my laptop at work has 500 megs of ram and it is almost physically painful – Marco (aureliusmaximus)

10GB in my Mac Pro, 4GB in my MacBook Pro, 2GB in the MacBook Air – Andru Edwards

2Gb in my 4 year old laptop… – Ricardo Vidal

4GB on MBP, 2GB on my work Dell lappy – saeba

1gb desktop – Nick Munson

500megs was a big deal? I am probably from stone age, KB was for that time. I bet someone has used Byte. – Yu-Jie Lin

2GB laptop and 4GB on desktop – Leandro Ardissone

4gb, but vista only reads 3.5 gb – americanm

2 GB on my laptop and 4GB on my workstation – Saad Kamal

2 Gb, running Vista Business Edition – Alexandre Micaelo

4 gb – RAPatton

4gb laptop – Erik S

15 quadrillion hexamegapetabytes. – Tad, Fool

The correct answer is: never enough. – Mack D. Male

4GB – on a 24" Aluminium iMac – robert sørensen

Tad, you are truly hardcore. 😉 – Kol Tregaskes

4GB Mac Pro, 2gb Macbook Pro – Duncan Riley

4GB in the desktop, 2GB in work-issued Dell Latitude D830 – Mike The SysAdmin

Is there even such a thing as “enough” or “too much” when it comes to RAM?

28 thoughts on “How Much RAM Does Your Computer Have?”

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  2. Only 1GB on desktop.
    2GB on both my laptops.
    4GB on my web and database servers.

    With increasing computing requirements of software these days, there is never enough.

  3. My 2Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo Mac Mini has 2GB RAM. My 2 year old HP and 6 month year old Acer both have 3GB Ram

  4. 2 GB and I couldn’t use any more. I run out of resources with windows before the computer even begins to use up the memory. Unless one process needs a lot more memory, according to the Task Manager all I can use is about 1.6 GB.

    I had to add a second computer which only has 1GB to move some of the work I was using my computer for and then connect to it and its monitor using Synergy.

    I was wondering if Vista fixes the Windows resource problem or not.

  5. I currently have 1gb of ram on my computer, but I plan to upgrade to 2gb when I need to. Ido agree you can’t have too much ram.

  6. I have a low spec laptop with just 1GB of RAM and Vista. But it runs good actually. But at the same time, could be

  7. Hello,

    With the price of memory being so relatively inexpensive these days, I find it hard not to install the maximum amount of memory in a computer when I build one.

    One still has to pay a premium for buying memory from the manufacturer since they treat this is a for-profit value-ad, but one can buy the same type of memory from a memory manufacturer for significantly less and install the memory in under five minutes in most desktop computers.

    It might make sense to purchase memory with the computer if the computer is a notebook and opening it up to install the memory requires some disassembly of the unit.


    Aryeh Goretsky

  8. the “personal computer” i began with was an apple IIe and running it with one 56k floppy drive (that would be 5.25″ floppy), and then i got a second disk drive? and still have documents on these goofy things. ah, that’s a more than a, ah 20 years ago. goodnight, past my bedtime.

  9. 2GB, When i first got my computer, I had one. I went in there to upgrade my video card and looked at my ram, and now I have two….

  10. I remember being alright with 128 mb of ram on my windows 98 custom made system, the coolest thing I remember about it was the 32x cd rom drive LOL. that was a fun flash back, to when my computers would now be equivalent to my cell phone… actually my blackberry could whamp my old compy. oh well, now my Lappy has 4 Gb ram minus system resources and graphics card.

  11. I got 2Gb of Ram on my new AMD 64 Ubuntu box. and 512 mb on my old Pentium 3 whop now just serving file both to my ps3 who by the way got 512 MB of XDR Ram and my AMD 64.

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