What About the ARCHOS 5 Internet Media Tablet?

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Great deals on the ARCHOS 5 & ARCHOS 7:


It’s not easy watching television when you’re on the go. You can’t exactly take the TV with you, nor a DVR. There are many solutions for this conundrum, of course. One of the most impressive ones is the ARCHOS 5. ARCHOS introduces a new concept: the Internet Media Tablet.
The ARCHOS 5 is the flagship of the new range, bringing the customer a new way to enjoy Internet, Media and TV…in a handheld device.

With its built-in capabilities, your Internet Media Tablet becomes the ultimate way to surf the web. The amazingly sharp and high-resolution screen lets you navigate effortlessly through the web just like you would on a PC.

Browsing becomes almost seamless with the ARM® Cortex™ processor and the Adobe Flash™ 9 video support. Surfing on a handheld device has never been so fast and smooth.

The ARCHOS 5 features a very high capacity internal hard drive from 60 GB to 250 GB, in slim and sleek enclosures.

You can thus download a vast number of songs and videos from the unique selection of renowned movie and music partners assembled in the Media Club.

Out of the box, it is a good first initial product. I was able to be browsing almost instantly, and only had to step through basic registration before use. There are so many different things you can do, and the ARCHOS 5 will not disappoint.

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9 thoughts on “What About the ARCHOS 5 Internet Media Tablet?”

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  4. I think this is a great device. I would suggest this for people like my brother. He got the iPod Touch, but he doesn’t use it for music. He mainly uses to watch videos and use the internet. I’m sure he love to watch television. I’m going to probably soon buy two of them, one for my brother and one for me. Thank you Chris for introducing this product to me.

  5. Ah! I just bought the last gen a month ago! Okay, okay. I wouldn’t say there’s that many advancements above the last gen in my mind. In fact I would have ended up having to spend more. I have an Archos 605 wifi and I love it. It’s the one thing standing up against the ipod touch in this crazy world of ipod darkness. Yes, the touch screen doesn’t work as well and the GUI isn’t as falshy, but the screen is a very high res and everything looks beautiful on it. It’s just one of the devices that you constantly discovering new uses for.
    I think you’ll find you will really love the Archos.

  6. The more I use this device the more I just want to send it back.

    I tried to drop a couple of movies into the Video folder on the Archos 5.

    The first movie was in an .m4v (h.264) format. When I went to test play the video, I get a message titled:

    “Video Podcast (H.264, AAC) plug-in”
    “This file contains an H.264 video format. To play this file type you need the ARCHOS Video Podcast (H.264, AAC audio) plugin.”
    “Purchase the Video Podcast plug-in at http://www.archos.com ir if you are connected to a network and have registered your device, purchase it on the ARCHOS Content Portal store.”
    Links: “Buy now” “Cancel”

    The second movie was a DVD .avi file. When I went to test play the video, I got a message similar to the first:

    “Cinema (DVD, MPEG-2, AC3) Plug-in”
    “This file contains an AC3 audio format. To play this file type you need the ARCHOS Cinema (DVD, MPEG-2 video, AC3 audio) plug-in.”
    “Purchase the Cinema Plug-in at…” blah, blah, blah…
    Links: “Buy now” “Cancel”

    The link to connect to the Content Portal store returns a “Coming Soon!” graphic and is thus, non-existent.

    What a disappointment.

    My comments/questions are as follows:

    1. Why aren’t the “Plug-ins” included with the system at the original purchase price?
    2. If I have someone reverse engineer each plug-in am I going to discover that most, if not all of the code is public domain, thus, what is the rational? Stick it to the customer for every variation of every audio video format?
    3. I have experienced constant failures with Archos’s portals. Their sites fail to deliver the requisite downloads.
    4. Why was the Archos 5 released for retail sales with Beta firmware and with navigational links to non-existent fulfillment sites?

    It’s a nicely packaged product with a pretty interface that was released prematurely and just fails to perform to adequate standards.

  7. I just bout the Archos 7….what a misserable piece of junk.
    Yea…I paid 600 bucks for this thing and you have to throw more money at it to watch movies and such.
    My 50 dollar Zune plays all my movies with no additional downloads. The wi fi is very slow and the touch screen is not too accurate. lots of miss-punched numbers. I want to sceem about the failures of Archos in this expensive door stop.
    It won’t even find the weath in the widgets….

  8. I can’t get the device to register.
    Every time I want to play an H.264 video it demands I register it.
    When I try, registration FAILS.

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