Do You Believe Gun Control is an Effective way to Prevent Crime?

Recently, there was a discussion raised on Geeks as to whether gun control will help prevent crimes like homicide. Anytime this subject is brought up, tempers tend to flare and passions run high. You will find very few people who don’t care about the issue one way or the other. They are either vehemently for or against gun control.

with idiots like this guy http://dionysus-atheist.blogsp… yes I do – dionysus

No. Much the same as "Spoon Control" would not keep Rosie O’Donnell from being fat. Switzerland has a much lower gun-crime/homicide rate than the US and in Switzerland the laws almost require adults to own guns. Where would you rather be a violent offender: Canada (no guns) or Switzerland (everyone armed)? – Mark VandenBerg

I thought canada has guns… odd. – alphaxion

Canada has a ban on handguns and many rifled long guns. Hunting rifles and most shot guns are legal but must be registered. – Mark VandenBerg

I’m pretty sure the crux is better education, not gun-, drugs-, sex- or other blanket controlling of "harmful substances, tools, and activities." – Vincent van Wylick

I don’t believe that is an effective way to stop the violence. There are still knives, pots and pans, bats, and many other weapons that are used to kill. My son was killed by a vehicle so what do we do, stop people from driving. I am part of the homicide survivors group and I have heard a lot of strange ways that people die. The only thing that will stop it is if we give a harsher punishment to those who do crime but even then they may slip through the cracks. – Gaje Master

The ban of guns in Canada didn’t stop the Hell’s Angels up there from getting into some pretty bad shoot ups with a rival gang some years ago. – Alex Scoble CISSP

I find it fascinating that the question is posed as a matter of faith instead of as a request for evidence. – glen campbell

speaking to my boss (canadian) he said that handguns are still sold, but heavily controlled. Plenty get smuggled in from the US tho. However, the overwealming majority fo guns in canada are hunting guns, of no use if you wish to do drive bys etc. – alphaxion

do you believe heroin control is a good way of preventing crime and homicide? – Gregory Lent

I fully believe all of the so called "illegal" drugs should be legalised, regulated and taxed. The tax money from them should only ever go into support structures to help those who have a problem with said drugs. They need care, not incarceration. – alphaxion

I live in a conceal and carry state. A lot of people stay on their best behavior because of this, I think. I know I do. Knowing that someone may have a gun hidden keeps the temper down to a minimum. – Stephan Miller

It’s not yes or no. If you have a society with very few guns and violence, then adding more guns (even for law-abiding citizens) will increase the harm that comes from them. But if you have lots of crime and guns already, like we do, then supporting lawful carry laws will likely DECREASE crime because you reduce the number of low-risk targets and make criminals think. As with most things, it just depends on the other variables–in this case the amount of violence and guns that already exists in the society. – Daniel Miessler

Well said, Daniel. It’s not an either-or situation. – steplow = Steve Lowe

In my case, yes. Anyone wishes to break in my house with the intent to do homocide will be prevented from doing so. – Mike the Lewis

I’ve had to kill someone to prevent them from doing harm to my family in the midst of a break-in .. and I would gladly do it again – JohnBfromMemphis

I think it would be more accurate to say "an effective way of *decreasing the incidence* of crime and homicide." Certainly it won’t prevent it entirely, but that’s just semantics. – Victor Ganata

Nope. – Cathy Brooks

Nope. It only controls law-abiding citizens. – Shaine Mata

What’s your opinion? Do you believe having the government control guns would lower the crime rates?