Would You Like to Make Money with Music?

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How would you like to find an unknown band or musical artist, support them, help them get a recording contract, and then receive a portion of the proceeds from their sales? Is that something you’re interested in? On SellaBand, artists can upload their music, and find supporters.

For the first time fans and Artists can be in business together. Therefore each Artist issues 5,000 so called Parts. Parts cost $10 (plus transaction costs) each. Together Believers have to raise $50,000 to get their Artist of choice in the studio. At any point before your Artist has reached the Goal of $50,000, you can withdraw your Parts and pick a different Artist. You can even get your money back (minus a small transaction fee). It’s your music. It’s your choice.

Once your Artist has raised $50,000 SellaBand will assign an experienced A&R-person to this project. Together with a top Producer, your Artist will record a CD in a state-of-the-art Studio. During the process you will get an exclusive sneak preview of this exciting process.

All advertising revenues generated via SellaBand will be shared equally between the SellaBand Recording Artists, their Believers and SellaBand. The amount of money you and the Artist will get paid depends on the market share the artist has in the total number of downloads on SellaBand.
Three of the songs on the CD will be given away as free Downloads. The other tracks will be sold as paid Downloads for 50 dollarcents each. The net profit of these sales will be split evenly between you, your Artist and SellaBand.

That is very cool. Discover new artists and music, help launch their careers, and make money in the process. It doesn’t get much better than that.


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