What is Your Favorite Type of Dog?

Ponzi and I are the proud parents of Wicket and Pixie. They are a mixed breed: Lhasa Apso, Sh1tzu, and Poodle (Lhasash1tzapoo). They are essentially our kids, as we don’t have any human children at this point in time. Yes, they are quite spoiled. Ask any dog lover, and they’ll loudly tell you that their canine friends are a member of the family, just like our two are.

Wicket and Pixie

Brussels Griffon – Denise

Lhasashisapoo! – l0ckergn0me

Greyhound, Samoid and Golden Retriever. – Nir Ben Yona

My dog, Chewbacca the Yellow Lab! πŸ™‚ – Jericho

Maltese. I had two. One passed away recently. – michael parks

Boxer – Carmen

Boxer – Jeff Quinton

old English sheep dog – Baard Overgaard Hansen

Pug, French Bulldog, or Bull Terrier. Something with a weird nose. – Steve Lynch

Hot Dog – Owen

Shihtzu. πŸ™‚ – <LINDSAY_DONAGHE />

Black Lab but Yellow tastes good too. – Andrew Smith

my late australian cattle dog RIP http://tinyurl.com/4wsb68Jason Kucsma

beagle! – Alisha

Lab. – Kevin Pedraja

Old English Sheepdog. Bearded Collie. Corgi. Oh, and I suppose the Welsh Terrier. – Nine

Jack Russell – shaun mclane

Golden Retriever, great family pet! – Kol Tregaskes

Brittney Spaniel – Diane Ensey

black lab – lisa-k

"someone else’s" – Josh Haley

+1 Josh, lol – Alex Scoble CISSP

Top – todd

Rotweiller – Steven Perez

Rhodesian Ridgeback – Andre Maltais

Beagle! – Louis Gray

Cairn Terrier – Benjamin Golub

beagle – Gary Burd

Dachshund – George The Writer

Shih Tzu – Chris Rivait

Rottweiler – Chris Baskind

Pomeranian – Erica Baker

Living – Jim Goldstein

Sheltie – Bob

Cocker spaniel! – Timothy Griffin

Australian Cattle Dog. Red or Blue, I’m not fussy – Duncan Riley

Old English Sheep Dog, or like Josh "someone else’s" – Rachel L Fox

What’s your favorite type of dog?

48 thoughts on “What is Your Favorite Type of Dog?”

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  2. Shih tzu and cockapoo! Thinking of getting the ultimate number 2 dog– a combination of both. It will be embarrassing to tell people what it is though: cockashihtzapoo.

  3. rescued Shetland Sheepdogs. We currently have 3 and are on our 7th rescued dog, and yes they are our fur kids.

  4. Great Dane (black) i have had them for more 35 yrs
    once you own one, you don’t want any other breed

  5. I rescue Great Danes, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Malamutes and hounds, so my own family includes Great Danes and Coonhounds.

    Chris, we refer to dogs like yours as “snacks with feet”. πŸ™‚

  6. Pelo, a Bouvier Des Flandres, my best dog ever. He is big and strong, smart, with great temperament, very polite and courteous towards people and other dogs.

  7. Australian Cattle Dogs are the best!

    I have a blue and a red. Smart, fun, happy…best dogs there are!

  8. Wicket at Pixie are the best.

    I hoping to get a dog when i go off to college in 2 years.

    Im probably going to get a Husky

  9. I’ve always been a dog person, but I never really had a favorite dog until my dog, Chai, adopted me. She’s an American Cocker Spaniel and obviously that’s the best kind of dog.

  10. Dachshund is my first choice. Then Yellow Labs and German Shepherds.

    We actually do rescue fostering for German Shepherds.

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