The Wonderful World of Geeks

Not quite two months into our new venture, Geeks is still going strong, and gaining popularity with Geeks around the World every day. We have just over 8,000 members now, 3400 forum posts, and 2800 blog posts! Take a look at some of what’s been going on today.

Forum Threads

Blog Posts

Not to be outdone, here is the latest happenings over on Lockergnome.

If you haven’t joined us yet, what are you waiting for?

8 thoughts on “The Wonderful World of Geeks”

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  2. All i wanted to say is thank you Chris for making a website where geeks can converse and just be geeky.

  3. I am still kinda new to the whole geek experince , I just wish it was a little easier to get voice and meet people who actually wanna help with tech problems or just talk. You guys are being kinda hard on the newbies.

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