Is Facebook Changing for the Worse?

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Mona is an active member of FriendFeed, and also of Geeks. She has a Facebook account, but is unsure if she even wants to be part of that site anymore. She’s not happy with the way things have changed on Facebook.

Everyone seems to have a Facebook account these days it seems. It seems as though Facebook is planning to get into the music business, and some people aren’t happy about it. Mona has gotten increasingly angry with the site lately, so I brought her in on a Skype call.

Mona feels that Facebook is just over the top lately. They keep adding features that the browsers can’t keep up with. Firefox crashes every time she launches Facebook. There’s so many useless applications, according to her, that it’s just “a mess”. She feels as though she doesn’t know where to start when she logs in, it’s gotten so bad. She feels it’s wrong for Facebook to launch into the music area, as it’ll just add even more things that make the site harder to navigate and takes it further away from what it started out to be.

She doesn’t want to poke people, or tend virtual gardens. Mona just wants a nice, clean, easy-to-use site to network with friends and acquaintances. There aren’t any sites like this anymore, for grown-ups. Where’s the true social networking site, without all of the insane apps and games?


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