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Amanda is an internationally acclaimed photographer who has made it her mission to raise awareness by documenting some of the world’s more compelling issues. For over a decade she has combined her anthropology background with photographic and media-making skills to create inspiring media content as a means for powerful communication, storytelling and learning.

In 1993 Amanda Koster landed solo in Asmara, Eritrea (East Africa) about 1 month after then end of a 30-year civil war with Ethiopia. WIth her were written directions to her friends grandmothers house in Tagrinia (Eritrean language). Regardless of the directions, the cabbie and she were lost for hours. Once Amanda said out-loud the only words written in English, “Salaam Garage?!” (the garage next to the grandmothers house) everything came together. They were there in 5 minutes while the trip changed her life forever.

After about the 25th person asked “…can I come?” we saw opportunities for others to experience and create intimate, social documentary projects and adventures. We do not believe ‘amateur’ or ‘professional’ makes any difference when the goal is to make pictures and tell stories that cause positive change. These days with blogs, web sites, ipods, cell phones, tiny video cameras, electronic and in-person communities, we all have the power to create effective, passionate positive media that can seep into our world raise awareness and cause change.

Salaam Garage connects media savvy travelers and enthusiasts with international Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs). Travelers commit to creating and sharing unique, independent social media that raises awareness and causes positive change. The rest of the adventure is spent touring around the region, experiencing and exploring the culture and environment with an entirely new context. We are the media now. Join us.

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