6 thoughts on “What’s Your Pumpkin Carving Pattern This Year?”

  1. That’s awesome! How did you make that? Did you just use the glow effect and overlay it onto a pumpkin?

  2. This year for Halloween, I got this neighbor who is really good at carving and so I asked him to carve me Rick Astley. I also bought a sensor so when kids come to my door, you probably guessed it. Rick Roll Baby! It even flashes. I’m so evil 😉

  3. My son and I are carving this weekend, he’s going trick or treating as Indiana Jones, we will probably turn our Jack O Lanterns into glowy artifacts.
    Heh, I said “glowy”. 🙂

  4. I’m carving Obama face and logo pumpkins this year for the get out the vote event we have every four years.

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