Do You Have Any Resume Building Tips?

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When is the last time you updated your resume? For me, it’s been well over ten years. Some companies, after you give them your resume, may even Google you. So, be careful of what you put out there online. What method do you use to update and give out your resume? If you’re padding your resume with things that aren’t exactly true, expect to get caught on it. Be honest when you build your resume. If you don’t know where to start, let me tell you this. Don’t download a template, or edit it in a word processing program. My recommendation at this point in time is to use something like Emurse.

Create, share and store your resume online for free. Creating a quality resume is a difficult task. Keeping track of your various versions is a hassle. Once you have it all figured out, there’s the worry of formats, hard drive failure and viruses.

Emurse allows you to focus on what’s most important… writing quality content and selling yourself. Emurse helps you keep track of both online and offline resume distribution. Keep notes and set statuses for each event. Set follow up reminders to keep you on task. Be notified whenever your resume is received.

Emurse allows you to safely build an online identity. Instantly turn your resume into a website with complete privacy control and advanced statistics. Emurse analyzes your resume and job search activity to deliver relevant jobs directly to you. Always be informed of other available positions with zero extra effort.

Their resume templates are just beautiful. You can look at job offers, view other people’s resume, and receive reports about your resume. I wish I had something like this back when I was sending out resumes. It’s just an easy and very effective way to conduct your job search. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

What impresses me the most is that a resume built here can be saved, printed out, or subscribed to using an RSS reader. There’s also a “contact” tab, to help you keep track of yourself and others. Actually, I’m so impressed with Emurse, that if I ever have a need to hire someone again I’ll likely insist that they use this site to apply. This is just literally that good… the best I’ve ever seen.


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4 thoughts on “Do You Have Any Resume Building Tips?”

  1. When building a resume:

    If you have the job history, don’t be shy about putting it in there. Most candidates with over 10 years in a field (specially technology) are going to have done a lot of different things.

    If one page can’t do you justice, do what does. Some jobs really can’t be explained in 10 words or less. With engineering or technical resumes, brevity can be your enemy, preventing your exposure to things that might be you.

    List education and specialized training, to support the job experiences you had. It reinforces that your experience was tempered by training (& vice versa), showing that you were willing to learn how things were supposed to work before you and Microsoft or Sun or Oracle, got together and made it do something new.

    If you were in a job for 3 years or more in the technology industry, (where longevity & commitment is commonly boohoo’d as a lack of exposure), show teams and different experiences within that “job title” as roles. What role did you have when you worked on that special project? This will help an interviewer and resume reviewer understand that you did keep growing in technical knowledge, even though you chose not to job hop.

  2. Build a basic resume worksheet to work from. Put down EVERYTHING that may or may not be required in all, but so you have it ready.

    For each job for which you want to apply, tailor a resume specifically for that job and that employer. Don’t fall into the habit of “one-resume-fits-all” because they don’t. Everyone else does that and you DO NOT want to look like everyone else.

    Do your research about the job and the employer.

    Use the same catch phrasing in your resume as is used in the job listing.

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