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Funny. This doesn’t SOUND like AC/DC. – Akiva Moskovitz

Caption This Photo or I’m going to plug this to my ear! – AJ Batac ♘

WTF is THAT above your right eyebrow?! – Mona N.

(Hello from Row 5!) – Who said that? – Anthony Stevens

Chris Pirillo, unplugged – Dave Hodson

OK, Akiva wins. – Jason

But i was going into town to pick up some power converters! – John Worthington

Don’t come any closer, man, I’LL DO IT – ωαřмaiden

Just when one thought water boarding was a sure way to obtain a confession, a new method of interrogation called The Plug In has been discovered to the chagrin of human rights activists worldwide! – Roney Smith

Nice glasses. – JMakesAwesomeSauce

p1uggergn0me – John Worthington

Yes, Akiva wins… LOL – ChangeForge | Ken Stewart

Chris takes his idea of Human Circuitry to the next level… – John Worthington

I want 1 MIIIIIILLLLIOOOON Dollars or I plug this into my head. – Bored

And, of course, the obvious one: Plug-and-Play. – Akiva Moskovitz

Gross! – Andru Edwards

This is a new application of neural networking. – jokrausdu

unfortunately, early attempts at neural inputs jacks have failed, however on a more curious note it has been discovered that ear wax from geeks contains an inordinate amount of energy. – Jerry Schuman

A new vision of human circuitry as demonstrated by Chris Pirillo – dan

+1 Mona, a horn? – Majento

Short Circuit 2: Some say he’s nuts. Some say he’s bolts. But can Number Five make it in the big, bad city? Keep your wires crossed. – £ogical €xtremes

eXistenZ is paused! – Rodfather

Pirillo in the middle of a cold reboot. – Jerry Schuman

Hairplugs 2.0 – Erik S

lets recharge ! – Prashanth Randadath

I needs more power Scottie! – Susan Beebe

…must…consume…more…internet…. – Amber aka SDA

Are you Plugged into me? Are YOU plugged into me? I don’t see anyone else here.. – Bored

Damn! Forgot to buy Q-Tips. Again! – Michael Hussein Markman

What’s the frequency Kenneth!? – Gerald Buckley

"wait, i thought this new stuff was supposed to be wireless … " – Gregory Lent

I need a outlet to plug in my light up pimple – Outsanity

73 thoughts on “Caption This Photo”

  1. Watch now as the common internet geek (internetus geekarius) attempts to power one of his household tools with the energy he generates naturally. This is a common practice in their habitats, as many use this natural electricity to power their glowing life support computer systems.

  2. As the generators fail when the world comes to an end, Pirillo finds a way to run his laptop off of his iPhone battery, and his desktop, powered by his brain.

  3. i wish i had an elvis costello reference, but i don’t…..

    or are you going to help me open my stuckass japanese ramune drink bottle with that?

  4. I have a good one:

    “Chris feels that the zit on his face has enough electricity to power his printer.”

  5. Maybe you should use that Plug to Electricute that Zit lol.
    Im Just Kidding its just a Joke lol.
    Perfect timing for it to come up, Right before you have an Event to go to.

  6. “Wait… Am I AC or DC? I’d better ask my wife.”

    “Why not? I’m constantly plugging everything else I do.”

    “I hope the Geeks don’t find out that I’m not using USB.”

    “Wait, did you say you wanted some of my energy or some of my power?”

  7. Chris Pirillo: “Once you un-plug this thing, you stick it in your ear, twist and turn, pull it out and you’ll see moundful of hot ear wax. INSTANT EAR WAX REMOVAL. Kids, and you too, adults…Don’t Try This At Home!”

  8. hey,didn’t i just sign the new life insurance policies last night and now my honey gives me a plug with no ground prong? hmmm….

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