Have You Turned Your iPhone into a PC or Mac Remote?

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How many remote controls do you have lying around? I’m sure there are several. Do you have one for your computer… one that can control elements on your screen, much like a mouse would? If you have an iPhone, you certainly do have one. There’s a new App out for $6.00, called the Air Mouse, that will let you turn your iPhone into a remote for Mac OS X… or a PC.

The app features two modes. In the gyro mode, the pointer on the screen is moved using the iPhone’s accelerometer. One needs to press and hold a trigger button to activate the motion. In the Touchpad mode, a part of the screen becomes a touchpad, which can be used very much like any notebook touchpad. The ‘mouse’ also features a scrolling pad and two buttons.

So how does it perform? The gyro mode I’m not too sure about. It is very cool and exciting, but only for a little while. Some people report that after practice, controlling the pointer is easy. Unfortunately I don’t have that much time to waste so I moved on. The Touchpad mode on the other hand I am in love with. The responsiveness is very good, and it feels like you are holding a real wireless mouse.

The keyboard on the other hand does not have the function keys like Command or Control, although the iTunes screenshot shows those buttons. This must be what the internal build looks like, with Apple restricting any tampering with the keyboard.

Six dollars isn’t much to spend if you do a lot of presentations, or you just like the “WOW” factor of controlling your machine from across the room. What other recommendations do you have for me? Be sure and send them along. I can’t read your minds!


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