How Does Your Multicolor LED Panel Glow?

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I am so glad that I’m not any kind of insect or bug. For one, they get horrible Internet access. And two… they are attracted to lights. I am too, actually. If you look in my office at any time, you’ll see tons of lights glowing, in all different colors. Sometimes, I find myself getting up from my desk and walking towards my pretty glowing lights. It’s kind of weird though, since they are sitting on top of my hutch. That’s why I’m glad I’m not a bug, because I’d end up dead. I’m just attracted to lights too much.

Anyway, for years, I’ve been attracted to the Multicolor LED Panel on ThinkGeek. So of course, I finally broke down and bought it. I couldn’t help it! It has twenty-seven different little LED lights going on in there!!! It’s more than a man can take, I tell ya.

Who says geeks are clueless about interior decor? Spice up your next LAN party soirée with this stylish LED lamp. Twenty-seven LEDs divided into 9 different squares slowly fade randomly between all the colors of the rainbow. This large 10 inch panel can stand upright or be mounted on a wall. The bezel free design means you can buy four and stack them seamlessly together to form your own alien spaceship control panel. We recommend you serve Bawls martinis while your party guests frag away basked in the multi-color glow from your futuristic LED mood lighting.

You can mount the panel to a wall if you choose. As I turn it on, you can see what it does… wait for it… it glows!! Seriously! It’s pretty bright, which is very cool. I think I’m going to keep this under my desk when I’m here. Then when I’m away, I’ll pull it out and set it on the desk.

So are you addicted to glowing things, too? Maybe we should join a club or get our own tshirts made!


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