What Free Media Center Software Do You Use?

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Have you ever tried to view your media on your computer through your television? You could either connect your computer to your TV, or use software designed to collect this media for you. Where can you get this software? Giovanni sent me the following email:

I have just published a study comparing 10 of the most prominent FLOSS Media Center projects, under a Creative Commons License. This might be useful for a lot of people to get state of the art information in this area, and know more about the beautiful Media centers in the free software community. It is available for download in English, Portugese, and Italian.

The Telematics Freedom Foundation was set up to bring in the age of telematics, Internet, mobile phones and the web, all those freedoms and rights that the Free Software Movement has already brought to PC users worldwide.
To achieve this purpose, we promote the consolidation and widespread adoption of models for development and deployment of telematic services which are under the full control of their users. We are also developing software for remote democratic organization, which will constitute a touchstone for the model of production, sharing and full control outlined by the idea of Telematics Freedom we are defending.

I didn’t even know all of these existed. And best of all, they’re all open-source. The differences between the programs is simply that they may access the media in a different way. Try them all out.

I am SO impressed with this. I would love to see this .PDF reside on the Internet on its own website one day in the future. Everything you can think of in the media-sphere resides on computers around the World. How else are you going to access your stuff?


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11 thoughts on “What Free Media Center Software Do You Use?”

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  2. XBMC for life dude… It just rocks. The report is weak is doesn’t point out some of XBMC’s core strengths which is the ability to play ISOs without mounting before or extracted Bluray files. Codec support is unmatched.

  3. yeah i agree with simonsays, i have XBMC on my original xbox and is the best media center available,i watch youtube full screen on my tv, listen to shoutcast stations..etc, (i think thats the only use for the original xbox for now) and is better than the xbox360 in terms of media center

  4. Generally Mythtv has treated me very well, but I tend to only use it as a DVD player and a TV time shifting box. The only issue I ever had with XBMC was my TV Tuner never worked with it.

  5. Hi!! I have a question for you? (sorry for my english) I need for a very lighter media center software… I have a pc with a ald vga card and i have many problems too run the heavy menu of many media center utility. I tried mediaportal, but it is impossible to use… Have some one an idea? thank you guys

  6. I think XBMC is the best, specially the Live version, very nice interface and functions, but like REC I have an old Desktop Compaq PC with a very old onboard VGA card and PIII CPU and 256mb ram. I installed a SATA PCI add-on card, added a 500Gb Sata HDD and then installed WinXP (only because Ubuntu does not support 24 bit Display on the old Intel 82815), Windows does though… and then I Installed SesamTV (http://www.sesamtv.com/). It works good, just disabled Animations in the settings. Now its fast and functional. Just make sure to install RealMedia, Flash Player and DX9 the newest. I copied the Shortcut into the Startup Folder and set the Properties to start in Full Screen Mode. Now I have a nice “Free” Media Centre PC… ;-D

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