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Dave Mathews is the “user experience guy” at boxee and a consumer product expert, specializing in the convergence of digital entertainment devices. He holds more than thirty U.S. patents and has appeared on more than 300 television shows. Dave spoke to us at Gnomedex about boxee.

boxee has developed the first “social” media center. It plays media from your computer and other devices in your home network, as well as connects you to various Internet sources that allow you to stream or download movies, tv shows, music and photos. Using boxee, you can also share with your friends what albums you’re listening to, what movies and TV shows you’re watching, send recommendations and more.

boxee is designed to work with a remote control (it looks great on a big screen TV), but you can also control it using your keyboard. Once installed, boxee will start scanning your local Movies, Music and Pictures folders automatically. boxee will attempt to pull in artwork, reviews, and more from your media, so browsing your library becomes more useful and fun than looking at a list of files.

boxee is currently in alpha testing, which means it still has lots of bugs, crashes and some usability issues. Development is ongoing, and the final result will be well worth waiting for.


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7 thoughts on “Dave Mathews – boxee”

  1. Hello,
    I think boxee would be a great tool. I wanted to know if it is possible to install it onto a Mac Computer and have the Mac computer connected to the TV so I could run it off my TV. I think this can become a very successful program. Nice Job!!

  2. I really think that this kind of thing is the direction in which all the “mainstream” televised media is going to go in the future. In fact, I think this is the “start of the end” to scheduled programming. Given that you an already Tivo shows and watch them any time you want, it is only a short step until all media is on demand. Boxee just might be the catalyst that revolutionizes the “ten-foot” interface of the living room.

  3. I think boxee has a lot of promise, but like most new products, isn’t quite there yet. The social media aspect is only as good as the friends you can get to use the service. At this point, I don’t have too many friends that would adopt boxee now.

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