Have You Ever Wanted to Create Electronic Music?

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I created a small musical composition in a matter of seconds. The application I used is PacklSound1, which is an iPhone App. It’s quite similar to the Tenori-On that I have in my office.

PaklSound1 simulates a musical button pad for making up tunes on the go. It is loosely inspired by the Tenori-on and Monome, but quite a bit simpler than either of those devices. Many of the sounds in PaklSound1 are from The FreeSound Project. In accordance with Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0, I’d like to acknowledge atomwrath, metamorphmuses and calaudio for sound samples. In addition, some sounds were shamelessly borrowed from examples in the ChucK project.

It’s a lot of fun, and really addictive. PacklSound1 is definitely worth the $4.99 cost at the App Store.


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4 thoughts on “Have You Ever Wanted to Create Electronic Music?”

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  2. The creators should create a website where people can submit their recordings from this app, and listen to other recordings from the app.

  3. I have seen youtube videos on this and the item your talking about and i must say the person (who had no music making ability whatsoever) was able to make an awsome song with a good beat just by playing around with it and using all the options……neato

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