How Should You Act on IRC (Internet Relay Chat)?

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Miikee writes: “After reading a couple posts on the new Geeks website related to your chat room on WyldRyde, I came up with the top 5 things to consider when participating in a busy chat room.”

  • Learn the room. Don’t expect to be the center of attention in the room. Trying to be will make you an unpopular chatter from the start. Spend time watching and learning what are the accepted practices of the room. Remember, the object is to become an accepted member of the community, not the room trouble maker.
  • Don’t be the room cop. A busy chat room always has several OPS as well as appropriate Bots to maintain the room. If someone is out of line, let the OPS handle it. Acknowledging an out of line chatter only encourages them. This is reminiscent of the class clown in school.
  • Direct comments to individuals by name. A busy room will have discussions on several topics going on at once. To make sure your comment is directed to the correct topic and person, start the comment out with that persons name. Ie: Joechat, yes I had that problems with Windows Vista too.
  • Don’t private message someone without asking first. I relate this to walking into a persons home without knocking on the door first. Also be aware that it is against the rules on the WyldRyde network to do so.
  • Be yourself. It is very easy getting caught up in the world of being something your not. People assume that since it’s online, it’s not real. They figure I will never meet anyone here so what does it matter. This world we live in has become much smaller with technology. The fibs you tell in one community may come back and bite you when exposed in another community. Remember, the folks on the other end are real, treat them as you would the friend down the street and your circle of real friends will become much larger.

Thanks, Miikee for that list. Those are all great points, and good reminders on how to act in chat. I have to thank all of the Mods (Ops and HalfOps) in my channel. They are a great team, and spend countless hours of their own time (for free) to help keep things running smoothly in the channel. They’re a great group of people, and the chat wouldn’t be successful without them.

For more information about how to handle yourself in my chat room, check out the Chat Room Rules and Guidelines, Why Can’t I Talk in the Chat Room? and How Do I Get Voice (+V) in Chat?.


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18 thoughts on “How Should You Act on IRC (Internet Relay Chat)?”

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  5. I have been on IRC since the days when it was called TALK as in the UNIX talk command. Not under this name, but still the same. I have never been spammed, slammed, attacked etc but I see noobish attitudes all the time and rants in IRC .

    Its the internet, its a public place, its reckless, its the not your place to say you know more or pwn. Gosh I hate that, its called OWN …

    Anyways. Great insight , keep chatting and bee cool

  6. Its good that this blog got posted. New Chatters in #Chris or any other Chatroom for that matter should read this blog. Some people just dont know how to behave in IRC Chat Rooms and then some of those people then whine that they havnt been voiced.

  7. These are great points to keep in mind especially if your are chatting in the chat room here. It gets so busy that when people are asking the same question many times people get really mad. Hey, that sounds like another tip! Look at the chat and actually read what is being typed o you don’t bug the room with multiple questions. Usually if it is a hot topic the question will have already been answered. BTW, I just upgraded to a Mac and I love it! Only problem is when I play Spore the build mode screen is blank but everything else is fine. When I’m playing the plain Creature Creator the screen shows up in build mode; weird, no?

  8. IRC chats are like little social spaces but online. I can meet anyone here on Chris’ live stream but will I ever know if they are good people or not? Most of the time, I am with great people talking tech or anything. But I would like to add please if we are in a discussion, don’t go on too many tangents because like in the real world, it will be real hard to get back on track. Also, avoid typing in all caps because that gives the impression of yelling which is very bad. One more thing, do not offend anyone or make hurtful comments or threats. Not only will you be kicked, but you will ruin everyone else’s good time. Keep it safe, clean and fun out there!

  9. I think a good thing to put there also is to LISTEN to the Op’s and HOP’s. Too many people argue with them, or just ignore what they’re being told. It’s kind of annoying. What the (H)OP’s say goes. IT just messes up the discussion to continue doing what you’ve been told not to do.

  10. I would like to add something which only applies to a small amount of people out there about #chris. It is a chatroom where the other users will try to help you with your problems but talking in caps, repeating your question will get you no special attention. Cap’s is generally seen as shouting so please reduce the use of them =)

    (P.s. Just re-reading my post and it makes me sound like one of those people who act like an op XD)

  11. Gotta remember the “Don’t spam” and “Learn the rules of the room”… it’s going to be useful for this article. It’s interesting to say that, because it needs to be re-emphasized nowadays… especially in’s IRC.

  12. some very good Points, i wish when i joined IRC about a year ago i knew of this.

    Generally im a nice person but in -my- Early days of IRC i used to be Rude and arrogant but over time as i watched and learned i felt i had become a better member of the community.
    So the moral of my story is watch and learn before you go making a fool of yourself.


  13. Very great and useful information Chris. I have been using MIRC for quite some time now since I switched my server over from Ustream chat to WyldRyde. I think you should act like you have common sense. Respect the person’s room your in. Read the rules first. Don’t be a spammer and not argue with the op’s. They are there for a reason. I definitely think this topic needs to be re-emphasized more. Especially since more and more people are starting to use an irc client.

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