Are Your Online Friends Real?

My “online” friends are just as awesome as my “offline” friends. Why do some people discount them just because they’re not “in the flesh”?! To me, it doesn’t matter if I ever see someone in person. If we connect on some level, and share similar interests, how are they NOT my friend? Believe me, there have been people in my ‘real life’ I can say I wish I hadn’t met in person. I put this question to others, to gauge their reactions.

I feel the same. – Stupid Blogger (aka Tina)

Chris: stop misleading. In your case they are the same! πŸ™‚ – Robert Scoble

I couldn’t agree more Chris! – Kyle Lacy

Because they haven’t had the same experience? All my RL friends that don’t do much online, don’t understand. The ones that are online, do. – Β·[β€’_β€’]Β·

My online friends have shown me than they are MORE awesome than my offline friends. Not to say that my offline friends are not awesome, but that they are not exactly an informative/technologically-inclined type of crowd. For me: The more you know about tech, the more awesome you are πŸ™‚ – Michael Forian

probably awesomer. – Tim Hoeck

I completely understand. I get strange looks from people when I tell them that my closest friends are ones I have known online for ten years but never met. – Aden

It was not very long ago that friendships and romances were carried out almost exclusively (sometimes exclusively) by post, aka snail mail, that really was slow as hell and took weeks to be delivered. – Michael W. May

I’m guessing some people analogize online friends with imaginary friends… but I agree and I have more on friends than off – Far

I have many good friends online. Now with things like Skype to go beyond IM, why not? – Jake (aka Jawee)

My husband started out as my online friend. πŸ˜€ – Rochelle

@Aden Yea, I get strange reactions too when I tell my RL friends the same thing. But hey, I ended up meeting them for the first time at my wedding. πŸ™‚ – Daynah

What are your thoughts about this? Do you consider your online friends to be just as real as those you have met in the flesh? Why or why not?