What's Your Favorite Video App for the iPhone?

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Bwana is an active member of our community, and has done some video reviews for us in the past. This time, he’s reviewing Poptiq… a great service that delivers videos from the internet to your iPod touch or iPhone. If you’re an avid user of the iPod Touch, then you probably have encountered situations where you are without internet connection and want to watch video from the web. Poptiq, by Metranome, Inc, aims to provide solution for this situation. Poptiq delivers personalized video to your iPhone or iPod Touch while you have a WiFi connection. When you’re out and about, you launch Poptiq and there’s your videos waiting for you. The way you customize Poptiq is simple: Just watch videos! Poptiq provides a sampling of video clips that you rate, and will personalize your profile accordingly. Poptiq ties into social networks such as Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter to notify your friends of cool videos.

Designed especially for iPod touch users, Poptiq delivers videos when you have a WiFi connection (like at home, school, or work) so you can watch videos whenever you want, even when you no longer have WiFi. That’s the cool part.

The amazing part is that Poptiq learns your likes and dislikes and delivers the best videos for you. You’ll no longer waste time searching and instead get to spend more time watching the good stuff. For added fun you can comments on and share videos with your friends on facebook, MySpace and Twitter.

To top the whole thing off since Poptiq gets videos from the internet there’s practically no limit to the videos you can watch. Most importantly no one is picking channels or videos for you.

In Bwana’s opinion, the pros include:

  • It’s very easy to use. The interface is very much “coverflow” like and is easy for users to pick up.
  • The included tutorial videos are amazing! Poptiq is doing something here that all other iPod Touch and iPhone app developers need to take note of. When you first launch the application, the introductory video tells you the quickest way to get started.

Problems he encountered:

  • While it’s nice that is pre-downloads videos for you over a WiFi connection, that serves as a severe limitation for iPod Touch users on the go. Since they already have this problem, it’s not really a big issue, but it’s still a limitation.
  • The video quality is not the best. Poptiq videos are somewhat pixelated and suffer from compression artifacts. It’s not terrible, but it could definitely be better since you’re downloading videos to the device anyway.

Overall, Bwana feels that Poptiq is a great value. The product is free until September 25th, 2008, so get your hands on it as soon as possible. It’s not clear what the price will be after this date, so we can only speculate. Poptiq is a great way to view videos on your iPod Touch or iPhone.


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