Are You Dressing up Your Pet for Halloween?

Halloween is right around the corner already! Last year, Ponzi and I dressed up Wicket and Pixie for Halloween. We received tons of feedback on it, both positive and negative. We will be doing it again this year, of course. The dogs are our children, so they will be in costume, just as we will.

Dear heavens no!!! They’d mutiny and kill me in my sleep! – Stupid Blogger (aka Tina)

Never. – Brian Norwood

No, as it’s damn near impossible to get them out of their get ups now. – Paul W. Swansen

who me? dress my dogs for halloween? oh GAWD no. 😉…Carmen

awww…poor pups – Cee Bee

Wife does up the dog every year. Nobody in the the house has the guts to go near the cats with a costume! – Geoff Longman

that’s really cute carmen. – Michael J. Cohen (mjc)

Not on my watch. – Akiva Moskovitz

my cat would tear my eyes out. Besides he’s a black cat, so he’s already dressed! – Chris Kim A

Go no. He’s a dog. He wears his costume year round. Proudly. – Michael Markman

are they actually alive? they don’t really seem to move… – Stephan Osmont

just camera shy 😉 – alphaxion

I tried this once on my dog. She ate it in five minutes. – keif via twhirl

I would never do such a thing. But my wife will…Jim Goldstein

So are you dressing your pet up this year? If so, what’s their costume going to be?

7 thoughts on “Are You Dressing up Your Pet for Halloween?”

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  2. There’s a cat in my neighborhood that is dressed up for Halloween all the time. Believe it or not, he looks like Adolph Hitler; little mustache dark hair to the side and partially over the forehead and all. What’s missing is the arm band.

  3. When my fat little puppy (he acted like a puppy even if he was 3) was still alive, we would dress him up in a witch costume.

  4. Have you ever tried to put a costume on a parrot?
    The closest I ever got was a birdie leash, and it was a battle! I only tried it for a little while and gave it up. They kept falling over because it threw their balance off.

  5. I have a black cat with yellow eyes named Salem 🙂 He’s dressed up and a living decoration, to boot! Buwahahaha!!!!
    I LOVE Halloween!

  6. Though I love my dog, pay dearly for their care…surgeries for my last 3 dogs, they are dogs, with us only a short time. Humans wear clothes, not dogs. I wouldn’t dress up a dog. When I get her groomed I tell them not to put the kerchief around her neck. They do not want to be dressed up.

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