Gnomedex: Why do Geeks Gather Here?

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On the opening night of Gnomedex, I took a few moments to highlight the new theme of the convention and explain exactly what Human Circuitry really means. We had an amazing time this year, and are thinking of spreading out into four events next year, all over the country!

Human Circuitry is going to be our general theme from here on out. It’s not just about Technology, nor about a relation to technology. It’s about the relation between humans and technology and how it all kind of comes together. Forget the “social media” stuff, what’s it mean anyway? Human Circuitry is simply Technology and Humanity coming together and working together.

It’s too bad if you weren’t with us at the conference. HP was an amazing sponsor, and provided many excellent prizes to attendees! We already gave away an HP Notebook, and an HP Mini. Right now, the voting is in place for one lucky attendee to win an HP TouchSmart. So get out there and cast your vote!

Obviously, you’re human, and you’re using Technology. Hopefully next year, you can join us at Gnomedex and find out what the connection between the two is all about.


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