How Would You Like 1TB of Free Storage Space?

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If I offered you a full TeraByte of storage right now with no strings attached, would you take it? Of course you would! We could all use more storage, right? Heck, you may not even have that much storage in your home, so you could be doubling your capacity. Well then in that case, head over to Oosah, and take advantage of their free storage!

Oosah is a Web-based digital media content hosting and management system. Oosah provides individuals and businesses with an all-in-one service for uploading, hosting, managing and sharing their digital media assets. Members can also use Oosah to create new media assets in the form of multimedia presentations that we call “oosahs.”

First, Oosah is very intuitive and easy to use. Oosah features are accessed using the same drag-and-drop, and keyboard commands that you are familiar with from desktop applications.

Second, Oosah gives you a full Web-based File Manager. The Oosah File Manager gives you the ability to organize your content better than any other Web 2.0 content hosting site.

Third we give you more sharing options than any other site. Not only can you share content by emailing, or by linking/embedding in other sites, but you can also podcast your content, or you can download it and burn it to CD/DVD for off-line distribution.

We even let you print your photos at full resolution on your local printer. There are other features unique to Oosah as well, which you will find as you use it, and more are coming.

Store your videos, photos and audio on Oosah. You can even connect your Oosah account to your Flickr and YouTube profiles, to easily share between them. Also, support is coming for MySpace and Photobucket soon.

You can’t beat 1TB of storage for free. There’s even an iPhone interface available now! This is certainly worth a shot. Heck, for free what more could you ever ask for?


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22 thoughts on “How Would You Like 1TB of Free Storage Space?”

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  3. What’s their business model? How do we know (a) it’s secure, and (b) they’re still going to be around in 6 months? Wouldn’t want to store things offsite, then discover they’ve gone under and I can’t get to my data!
    (I hope they survive – free storage is always good!)

  4. “Heck, for free what more could you ever ask for?”

    First of all, I’d want to know what security arrangements there are. If they’re totally web-based, it seems like I might have to encrypt from the desktop for security, then upload. If that is the case, it would mean that I don’t have many options about retrieving or otherwise sharing the secured data.

    Then I’d like to know how they’re monetized — not much sense in putting all my stuff on their site, getting used to how they do things, getting hooked up with all those other sites and then (a) having them go belly-up or (b) start charging for services.

    Then there’s the issue of their servers. Are they using Amazon’s or some other reputable, reliable, redundant system, or are they running their own little farm that could be subject to outages? Do they guarantee up time?

    I couldn’t find these answers in a quick browse of the site. Otherwise, it looks pretty good. The only thing I don’t care for is that they convert RAW files to high-res .jpg when uploaded. This sort of vitiates the point of RAW files, since after they’ve been converted you no longer have the editing capability that is RAW’s biggest advantage. I guess that just means that pros won’t be able to store new images online unless they’re not editing. Bummer.

  5. OK. They’re ad-supported, including ads on the pages where your stuff is displayed and ads inserted into your “Oosahs.” All kinds of display ads (tastefully placed) but no pop-ups.

    This looks like it has definite cloud capabilities, and they have to make $$ somehow. For the above-mentioned photo work, though, 1 TB external drives are now less than $200 US.

  6. I couldn’t get the site to work for me. I tried uploading 6-7 times in 3 different browsers(FF, Chr, IE7). It would tick off as though it were uploading but low and behold the message I would get every time would be 0 of 1 file has been uploaded. The files were non-DRM mp3 well, well below the file size limit. No help that I could find on the website not even in the FAQ. Anyone else having problems or have any suggestions. Thanks.

  7. Signed up pretty easy managed to pull up pics from facebook but then I tried flickr and it hasn’t worked right since think I’ll pass until they get it all ironed out.

  8. wow.. Great find. I’m a dude that is constantly uploading files and sharing them with friends and family using many different services, like Photobucket, RapidShare, MediaFire and on and on. This will make it allot easier to share them, all from one place plus I get a TB of storage, whats better than that!!? Good looking out Chris, another great find!

  9. Very nice, but as I like to bitch about everything. Doesn’t this just open Pandora’s box with copyright material, adult content, illegal content from one country to another etc??

    4TB at home, and 1TB on web. = Very nice too.

  10. I had the same problem as Ganesha23: I uploaded some files, but they don’t display on the My Media page, even though the fact that they were uploaded is reflected on the Account Utilization screen.

    There are no help forums and when I tried to submit through the Contact Us page, I got an error message.

    I was hoping to use Oohsa as a substitute (in part) for Odeo. Since Odeo “upgraded” to hosting video as well as audio, they only offer one (quite large) player that can be embedded on a website. I’d welcome any suggestions of any services like the old Odeo, which allow you to upload and store audio files for free, and give you a choice of players that you can embed in your site.

  11. It isn’t even ready for BETA from my first look.

    Lots of problems with the Settings form.
    Media uploads not showing up.
    No Secure Connect auth for Google Apps.

    Just lots and lots of little problems that makes it unusable.

    Almost all of this stuff should have been caught at alpha, but lately the “Web 2.0” thing to do is upload directly to Beta and launch.

    It looks like it can be a great service once they get going…if they get going.

  12. It looks like there was a way to make a podcast out of media files on here, but it looked pretty locked down. That’s what I would use this space for. Is there a way to link to files you’ve posted?

  13. Oosah was really neat when users could upload content to it. It’s been locked, forbidding uploads for at least a month with no mention of this condition in the Oosah blog. Previously they’d tell folks when the service would be temporarily down for uploads and give an ETA when it would be back.

    They’re still saying you can have 1 TB of data, but their actions tell a different story. It may be a good time to back up what’s there.

  14. Oosah is dead. I’ve asked their admins 3 times what’s going on with not being able to upload with no response.

    They were victims of the rule that something that seems too good to be true probably is.

    Thanks for trying Oosah. Now, please just let your users know what the hell is going on.

  15. Totally dead now – the site doesn’t even load any more.

    Thanks Oosah, for letting me know you failed so I could get all my off your site (losers).

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