Will Google Chrome Change the Web World?

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Yes, I remember Netscape, and I never liked it. I also remember when Safari was made. Fast forward to today… and we now have Google Chrome. This is going to be Google’s Web browser offering to the World.

In Google Chrome, you can get anywhere on the Web with one box. The address bar that sits at the top of the normal Google Chrome window simplifies your Internet experience by doubling as a search box. You can also use it to bookmark websites and stay aware about the security of a website.

As of the time of this recording on September 2nd, 2008, it hasn’t been officially released. Google had released documentation earlier in the day today, and people were taken aback, wondering if it was real. Google posted a comic book type of explanation about Chrome. If every “read me” file would be done in this fashion, people would actually read them. I read the entire thing! The main drawback so far is that it’s only available for Windows at this point, and not OS X or Linux.

Google Chrome is based on WebKit. Why is that important? Not only do pages look good, but they load fast. Google has gone in and optimized the way pages run, and load, and are managed. You know how you may have a few browser windows open, and one of them freezes… causing your whole browser to ‘crash’ or freeze? Google has taken care of that problem with Chrome.

You’re going to appreciate what Google has done, and why this will be a much better Web browser for you. If what they claim in the promotional information is remotely true, this is a complete reinvention of the Web browser as we know it. You’ll find out what forethought went into how the security model worked, how the page management and rendering worked, and how all a Web browser can handle all the new technologies there are. Google has potentially moved the entire industry forward by releasing Google Chrome.

My only hope and wish is that the User Interface is not a Google UI. As far as the Web is concerned, they’ve done a great job. However, they have fallen short with the UI in their applications. I have yet to try it myself, as I use OS X. However, I will be having Ponzi run this on her Windows machine, and get her feedback on it. Ponzi is very picky about things like her browser, so she’ll be brutally honest… good or bad.

What are your thoughts? Are you using Google Chrome yet? If so, what do you think so far? If you’re not… what are you waiting for?!


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22 thoughts on “Will Google Chrome Change the Web World?”

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  4. Used Chrome, and like it. It is SUPER fast and light. Some of the UI tricks are slick, such as the way it handles downloads. From a UI standpoint, I love that the Address bar and nav buttons are UNDER the tabs; that feels right.

    Major downsides at the moment:

    * No Subscribe shortcut for pages that support feeds. A small touch, but critical.
    * It doesn’t handle switching networks well. I ork from home and VPN into the office. Chrome handled the VPN connection well, but never recovered after I disconnected from corporate. No matter how much I futzed with Internet Options, it kept insisting on using the corp proxy.

    Also, certain Web pages barfed on encountering an unexpected browser. But that’s bad site dev, not Google’s fault.

    I want to do some more testing to see if it leaks as easily as Firefox and IE do. Both of those apps experience memory creep after prolonged usage. If Chrome can eliminate that *and* stay lightweight, it has a convert.

  5. I agree with your UI comments. As good as GMAIL and Google Docs may be, their UI bites. Functional but “fugly”. Chrome does indeed break away from that- hardcore.

    I think the Chrome UI is clean and elegant. Makes one focus more on the destination than it does the application being used. In fact, it takes a little looking to see the tag “Google” when you run Chrome.

    BTW- this was sent using Chrome.

  6. Chrome brings some new things to the table but it lacks custimizability and other features. The way the ui is set up is very similar to how i have my maxthon browser set up (very simplified). However, chrome is TOO stripped down. It doesn’t contain and rss reader, but hopefully there will be downloadable apps like firefox.

  7. I tried Chrome for about half a day and I came away disappointed. The process handler is the only game it’s got going. The JavaScript engine has issues that I thought was limited to Facebook but others found that Chrome broke other sites. The bookmarks need some more work (keywords anyone). I still think the awesome bar in Firefox is better than Chromes address bar. Is it fast? Yes but not as much as they make it sound. My final thought, Chrome is not breaking down any walls in it’s current state. Google has a ways to go with this one. I know I will get backlash from this post as it already happened on Facebook.

  8. no it wont. I installed it on 3 computers and it has been uninstalled. there is too much that is not working, java support is terrible, flash comsumes too much RAM and web plugins are non existent right now

  9. I used chrome, and i gotta say, i’m not to fond of it…

    the reason is because i’m so attached to my precious fire fox… i mean its a big change, i don’t have any of my addons and im so use to fire fox because i have been using it for years… and to me it seems a bit slower… and i couldent stand that.

  10. You know, Its like the OS wars. There will always be competition and thats the way the technology business will always think they have a better idea. So there will always be other browsers.

    But besides for that totally Chrome seems like a giant step up from any other browser I have used. And for the first time I have seen the browser use hardware to its advantage. I like that. I don’t think Chrome will change web standards or how we look at the web. Everyone else just looks at is as a another browser. And it is, but it will change the way we experience the web

  11. I never jumped on the Google train and I won’t now. Their stated intention to archive and track every person that touches an application they create has turned me completely off. Big Brother is with us and it is Google. Yes, they are probably doing it anyway but I don’t need to make it easier for them by abandoning alternatives (some of which are better than Google but lack the hype). Google is not a verb. It is a noun in any of its many forms, and it stands for all consuming profit at any cost. Buy into it if you want, but all of the freebies Google hands out comes at a cost to your privacy. If that doesn’t bother you, go for it.

  12. i wouldnt use it google is bad espcially the tool bar has a mind of its own it takes ur stuff back to google its just bad it updats itsself with out asking/telling you so thats bad

  13. I’ve been using Chrome for the past few days and I’m really turned on by it. It’s a very good browser, I like the tab management, but the spell check needs some work ( they need to integrate Google search with the spell check ). I’m hoping that firefox extensions or some kind of google extensions will be released because I really need firebug on my browser for usability and workflow for my job. I love the “add a app” feature, been needing that for awhile now. All in all it’s in beta 1, what can we expect but greatness from google even in beta stages. They have an awesome team working on this product day and night and it will become better! Linux and OSX support will come soon as well!

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