Is Your Computer Monitor Sitting Atop a Stand?

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I recently bought an iMac, to keep programs running on it that I don’t necessarily want going all the time on my main machine. I have it set up on one corner of my desk. However, something about the monitor setup just wasn’t ‘right’. I had to find some kind of stand that would work perfectly with the iMac, and my office decor. I found the exactly the right thing, after just a bit of searching.

The LowKey Stand was designed specifically with a Mac in mind. The Apple Slim keyboard fits neatly underneath it, and it’s the perfect width for my iMac.

This stand is designed specifically for Apple slim keyboard’s fans. Not only this beautiful stand provides an ergonomical view of your iMac or Apple Display, it helps organizing your desktop at the end of the day like never before. The perfect height of the stand provides a “home” for your keyboard, nothing will ever seem to be out of place on your desk any more.

The LowKey Stand is constructed of 0.1085″ thick steel, powder-coated in aluminum color matching that of the iMac or Apple Display. This stand spreads out the entire length of the slim keyboard and 9” deep, creating a sturdy structure, which can support any size of Apple Display or iMac.

No more reaching behind your iMac or Apple Display, Macessity’s 4-port front access USB 2.0 hub provides an easy hook up for your favorite toys or gadgets. This hub is self-powered, and elegantly integrated to the LowKey Stand, giving it a contemporary touch.

Features include:

  • Slim keyboard’s best accessory.
  • Sturdy yet elegant and contemporary design.
  • Support up to 35 pounds.
  • Perfect for any size of iMac, or Apple Display.
  • Include a “must have” front access 4-port USB2.0 hub.
  • Compact power adapter that won’t take up more than 1 precious outlet.
  • Powder coated in aluminum color to match iMac and Apple Display.

The coolest thing is the USB port. It gives you those four extra USB ports, yes. You can connect it via USB or AC Adapter, which is great if you don’t want to give up one of your machine’s USB ports. It’s nice to not only keep things organized, but also to keep things cleaner. I can slide the keyboard into the little slot with ease when I’m not using it. Also, the stand lets me easily pivot the machine itself if I need to.

Anything I can get to make my life easier and more organized makes me happy. Just call me Felix.


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