Can a Bluetooth Headset Connect to More than One Device?

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The BlueAnt Z9I headset is very cool. It’s not just Bluetooth, it charges by USB. It’s a proprietary connector, but it comes with the cable. The nice thing is that you can pair this one headset with up to five devices. You can use it anywhere you can well, pair it.

To begin with, the BlueAnt is diminutive at 1.61″ x .68″ x .44″ and weighs a mere .38 oz. Once you choose between the two ear buds, a small or large, and adjust the ear hook to your taste, you won’t even know it’s on. The ear bud rests in your ear, similar to in-ear headphones, but don’t go as far in. The ear hook holds it in place nicely. The ear buds screw in and out and are easy to remove. The ear hook is fully adjustable. You can push it in to make it tighter around your ear, and it also swivels so you can adjust the angle the headset rests at.

The Z9i features BlueAnt’s Digital Signal Processing solution – Voice Isolation Technology, which is supposed to provide outstanding noise suppression, echo cancellation and wind noise reduction. It also offers the Voice Isolation Max feature, which is like putting it into turbo noise isolation mode. By default the Standard Voice Isolation mode is working. If you find the need to kick it up a bit, you press the MFB button for 1 second while on a call, and you will hear a voice telling you that you have activated Voice Isolation Max.

Every review I have come across claims that this headset is almost better than listening directly to your phone or other device. The quality is just absolutely superior. It’s extremely comfortable, and fits really nicely. The features include:

  • Revolutionary noise suppression, echo cancellation and wind noise reduction
  • Switch between 2 ‘Voice Isolation’ modes – standard & max
  • Multipoint connection technology
  • Wind Noise Reduction
  • Multiple ear buds & rubber, ergonomic ear hooks
  • Pairs with 5 devices

Usually, I get annoyed by Bluetooth headsets, and take them off. Are you one of those people who live with theirs attached to their head? If so, you definitely want to try this out. It’s honestly that good.


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