Will Your Next PC be a Mac?

After reading Danny’s blog post, I had to put this question to my friends. In his post, Danny says that he is very seriously considering switching to a Mac, both for the hardware value, and the beauty of OS X. Let’s see what everyone had to say to this.

the mighty mouse is terrible. – Michael J Cohen

I’m with you Michael. I have to clean the roller everytime. – AJ Batac

If you had used some of what you say you think is good, you would realize it isn’t so. Maybe you should use it before you buy it. Would be a good idea. Don’t listen to everything from the Apple marketing. iLife is almost useless. iWork is fantastic, but not included. Mail is pretty lame. No support for blu-ray. Apple computers have just as many issues as any Dell, HP, etc. Hardware issues, software incompatibility, gray screens of death. Might want to research it. – Darian Rawson

You will suffer with the OS for at least two weeks, from what I have heard. The suffering is definite, the length of time is unverified. – Lindsay Donaghe

Why would I take this into account if I was looking to get a Mac? "I have never seen the operating system in real life" – this means he hasn’t used OS X, and hasn’t used the hardware to go with it. How does he know that it is so great? How does he know that the OS is "an amazing operating system" – I don’t mind reading articles to try to convince me, but have some proof. – Tim Hoeck

I would honestly have to play with one first, and decide for myself. There’s a lot of hype, and it sounds like a lot of it might be …hype. WinXP works just fine for me right now, so I don’t have any compelling reason to switch, unless I just happen to have a few grand of pocket change. Which has never been the case. – Stephen Shores via twhirl

First, acknowledge that a Mac _is_ a PC. Case in point: I run Vista 64-bit on a MacPro desktop. It’s an amazing combo. Likewise, you can probably run OS X on your current system, though for licensing reasons it’s probably not something you should do. Anyway, Dells, HPs, Macs are all made by a handful of manufacturers and many share the same assembly lines. So if you want to question the hype, start here. A Mac is a PC. Now if you’re saying Windows + PC = PC and OS X + PC = Mac, OK. So if Danny wants to get an iMac as an all-in-one, I say go for it. If he decides that OS X isn’t for him, he can always install Bootcamp and add Vista or XP. I run both on an iMac and it works great. My take: Several things are better in OS X; several things are better in Windows. Having both will give you added perspective, if you’re interested. – Loren Heiny

So what do you think? Should Danny make the “big switch”? Why… or why not?