How Can We Wipe out Piracy?

Piracy is becoming more and more of a problem in today’s society at an alarming rate. Some people simply don’t feel the need to pay for what they want to watch or listen to, while others feel they should be allowed to download copies of media they’ve already purchased. Either way, it’s illegal folks… and it’s yourself that you’re hurting. As piracy grows, so does the cost of the media to the public. You may argue that it’s the artists and/or music/movie companies who you’re “sticking it” to. But in reality, it’s the consumers… just like yourself. I asked some of my friends what we can do to wipe out piracy once and for all.

Increase the number of ninjas? – Mattb4rd

No one can – Outsanity

Easy. Tell the big media corps to stop ripping people off and offer the media in formats and at prices people actually are willing to pay for. Problem solved. – Stephen Cropp via twhirl

I think thieves will always be around. I think the important thing is to be respectful of people who support what you are doing and are willing to, within reason, fund it. I’d buy two or three records a month at five dollars a piece. There is no reason for a DVD/BLU Ray/Download to ever be more than the price of a movie ticket. No piece of software should ever really cost more than 200 dollars, especially if your upgrades are paid. Make it easier to buy it than steal it. – Brian Norwood

Let’s work on double-posting first. – Josh Haley

I agree with Stephen. The reason people pirate is because something cost too much. – Outsanity

You’ll be hard-pressed to "wipe out" anything these days. – Josh Bancroft

quot;No piece of software should ever really cost more than 200 dollars" – why? There is software that will increase the bottom line of a corporation by millions of dollars… why only charge 200 for it? You are always balancing price, sales volume and piracy issues… a fixed ceiling isn’t going to change that. – Soulhuntre

Whatever they say on Slashdot most pirates are just plain thieves. They aren’t making a point, they aren’t hero’s of the revolution, they are not digital samurai. They are thieves. As such, nothing will ever wipe out piracy. These same people will go to enormous convolutions to try and explain why stealing a movie isn’t like stealing any other property – but it is. – Soulhuntre

People forget that piracy is no different than you buying the program and you lend me the CD and serial to put on my PC or lending me a DVD or album. So that means the government need to crack down on borrowing. – Outsanity

I think music on Amazon costs about what it should. They give me .mp3s for 8.99 to 9.99. That’s very reasonable. Anyone stealing music when they can get it that cheap is not going to buy music no matter what happens. – Andrew Burd

You simply can’t until services match the convenience of the current systems. And convenience means distributed in nature – not having to fire up iTunes. Amazon’s the closest – they just need an API so developers can build their own music stores on the web. You’ll get dedicated people who become digital DJs – finding all the good stuff. And in return for using Amazon’s platform instead of just linking an MP3, the DJs get referral credits (or cash incentives) from Amazon. – trextor

Indie musician should give away their tracks at lower quality (128kbs) for free on their personal site to build a fan base and charge for high quality (320kbs) tracks for the DJs to use. Then make money off of licensing royalties for commercial use. This strategy stops working once an artist would regularly sell more than about 50K copies of a track / album. – Erica Toelle

And obviously you should be allowed to stream the entire song before you buy, like on Such a platform would effectively kill radio and disrupt the profits they rake in from online streaming – which the music industry won’t be too happy with. Till this is a reality, people will just keep downloading and purchasing casually. – trextor

There will always be cheaters and thieves. Always. The point is to make it easy and convenient for the people who aren’t pirating. That’s how you combat piracy … by treating your true consumers right and not focusing on the few who are trying to ruin it for everybody. – tj hanton

We could make everything free. But it would probably me easier to just remove the damn DRM. Without DRM, more people would make legal purchases. – Bob Blunk

TJ is mostly correct. However, Piracy will cause a much larger shift in Software and Music copyright than simply changing how companies treat consumers. Music piracy is very clearly justifiable since most of the artists make little off CD sales and the majority of profit goes to Record Labels who are becoming outdated anyway. Theoretically an honest pirate community would allow software sharing and use it to check absurd pricing which happens quite often in the software industry. – Brandon Titus

Bob Blunk – there is no real data to support that proposition that I have seen and much practical information that contradicts it. – Soulhuntre

Outsanity – of course it’s different. When one person distributes an album to thousands of people via the internet (the pirate bay, vor example) it is radically different than you lending your friend an album. – Soulhuntre

Wasn’t the US founded on piracy though – wasn’t copyright on foreign works specifically excluded at one time? The other thing to do it stop corporations extending copyright forever, Disney makes a mint off The Brothers’ Grimm but campaigns for changes in the law to prevent it’s works going out of copyright. – Andy Davies

I think @Brian Norwood makes a good point: make buying it easier than pirating it. Or at least try. An example: a company shuts off their DRM servers and *poof* there goes all the music you purchased; the message that sends is "people who buy music are stupid". In this scenario, it is more viable to pirate than purchase. Purchasing music needs to be consumer friendly, not prohibitive. There will always be piracy, but at least make it viable for people who actually want to buy music to do so. – David Adam

Except of course the most recent message is that your purchases are safe. Yahoo is making good on their purchases last I hear with MP3 versions, credits at other stores or refunds – Soulhuntre

I think iTunes is the wrong system. Purchasing DRM music is not something I’ll do. However the ZunePass concept I love.. A small fee and I can get all the music I want and I feel like it’s a media subscription like Fios or Netflix. There is no implication of permanence. In exchange for this I can try out new bands and music at no risk and no incremental cost. If I want to "own" it I can buy MP3 versions. Best of both worlds. – Soulhuntre

When it comes to music, I really think anybody who resorts to piracy is a cheapskate. You can get Amazon mp3s with no DRM for a very reasonable price. It’s easy to do so. I think in terms of music, people need to take a step back and think: you’ll pay 3 dollars for a cup of coffee *every day* or go see a movie for $10, but an digital download of an album is too expensive? Sad, really. – Jason Kaneshiro

What do you think it will take to wipe out piracy? Is it even within the realm of possibility, or are we fighting a losing battle?

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  1. By making it irrelevant. Free market technology economics dictate the actual price of a product to be proportional to its demand. The real value of a product theoretically, is gross income of producer/number of users and this should be equal to shelf cost of product x number of users.

    The wide disparity between these numbers for things such as Windows is clear indication that software is over-priced with respect to its demand and its availability (supply, legal or otherwise).

    Expecting software to be at the price it currently is , is like trying to sell the 15000 copies of the original Shakespearan Othello ina free market. Colelctors might care for that high price you are charging, but for most others, there are alternative ways to copy Othello and those high-priced copies you have just aren’t worth the money as far as content is concerned.

    Copyright protection adds another level of complexity, namely the risk involved in doing something illegal. However, given the number of pirates, there is herd security…(all pirates cannot be at once caught, and new ones will emerge). This herd security (well known in ecology and complexity theory) is hard to get by…which makes the “increase risk to pirate” a bad strategy. The only way left to reduce the price of the software / content to what its _real_ market value is.

  2. i think burners are to blame. Companies should insert a special chip inside the burners to prevent coping of dvd and software if they want to prevent piracy.

  3. I’m sorry but you can not. the only corp i will buy stuff from is Apple. I have bout everything from apple App wise and osx. All of my windows are stolen off websites my music and everything elts the only thing i could see my self pirating is Osx remote desktop. is 10.6 bata

  4. Tough question… in fact if you ask 20 people to come up with a solution I think you will get 20 different strategies (we’ll see when all of your comments have rolled in :)).

    I don’t think that it can be wiped out. The way that I listen to music without paying for it out of my own pocket, is to listen to streaming radio, FM radio and XM radio. I haven’t purchased a CD in quite a few years and I don’t feel the need to. My music tastes are satisfied that way. When I really want to crank it up I do back to the CDs I have in my collection. My classics or must-haves if you will.

  5. im cheap deal with it lol cant afford to make money when im 16 so piracy is one of the good options. As for adults i dont think they should pirate if they can make money. Like photoshop for example it cost like $1000 come on are you kidding a piece of software for $1000 is a ripoff of course many people would pirate a $1000 software for FREE.. its common sense who wouldnt.

  6. Not trying to sound too pessimistic, but I just can’t think of a way on how to wipe piracy out.

    I know a simple reason why people pirate stuff, and that’s because they know they can, with a simple use of a computer with an internet connection. (I mean, come on, many people even have broadband connections nowadays.) They can just self-learn, and once they get used to it, they’ll just realize that it’s just so convenient and they would probably choose that option instead.

    In some countries (like where I’m in now), where there are places that are haven to pirated CD/DVDs or music CDs, people are just forced to save up and buy a cheap, pirated one instead of going to software or music stores, which are 5-10 times more expensive (especially with software and DVD movies). The people who buy them are usually the ones who really cannot afford stuff like that, and personally, I’d think that might be reasonable.

    What’s not reasonable is the people who can afford them, but still go on and get stuff for free, because they are intelligent enough to do so (not intelligent enough to think about its adverse effects, though).

    What about me? Well, I live off of bundles and software discounts.

  7. After bills like rent, utilities, car insurance, gas, school and food i hardly have enough to do anything with. and i will not try to make it through my days with little to no music, no movies, no computer software to learn how to keep up with modern times (and classes im already having a hard time paying for without $700 programs). i don’t have a 3$ cup of coffee everyday, i have a couple cents worth a cup of store brand single cup brewed coffee, and i haven’t gone to a movie theater in at least a year, Jason’s point only applies to the few that do. . and let me tell you as a retail store worker, the people that come in with their Starbucks coffee are usually the ones buying the itunes cards or talk about purchasing music and movies. Im an artist myself, and as long as people aren’t Making money off of my work . . i really don’t care how many times they look at it or where they display it. . or even use it for there own study. that’s why if local people want a print of my art i charge them the cost of what it takes for me to go and print one, plus what ever they can pay extra, a guy needs to eat. . and if someone takes the time to get the art off the internet and go print it off themselves without donating. . sweet someone likes my stuff and more people will see it.

    maybe we need to step back and look at our motives for creation of artistic expression.

    Why capitalize? so other people can control what free speech and personal artistic expression we see and listen to?. . . no thank you.

  8. I think that that media companies (the companies of those who’s media is being pirated) should put out some type of bug that automatically detects you when you pirate something, it records your i.p. and reports you. companies do need to lower there prices so people can actually afford them. For example if itunes lowered there prices to just $0.50 a song people would probably buy 3 for 1.50$ instead of 1 for $1s resulting in higher amount of sales and less piracy.

  9. Soulhuntre was utterly correct when stating that copyright infringers are thieves, plain and simple. Thieves have no honor. They have no concept of personal property, other than that they want to possess everything they see without regard to the ownership rights of others. They will do or say anything to attempt to justify their thievery and assuage their guilty souls. Despite their whining and excuses, they are still simply thieves.

    Thieves do not respect the rights of others. If they did, they would understand the very basic principle that “time is money”. Without the concept of money, the moments of time that a person spends performing work can only be bartered directly in exchange for something that that someone else can perform in repayment for those moments of time. Those moments once exchanged are gone forever. Because time cannot be easily or readily exchanged in most circumstances, money was invented to represent the time that someone labored. With money items and services can be acquired from persons who do not desire any labor or service you can directly perform for them in compensation. When someone labors, they are entitled to compensation for that labor in direct relation to the value of the labors performed. A thief steals that compensation, stealing the very moments that make up a person’s life.

    Regardless of whether the stolen item is a physical one, or is the essence of one’s unique talents (written words, spoken words, performed music, a design sprung from one’s imagination, etc,), it all is traceable back to the exact moments of time invested in the production of the stolen item. For a simple physical item, that may be adequately quantified only in materials and the labor required producing it. But performance, design, talent, imagination, invention, those things may relate back to hundreds or thousands of hours of training, practice, sacrifice, or unique personal development to bring that art to life. That is where the value of intellectual property resides.

    The thief of intellectual property is the third lowest of all thieves, stealing the fruit of the producers’ souls and imaginations, behond only to those thieves known as “murderers” and “kidknappers”, who perform the ultimate lowest form of thievery, stealing a huge chunk of a person’s life, or a person’s entire life, in one fell swoop.

    Music thieves, video thieves, software thieves: you are as low as the lowest rotting filth found reeking in a landfill. Make no mistake about it. You can’t sugar coat it and expect the stench to waft away. You know you are a thief, your cohorts know you are a thief, and those who must endure listening to your whining self-justification know you are thieves. GROW UP AND BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN EXISTENCE.

  10. Adobe: This month we’re introducing Creative Suite CS4 64-bit version for Vista at the low low price of $3000.00!

    Me: Avast ye scurvy dogs! Arrrrrr.

  11. Several of my friends have posted truthful comments, and their comments have not been posted because Lockergnome wants to censor the true sentaments of the IT community and give a false impression. Lockergnomie now has zero credability.

  12. america-centric replies … in the second and third worlds, there are a ton of good reasons in favor of piracy. entire cultures are growing up because of it.

  13. as for music, i have wasted so much money on crap cd’s with one good song, that i just don’t buy them anymore, unless it is from an artist i trust. and where was the trust established? online. and then i buy the cd. latest example, sigur ros. bought the new coldplay, and it was a mistake, sorry i gave them my money

  14. I think you can thank the RIAA for what we are currently dealing with. When the RIAA decided to alienate and “punish” people suspected of “stealing” (including 12 year old girls) it left a bad taste in people’s mouths. Instead of embracing the technology, the RIAA decided to send a message, and that message was that if you “download” anything without paying for it, they would go to great lengths to ruin your life. I come from a time when I would spend HOURS inside a Tower Records (I lived across the street from one on the campus of George Washington University) I also spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a year on music, and I was happy to spend the money. But then, a weird thing happened. CDs started to cost over $20.00 RETAIL!! Are you kidding me! How rich do music artists need to be? I absolutely REFUSED to pay $21.99 for a CD that only contained maybe 2 GOOD songs (and I mean barely worth buying) Greed is the downfall of all that is good. and the Music industry, through the RIAA, showed “us” that we will pay whatever they decide is fair, and we will deal with it. No fairness, no “thank you” for supporting us in the past, and an absolute slap to the face to all the people who never thought twice of paying for a good CD. The 1990s were an incredible time for music. The same cannot be said now.

  15. This is obviously a tough issue to crack. Regardless of whatever ideas to clamp down on piracy, there is always going to be someone who will pirate the software without a care in the world, simply because he can.

    I have previously written about this issue myself in an old blog posting called Software Piracy hurts everyone that was related to a pocket pc developer who was dealing with this issue.

    I think a lot of it has to do with the price of the software. Take Microsoft for example. Had they kept Windows at a somewhat decent price of about $100- $150 for each version, I think they would not have as huge of a piracy issue as they’d do. Same thing with Adobe Photoshop. Come on, when it’s so outrageously expensive even for an upgrade, do you think people would pay for this?

    With regards to music, again, it’s due to the greediness of the record companies. By putting DRM, charging more for the music, forcing net radio stations like Pandora to pay crazy royalities, forcing dentists, hairdressers and other businesses that play music to pay a royalty, they are getting way out of hand.

    My perspective is that the source of the protectionism should re-evaluate why there is such a problem and perhaps change how they go about it. If they make it less enticing to pirate a software, CD, etc, wouldn’t that make up for lost revenue?

    The other perspective is education of those who are not aware of their impact by supporting pirated software. This I’ve already discussed in my posting. Perhaps enlightening those who were not aware of their actions may do something to stop this.

    But like I said, there will always be people who don’t care.

  16. Think about a danish commercial.
    A woman from a movie talks with a friend about the latest movie.
    Another person then comes by and say “Don’t remember you promised me a few copies”.
    The friend says: “Well, it’s just a few copies for my friends, I suppose that is ok?”
    Then the woman steals a truck (owned by the friend) with a lot of cars on it. “It’s just a few copies for my friends, I suppose that is ok?”

    Most people don’t steal stuff in shops or the like. But on the internet, people have no respect anymore. Such a shame.

  17. I think the band Nine Inch Nails has proven the way to end piracy. They provided their newest cd for free and encouraged people to download it. The ‘hard copy’ version of the cd was released later, and is selling like hotcakes. Rather than cost them money, the free and legal download of their music actually increased their sales. The music and software industries all need to learn to embrace the new technology. The genie is out of the bottle and can never be put back in. People can obtain free copies of anything. Given that fact, the way to make money is to provide something that can’t be downloaded, whether it is good will, a snazzy add in to the package, or service that really means something- you know, in English and without having to repair your own computer to get a tech call handled.

  18. I think that if software developers such as Adobe would lower the prices of software we would not have piracy issues anymore because everyone would be able to afford it.

  19. In My opinion, wiping out piracy is just to hard to do within 10 or 20 years. I think it’s going to be a long term process that will need a majority of the population of the world to agree with.

    Right now i doubt a majority of the population agrees with wiping out piracy. It’s going to take a lot more than talk, and laws to wipe it out.

    Thanks, Brad

  20. I feel the best way to stop piracy or at least reduce the use of it is to just reduce the price of video and music. the main reason that people pirate is they blame it on the price.

  21. I think the question should really be, how do we stop it from increasing? Not from existing. Piracy is one of those things that we can’t and will never get rid off. As it is theres to many people who depend to much on it to make money whether it be the pirates themselves or the ones trying to stop them. The best thing we can do is make our products good enough for people to want to see or have the real thing instead of just a cheap copy. I probably hate piracy as much as anyone else, but I have learned to live with it by ignoring it.

  22. Well, you really can’t. One way is to get rid of bittorrent. Lowering prices may help somewhat. That is why a lot of people are downloading cracked apps because the apps are expensive.

  23. Like many things in life it would take an entire culture change to make piracy obsolete. I am thinking along the lines of star trek. Can you say everything is open source and for the better of the people? Not sure how long that would last.

    Many people pirate different software for many reasons, now that I am older I purchase all my operating systems, every bit of editing software I own the license to, and you know what it was worth every penny. But like all vice’s no matter how hard you try to control them you only encourage their growth, catch 22 really.

    Those who understand why its not cool to do will continue to pay for their software, those that think it is cool and are somehow undermining the “man” will continue to encourage labs like vivendi to come into existence buy up an entire market and then mass produce water downed content for the masses.

    I suppose its a good thing the MMO’s I enjoy are pay per month really eliminating piracy. However I suppose CC fraud is real as well, but hell where are you going to go where someone is not exploiting the system.

    I suppose it is a symptom of something larger?

  24. To quote my favorite band, RUSH…

    “One likes to believe
    In the freedom of music
    But glittering prizes
    And endless compromises
    Shatter the illusion
    Of integrity”

    I like to believe. 😛

  25. I do think piracy is wrong, but I don’t feel the creators are losing money. People wouldn’t buy the software either way. This way, they still get the software and they can buy accessories/addons for it… And possibly recommend it to people who WILL buy it.

  26. sorry for the third post, but that are not showing up?

    I think if you drop the DRM / Encryption and make the real deal cost less than the pirated version then there will be no money to be made by the crooks…

  27. As a future career composer, I always feel conflicted in this area. Without piracy, I would not be the composer I am today. All that inspiration would have been locked up behind a big gate made of money. I wouldn’t have bought the money anyway because I just can’t afford to buy that much. Even then, I do buy a lot of music, but I only buy vinyls. That’s the only format I’m willing to pay for. If I ever release an album, and I am not able to make it into a record, than I won’t care if I never sell and album. I I wouldn’t buy it, I couldn’t tell anyone else to. Anyway, that’s not where I’m going to make the money. I will not be a recording artist, but a composer; the business is completely different.

  28. Reducing the price of software, movies and music will not stop piracy, but you may find less piracy occuring. People cant afford to pay big prices for software and entertainment, especially with life expenses these days. If companies made cheaper prices, They’d find that more people would buy.

    you have big music corporations which charge you the earth for a single cd. Music artists i’ve heard about get ripped from their music labels anyway. I’d still debate you on that Piracy gives artists exposure, more people get familar with an artist. Besides, Artists get there money in touring mostly anyway, and even then, sponsors and so forth.

  29. I agree. Piracy can be minimized but not eradicated. We can all try our best by knowing what is right.

  30. Piracy has an obvious fix, but apparently it’s an unknown one instead of sitting around whining, the people who have a problem with it should find programs like limewire and shut them down, I mean the makers of these programs are all over the internet all safe and comfy while users of the program get annihilated by the law so maybe we should attack the root instead of the thorns…

  31. and don’t say things like “pirates” are terrible people or the companies need to lower prices so that i don’t have to “pirate”. the companies have too high of prices AND the “pirates” are doing the wrong thing both are of 1 problem a problem is never one persons/things fault it’s a disagreement evolving 2+ people.

  32. I think that it will never be stoped , I download all my music because most of it you can’t buy in stores. I’ve been looking for Kiss’s very first Album but can’t find it and I got fed up and downloaded the hole thing but for the new stuff I think if the CD was $5 then no one would buy burned copies of cds or movies. CDs and DVDs are barly $1 the case is maybe $1. I’ve bought movies that costed me $30 and had alot of people asking to buy a copy off of my because its to expensive at the store. When I was younger and didn’t have money to buy a cd or movie I bought burnt copies of a cd and DVD because it was cheep and I could afford it. so my point is , if the price of a game , music cd , move , programs are $5 every one would want to buy the lagit version even $10 but then we have tax and taht doesn’t help either

  33. Why wiping out Piracy?
    Internet is a public own matter… if you don’t want to share what you have better play nintendo and avoid using the net

  34. THE ones who are MAKING it out as STEALING are WRONG.
    1. IN the beginning, WE were allowed to RECORD from the RADIO, and TV (for our own personal use). WERE “business” is calling piracy IS when IT is being RECORDED for SALE. SINCE they can’t (crack down) on the PEOPLE selling “bootlegged” copies, they are HITTING everyone.
    2. IT is HUMAN NATURE to find SOMETHING for the “LEAST EXPENSIVE” Price. YOU do not CALL “PRICE COMPARISON” piracy do you. NO. BUT it is the SAME thing, GETTING it for the LOWEST PRICE “FREE” is no different than BUYING a ROLEX WATCH ON SALE at ONE store 30 miles away. While the store 3 miles FROM you is selling it at $50 more.
    3. YOU can debate the topic all you want….. It will not change the FACTS that a CD costs 50CENTS to make and is being SOLD for $25. WHEN owning a BUSINESS you are TOLD to SELL your PRODUCT/SERVICE at 3 Times or more of its TRUE value (taxes, overhead is included in TRUE value).

  35. To be honest, It can never be stopped 100% As with everything, physical or virtual, if there is a way to steal it, people will steal it. ISPs cracking down on people downloading illegal media by slowing or disabling their service would be one way, but this needs to be done globally across all ISPs because the one that doesn’t enforce it will, overnight, become the most popular ISP in the world and the rest might as well close down.

    mp3s aren’t expensive, even movies in digital formats aren’t too expensive… Software on the other hand can be extremely pricey. Look at all the little one-man-band web design companies, you think that they all paid top dollar for their copy of CS3? At $2400 for the master collection, I don’t think so!

    I’m pretty sure I won’t see it wiped out in my lifetime.

  36. Speaking of high prices and piracy
    With Fuel prices constantly going up, I wonder how long it will be before someone takes over an oil tanker at gunpoint……?

    Piracy the old way, with a new twist.

  37. Gosh, I have to get my article about copyright laws and issues done… because it is becoming more and more of a subject that even normal people come across nowadays.

    1. Don’t push for more severe copyright laws that only serve the purpose of controlling distribution and availability. Copyright is about protecting visual, audio or written content producers from getting booted out of their share of business made with what they created, it’s not meant and never was meant as a tool to control distribution.

    2. If somebody is not a potential customer of yours, due to availability, pricing and other restrictions, do not consider that person to be somebody who is causing a loss in revenue for you (if he does, that means that this person exposed you and your attempt to rip actual paying customers off). If your content is great, this person will actually help increase your revenue, because if he likes it, then he will recommend it to people who ARE your customers. Meanwhile think about ways to make more of those “not your potential customers” to potential customers, via changes in availability, pricing and the removal of other restrictions and reasons that prevents people from becoming a potential customer.

    3. Don’t add protection to your content that interferes with the usage of your content by your paying customers. If a “crack” works like a fix, you ask people to go and look for that crack. They may never come back, because they are still mad at you that they got screwed because paid money for something that was not usable as it should have been.

    4. If something is crap, then there is nothing to protect, except the interest of the crap producer who asks for payment before providing access to his content and then makes it virtually impossible to return it when the ripped off customers looked through your scam.

    5. If something is good and honest, people will give, pay, support, evangelize etc. That is what the vast majority of people who were taught at least some basic social skills do and always did. If you watched a street artist who was giving a great performance that you liked, you will give him money, if you have money to give. However, if you are forced at gun-point to pay up, regardless if you liked it or even watched it in full (or at least most of it) and if the pay is on top of that unreasonable high, people will be pissed of and they would have all reason for it.

    The publishers today are doing exactly that, putting a gun at peoples head and cry for the cops to even back up their claims. That is not the best way to make friends and create a supporter base.. I’d say.

    Check out this video on Google Video

    It talk about the cracker scene and how it started and the attitude of the guys (kids back then). p.s. If you like the video, go and get the complete 3 DVDs docu to support the director. I bought TWO copies of the DVD Docu and promote it on my site for free, even though I did not have to, but it was just the right thing to do and I WAS A POTENTIAL customer with access and the financial means.

  38. SOMETIMES piracy is a good thing. For example: where i live i don’t have any chance of seeing Stargate episodes…well i do have but they’re all old… so i download them. The same for Top Gear episodes, or IT Crowd. I am perfectly okay with piracy when you don’t have buying alternatives.

    I really buy my software (for the most part) but only after i’ve tried it either with a demo or when demo is not available, trying it through piracy. But when a Photoshop original software is somewhere like 1000-2000 dollars, a really talented guy that wants to be in this industry, has no option to buy it…not when he’s annual sallary is that much.

    In Russia, Bulgaria and many more countries buying software will simply cripple you. It’s too plain expensive. That’s why piracy exists and will exist. When computers are so necessary why should we deny access to people to software programs? You can’t expect for an untalented guy to want to have a permanent installation of photoshop right ? It’s that simple.

    And actually what i really think is called piracy is when you can afford it… but you don’t buy it. And really is more piracy in the gaming industry.

    Solution: you really wanna get rid of piracy… or at least a big chunk of it ? Shut down all torrent sites, dc++ hubs, etc. . It’s not really possible but that’s the only way.

  39. Actually I think that piracy exists only because it is so easy to do and so hard to get caught thanks to all the file sharing programs like Limewire, Ares, and so on. And who can forget Napster back in the day. Napster was the one who started the trend. Its going to be hard to get rid of piracy, with all these P2P programs around.

  40. Many people keep saying that piracy cannot be eradicated – This is just wordplay. Of course , no phenomenon can be completely stopped-there are always outliers in every population. It is mathematically impossible to completely stop anything, all we can do is make it extremely unlikely.

    It is the same with crime prevention, geopolitics and any other process that involves a large number of agents. We can’t stop it, but the accepted threshold according to statisticians is that if the likeliness of something occuring is 2-3 sigma away from the population mean, which translates to a roughly 0-5% chance of occuring, the process is considered effectively curtailed.

  41. Hey, instead of crying about who might be illegally downloading Hanna Montana’s latest single; how about we put a stop to the asshole who’s trying to steal all of Iraq’s oil? Geesh… You people really need to learn what thievery is!

  42. “1. Don’t push for more severe copyright laws that only serve the purpose of controlling distribution and availability. Copyright is about protecting visual, audio or written content producers from getting booted out of their share of business made with what they created, it’s not meant and never was meant as a tool to control distribution.”

    You’re actually totally, completely wrong. 180° backward and since this is your first point, it invalidates your position.

    Copyright was created to give the producer of content the right to control distribution.

  43. Just to clarify… Everything in western civilization is stolen, Okay! EVERYTHING! The corporations send in the troops to conquer the natives; secure the land; enslave the people; gather the resources; and sell it back for profit. And here YOU sit, crying for the musicians (most of whom sing about how bad is SUCKS living in western society) because somebody is getting their music for free! Take it from a musician: You people need to WAKE UP!

  44. Mr. Piirillo,
    If You’ve Read The Copyright Bylaws Which I don’t Think You Did In Complete. You Would Know That When Someone Owns A Dvd They’ve Already Purchased They Are Allowed By The Copyright Bylaws Allowed To Make “One” Thats “1” Backup For Personal Use. Once The Original Medium Is Sold/Given Away Said Party Must Destroy The Copy Or They Will Have Violated The Copyright Bylaws. Please Before You Post Something Please Make Sure You Have All Your Facts Straight. I Have Friend Who Is An FBI Agent And Cleared This Up With Him, Copying Media You Already Is Legal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. As a composer-pianist who stayed in music school til 27 and took piano lessons for 30 years I take issue with those who think this investment should be worth nothing.
    I’ll release my cds through my own company and avoid the musicombine.

  46. There is only one way to stop piracy of movies, music, books, software, Microsoft, games etc.

    Close peoples internet connection down that engage in it. People can get a letter of warning that if they don’t stop they will lose the internet connection.

  47. Chris, you really make me laugh.

    If everyone that pirated, were to write software blogs to get it free – the internet would be close to breaking point with crap.

    Piracy is here to stay, wether you like it or not.

    You DO know, that Apple’s Logic Pro used to be UNCRACKABLE – via a dongle. The dongle contained part of the actual software and was HEAVILY encrypted.

    Why do you think Apple GOT RID OF IT ? And then lowered its price by 2/3rds?

    Piracy is actually quite good them. It increases the user base by a huge amount – it helps generate even more momentum for the brand.

    And if piracy is so bad, then why is there more software then ever being released? The Mac platform NEVER had it as good as we do now….

    You will never stop piracy, but I think the only way to keep it at its present levels is for companies to put more attention on customer value and service.
    Far to often, the pirated version of a piece of software is *better* than the legit retail – as it has had any crippling anti copy/DRM removed.



  48. One is unwilling to save up $3,000 for new software…but one would be willing to pay $10,000-$30,000 for a vehicle that looks cool and has fancy, yet NEEDLESS junk when you can get a USED car for 10% of the cost…that seems silly.

    If you pirate, why don’t you carjack, too? Pirates are so fond of taking away from hard working people like software developers, why not take away from motor vehicle manufacturers as well?

    Gah, it’s sick.

  49. Here is what’s happening:
    As consumers, when you buy something, you want to be respected, and this means that if you are not satisfied with what you purchased, you can return it, or exchange it for something you really like. Also, if bu buy for instance, a car, you want that car supported with spare parts and service. You want the things you buy to last and serve you for years. Well, the entertainment industry and the software companies don’t care about that. They want to sell, but they don’t want to support you. They change the operating systems, and then your software doesn’t work anymore. To upgrade, you have to pay a hefty price. Why? If you already hava a licence to use a software, it should be either supported for its life, or get a free upgrade. If your miovie dvd gets damaged and doesn’t play anymore, since you bought the right to watch the movie, it should be replaced for free. Well, this doesn’t happen, so people takes matters in their own hands, and they get their free software upgrades and free backup movies of songs, etc. That’s what it is about. If you can get free upgrades if you have already a licence for a product, or you own the right to watch a movie or listen to a song, then, why should you pay for it again? Tha’t why there is piracy. The pople who do not want to piracy to exist, are the ones helping to create it. It is called GREED.

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