Do You Hate to Open Plastic Packages?

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You’ve probably been in this situation before. You’re trying in vain to open plastic packing so you can get to the goodie or gadget inside. Every time I have to open one, I get more frustrated at manufacturer’s who wrap their product inside one of these dilly-bops. Yes, diddly-bop is a word! You don’t use it a lot, but try to work it into a sentence today if you can.

So here is the Open It plastic packaging opener! FINALLY, I no longer have to fight with stupid plastic.

Zibra offers you the “Open It” Universal Package Opener designed to open all types of retail packaging. This universal tool offers you a sturdy safe way to open clam shell packaging with ease. No more “Wrap Rage” when trying to open your items. There are over 6000 reported emergency room incidents resulting from wrap rage. With the Open It tool in your house you will never fall victim to the rage when trying to get into those impossible clam shell packed items we all know so well. This handy tool also offers you a box cutting blade that is neatly hidden in the handle with a safety locking feature and a small screwdriver, perfect for getting into those battery compartments on toys.

Using regular scissors often won’t work on hard plastic packages, since they weren’t really designed for that. You can use the Open It as it is, or flick a button and out will pop a box cutter. There’s also a precision screwdriver in there!! The grip is really comfortable, and is designed to work well for you no matter which hand you use.

If you know of other gadgets that can make my life easier, I’m all for it. This little thing may not be ‘tech’, but it helped me open something that is! Send me an email or leave me a comment here, and let me know what other trinkets you think I can’t live without.


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15 thoughts on “Do You Hate to Open Plastic Packages?”

  1. Yeah I hate the clam shell packages that you have to be a skilled surgeon to cut open. Of course you will knick yourself a bit trying to open it. But any invention that helps would be great. Thanks Chris.

  2. Dear Chris

    I have sliced my self tons of times with a plastic box, I used to work in a factory that packaged items in plastic boxes and cardboard boxes. Bottom line I hate plastic boxes I hate them to no avail they are hard for assembly and hard to open not to forget that the assembly line is extremely fast you have almost no time to assemble the box before it comes out of the machine. The “Open it” device sounds like a great idea to open those pesky plastic boxes, plastic cuts hurt and burn yes they burn very very badly.

    Also I my self use both of my hands with certain items but I am better with one hand or another depending on what I do. Example I write with left hand I throw a ball with right hand.

  3. Even more importantly, just think about what these types of packages do to our landfill. If we can hardly open them, just think about them trying to decompose in a landfill. There should be a ban against this type of packaging.

  4. No, seriously??

    I don’t think I’m going to buy it, but if it was for free? Maybe?
    I don’t know…

    – Johan “Josso” Jensen, Denmark

  5. That seems to be a very handy tool. Scissors can do the job but not as good as that does. Like really C’mon. If you want consumers to use your product why do you make it so hard to open.

  6. I hate opening plastic packages, it is just such a hassle. Fortunately thought some aren’t that tough to open. I’m not sure i would actually go out and buy a product like this just for opening packages, but i guess for someone who reviews products and has to deal with packaging allot one of these would probably be a pretty good investment.

  7. I usually have many blades in my vicinity(box cutters, knives, scissors, and yes even swords and daggers).

    wasn’t there something on tv a couple of years ago that was suppose to help cut plastic packages, it kinda resembled a larger looking cd wrapper opener but was made different.

  8. It wouldn’t be so bad if the gadgets that supposedly ‘help’ you to open some of the heavy plastic in an easier manner, didn’t come in such ‘hard to open’ plastic themselves. I really don’t understand it, locating a device to open something in a better way, to only have to find something to ‘open that one as well’. What planet are we living on???

  9. Back to the old plastic bleeding fingers packaging. I think they should package Vista in some really impossible super plate glass thick plastic. Then we wouldn’t mess up our good running XP machines! My favorite pc runs OS X.

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